Sunday, December 28, 2008

my two parts of '08.

its already the 29th. new year is coming. Earth finally made it around the sun.

its been a long year, ain't it? though, from day to day, month to month basis, time seems to just fly by but if you look back to the beginning of the year, its been quite a loooong year. long damned year.

my year is kinda separated into two. the first half and the second half.

my first half of the year, was by far the most care-free, fun, krazy drunk driving year. no school. no homework, just absolute freedom and time spent on what i want to do. at least most of the time, yes. my time spent around friends. on fun fun fun stuff and just an ultimate insignificant stuff that i chose to spend my time on. because the period after SPM and before results, IS the time that you will never have after that.

the beginning of the year, many hours of my time was still devoted to school affliated stuff. like finishing up the school magazine. and of course, training the school netball team. that was time most well spent. netball, ah.

when not doing school stuff, i spend my time driving around. driving people around, driving myself around from one place to another.

the first half of the year, many of my evenings was spend in the Lake Gardens, in the squash court, in the gym and in my garden, playing badminton. despite rain or shine.

Chinese New Year, birthdays after birthdays.

baking, cooking, inventing.

when results came, people started getting busy with applications of all kinds, whereas, it was not much of a hassle for me. so my string of insignificant activities continues.

all in all, life could not have been any more wasted and fun, at the same time.

came the second half of my year. the black of my white first half. the shittiest of my life, by far. but well, my second half of this year (which will also be most years of my shitting life) spend here, in the United States of not-Malaysia. the first half to the second half of my year was like a period of my life filled with friends to a period of total subzero number of friends.

from being a driver for a year to a passenger for 5months. thus, depriving me from A LOT of stuff.

from never-in-a-second of my life living without a maid to living without a maid every second.

from squash every evening to a country 9.5 out of 10 people never heard off what is squash.

from not living with my dada for the last 10 years to living with him, i have to be real honest, i am still only getting used to, even after 7 months.

from never working in my life to working 5 days a week, and the only time i get human interaction that keeps me sane.

this shows that i spend most of my time of my second half, being real pathetic, in my way of life. i work, do chores and watch movies. after i am able to drive, at least i spend many hours getting lost as a way to spend time. movies, i have watched almost a hundred movies now, in 7 months. and the rest of the time in between all that, being pathetic.

the second part of my year, was very well expected and anticipated. but i was stil very bump out, initially. ya. i am still a lil now. but its been 7 months, how long should i stay pathetic? 7 months is a long time. probably some people i know would have forgotten me already, that is how long 7 months is already.

i try not to be pathetic and see the silver lining in my new life. whenever i start ranting to my friends on how madafaaking pathetic i am, they always tell me, don't worry, when you find friends, you will be better. but not having friends is one matter of many matters. being and living in a new place is just not that easy. yet again, humans are always not content with what they have, those who are home yearns to be somewhere and like me, away, faraway from home, yearns not to be here. but that just to bad, i was never excited about it.

for this second half, i've been on the biggest rollercoaster of emotions. and no one sits beside me on this ride. its me to make myself happy, when i am made unhappy, its me to make myself happy. when i feel talkative, its me i talk to. when i feel like going out for lunch, its myself and the magazine on the table. when i cry, its me who comforts myself. when i am angry, its my tears i put out on. when i feel like laughing, i have no one to make me laugh. thus, i do not laugh. i think i might have lost my humour altogether.

i am getting so used to living alone, i sometime feels like the old woman that lives with her seven cats.

but it is the beginning of the rest of my days.

this year has been a year filled with bumps and lumps of life, and i bulldozered everyone.

2009 will not come with any suprises for me. and i am not hoping for any. it would just be another 5 months of pure begitulah.

i shall have no complaints. come what may.

Friday, December 26, 2008

sleeplessness is drugdictive.

been out for sometime. was busy, but busy with what, i do not really know. Christmas has now come and gone, just like ash being blown in the wind. and in a few days, its the friggin' NEW YEAR. its so scary. anyway, thats another matter that i will touch later on.

as of right now, i have been out of bed for 34 hours now. seriously. but i am still here, friggin' blogging my butt out. it is a krazy attempt. but then, i feel rather fine. how robotic.

it started with me waking up at 11.50 a.m. Christmas morning. went out for a lunch with my dada and a close fellow family friend. came back home, i managed to sneak a 20minute nap and then was off to another all-Malaysian Christmas party. ate and out. and went to the movies to watch Marley and Me, a good movie based on a true story. then came home, continued on my business and talked to Ezen about life and kebahagiaan while still busy meddling with my business. then after finish talking with Ezen, i was still on with my business and then off to work i went, at 5.00a.m. friggin' early.

after work, sharp at noon, i came home, continued with my business and then off i went out to final my business and then i got lost in nowhereland, wasted my hours away and then i went for my squash and to the gym. and came back, had a lil food after a whole day long just on bread and peanutbutter, watched Houston Rockets losing to New Orleans Hornets and here i am. bloggin' on my friggin' krazy sleepless hours.

the result is rather suprising. i only felt sleepy at work, when i was on my break. and when i am driving in the car, oh, my eyes can barely open themselves. therefore, i had to blast the radio, and sing along real loud. and of course when i play squash and work my ass off in the gym, nothing really bothers me. now, as i sit here on my bed, bloggin', sleepiness ain't quite sinking in yet.


imagine all the time i save on sleeping.

i would wanna make it 36 hours or maybe 48 but i am afraid to want to. somehow. and i am working again later, at 5.45a.m. friggin' early again. and i do not want a sudden blow of headache which is indeed common in my nuthead.

very well, this would be one hell of a sleep i would wanna sleep.

oh, i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, no matter how and where you celebrated it. and i promised Joanne to post some photo of the decorations around here. be coming out shortly. after i get sleeeeeep.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


it snowed on me today!

yes, it snowed today.

initially, i was just snowing really lightly, i thought it was only drizzling. could not care less about it but then it got heavier, and ice started to fall.

and it was snowing.

i was so trilled.

this is my first time being snowed on. it was fun. pretty. and of course, very new to me.

when it snows, i just feel like sitting out under it and feel the snow falling on my face but its not quite possible. because when it snows, it means the temperature is almost or at freezing point. so ya.

still freezing...

and i got to write on the surface on my car out of snow.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

my gramma the joker.

been out for a bit, was not feeling well. might be coming up with suicidal disease.

its really really cold tonight. and during the day, was warm and it rained. damn the unstable weather.

but don't matter, because, today i am in a mood to share a joke.

a joke, so funny, so original and so faRRRRRny.

but unfortunately, you gotta understand hokkien well enough to get the joke. i've told this joke to some of my friends, and it never failed to make them laugh. it never fails to make me laugh everytime i retell it.

its so funny, its an immortal joke. at least to me, it will live forever.

so, see, my gramma and my mada are always arguing. arguing just about everything under the sun. one night...

(not the exact words, but close enough)
gramma : mah chai uu cho kang bo?
mada : uu. mah chai bank ka liau uu kui.
gramma : si meh? mah chai mhe si hua nah tua jit chi meh?
mada : si, tapi bank uu kui.
gramma : wa eh peng eui kong bank bo kui, bo cho kang.
mada : wa tua bank cho kang eh, wa tak tiok chai bank uu kui bo la.
gramma : wa mana chai, wa tia wa eh peng eui kong bank bo kui.
mada : lu kui jit tia lu eh peng eui kong. ka ki cha bo kia cho tua bank lu kah lai bo siong sin.

so me, being the peacemaker, as always, tried to make peace...

me : yo, ama, lu kui jit tia lu eh peng eui kong eh ua..
gramma : =P
me : lu eh peng eui tua bank cho kang eh aa?
gramma : =P
me : hah, lu eh peng eui tua bank cho kang eh hio?
gramma : si la.
me : *supersuprised* cho ha mi eh?
gramma : =P ee tua bank chit kia eh laa.
me : harharhahrhahhahahahahalaughlaughlaughharhahrhahahahhaha
gramma : ???
me : hahahahahahrharharharharharhahrahrhahrahrahrhahrarhahrharh

no wonder, the friend do not need to go to work. its true, what the friend said, 'bank bo cho kang', but bank are open for the more important positions to cho kang! duh. haha.

english translation :

gramma : are you working tomorrow?
mada : yes. banks are open tomorrow.
gramma : you sure? i thought the malays are celebrating an occassion tomorrow.
mada : yes, but banks are still open.
gramma : but my friend said that banks are closed tomorrow.
mada : i work in the bank, of course i know if the banks are open or not.
gramma : i don't know but my friend told me that banks are closed tomorrow.
mada : you always listen to what your friend says. i work in the bank and you rather believe what your friend told you.
me : yo, ama. you always believe everything your friend tells you.
gramma : =P
me : your friend works in the bank?
gramma : =P
me : does your friend work in the bank??
gramma : ya.
me : what does she do in the bank?
gramma : she is the window cleaner laaaa.
me : >,<

my gramma is an awful good joker.

this ain't gramma's story, its gramma's joke, youl.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


i am confused.

i always mistaken Shell gas station for McDonalds. it would be like, 'oh, i think i might wanna get meself some fries..but dang, its the Shell station.'

this is, of course, because of the similar colours. from afar, when i see, red-yellow, it means McDonalds. but its actually Shell gas station. and around here, many Shell stations have McDonalds. (like a partnership or somewhat, that where there is a Shell station there is a McDonalds.) so sometimes, it is McDonalds that i am seeing from far, but come near, it transforms to Shell station. therefore, now, i find it hard to trust the colour red-yellow.

till now, i do not know why, i am still not used to getting to the drivers seat of the car on the left hand side. i would walk straight up on the right side and then realise oh, no, its the other side..and walkkkk all the way around the car to the other side. frustrates me!

mati mati mati.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


this was what happened to me yesterday night. first, let me explain each picture in detail..

picture 1 : see. i was the first car. together with another car on my right hand side, waiting for the red light. as i waited, i was shivering in the cold and grooving to the music on the radio. anyway, the arrows indicate the direction of flow of the traffic. those striped area indicates pavement of somekind. and this T-junction is close by one another, being that one junction to another junction is not far and wide apart, its close and near-apart.

picture 2 : then, i saw a car coming from my opposite direction, driving just smoothly. and then, out of no where, i also see a car coming from the other direction, on my left, coming on at quite a speed. at that moment, i think of nothing, of course. still grooving, still shivering.

picture 3 : out of a sudden, without warning, i realised that both cars were not stopping. what made matter worst was, the 'striped area' between those car A and car B is a fly-over, thus, neither car can see each other. then in about 2 seconds later, both the cars did not stop, BAM!SMASH!SQUICKSQUAK! after that split of .5 seconds, because of the impact, car A changed direction, and because it was travelling at quite a speed, it lost control after colliding with car B, and changed direction going towards me. at that angle (in broken lines), drawn above.

at that moment, as i witness the whole bamsmashsquicksquak then the-car-losing-its-control-towards-me, i thought, madafaka, its gonna hit me! its so gonna gonna hit me. and i sit there helplessly on the driver's seat of the car. staring at car A.

my reflex was to turn my steering to the right, and, yes, i did so.

but at about just 3 meters shy of hitting me/my car. the driver managed to gain control of the car and turn towards the patch of grass. (as drawn)

the front of car B was as good as crumpled metal.

not long after, the lights turned green. i left but cars beside me, at the back of me all stayed, gasping in disbelief. i, on the other hand, tackled my shock by driving away...while still absorbing the shockness, and while the adrendaline rush in my blood cools off.

then as i reflash, you know what stupid faak i did? though, i turn my steering, it would not help anyhows, because my foot was still on the brakes. tight on the brakes. what the hell... now i know how anxiety and panic can cause a person to not react and think right.

if you all might not know, if i were to die, in a situation which is unforeseen, i would wanna die in a tragic car accident. this experience was the closest i have come to an accident. though if car A were to hit me, i would not even be injured, what more death. but well, yes, i would wanna die in a tragic accident. just seems a nice way to die.

but oh, well...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

my sandwiches.

yesterday, i had a bag full filled with cookies, sandwiches and a cuppa coffee. i placed it on the passenger seat and was on my way driving home. with a tendency to drive at super fast speed, i accelerated and accelerated. it was also because i could see that all the traffic lights ahead of me was all greeeen. so anyway, as i was near to passing the traffic light ahead of me, it turned yellow then red. i had to make a sudden stop because there are cameras on the lights.

so anyway, i stopped. sudden. stop. and with the great inertia, that bag fell to the floor. still driving, i quickly pick up the bag to prevent the coffee from spilling. luckily, it did not spill, just a little splash, as the lid was on tight enough. and all the cookies was still in the bag. but damn it, my sandwiches was all over the floor. and they were touching the floor already.

i was so frustrated with myself. frustrated with the existance of inertia. frustrated that i had to drive so fast. frustrated that i may not be able to eat my sandwiches anymore. frustrated at the floor. ergh!!!!!!!!!!!!

frustrated, while still driving, i bend all the way to the floor of the passenger seat and i picked up one of the sandwich and stuffed into my mouth. boy, it tasted good. it was a turkey and swiss sandwich. and then the other one.

it was night, it was dark, and i was driving and there were plenty of cars on my left and right, so i could not check if there were any foreign particle but what the hell, and just ate it.

ask me why i did that?

because i am mad at the floor that it touched my sandwiches first, even before i get to touch it.

because i am mad at the floor for taking my sandwiches virginity even before i get to. the floor UNvirgined my sandwiches.

and therefore, i had to show the floor who is boss.

and that is why i did what i did.

stupid floor.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

this counselor..

for the last few days, i have been doing some revision for an evaluation test that i have to take in order to enroll into college for the spring intake in January. i found out that i totally dang it, forgot my trigonometry and some math formula. i seriously cannot imagine that something that comes so automatically to me a year ago, i would totally forget it now. anyway, so on Tuesday, i took the test, finally, praying that i will somehow pull through.

it was a 4 paper, untimed test. reading, writing, essay-writing and math. because its untimed, i took my time to do it. and math was the last section of the test. and trigonometry was the last topic in the math test. and by then, it was already since 4 and 1/2 hours ago that i sat there. so when came to the trigonometry questions, i was too washed out to even think. so those long complicated questions, i did not bother thinking and just guessed an answer. but anyway, overall, i did well for math, just not that well for the trigonometry part.

so after that, i went to see a counselor. this red-headed counselor was a lil eccentric. i think. she talks to herself and has an eccentric fidgetty manner. but anyway, so after she put my test results in the system, and then we talked about what classes i must take for the first semester...blablabla...and there are 3 classes that i have to take in my first semester. and that makes 9 credit hours. at first, i have no idea what '9 credit hours' meant. the counselor was explaining to me that probably 3 classes would be more than enough for me.

to me, 3 classes, is like, what? only 3? but then, i asked her, can i take more than 3 classes? she said yes, but you will be spending 9 hours for this classes already. and she was advicing me not to take anymore classes if i don't have to.

so i was like huh? what talking you? so i asked, err, 9 hours, being 9 hours a day? and her answer was, no, 9 hours a week. [9 hours a WEEK. <>. i was thinking, she must be kidding me. is 9 hours a week a lot? my god.] in a week, i have 168 hours, and taking up 9 of that 168 would kill me? i don't think so. and besides, come to think of it, i have spent 9 hours and more in school before. and many times. sometimes, more than 2 days in a row.

this counselor, ah, was of no help. whatever that i asked, i did not get the answer i want. real bedebah.

anyway, i was asked where i came from. so i said Malaysia. and she said, 'oh, Indonesia, the country with the most population of Muslims.' then i said, 'i came from Malaysia.' and she went 'oh,oh, but its near Indonesia right?' so to not make her feel bad about herself, i made as if it was an ok mistake. so i said, 'yes, it is, it is also near Singapore.' and she was, 'ya. ya.' but i doubt she knows.

and then at the end of our fruitless session, she said, 'so Malaysia huh, not Indonesia. ah, stupid Americans.' i was like, oooook, you don't have to be so hard on yourself. gis. what the hell? haha.

haih. apala.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


this is how SS i can get. deal with it, ok.

handwriting can say a lot about a person. like the Zara (if i am not mistaken) section, in the Star newspapers that allows readers to write to them and with that, they interpret what they learn about you through your handwriting.

i remembered because Sui Ying, Thanussha and I wanted to write to Zara but end up not doing it.

anyway, it would be fun to know how to read a person throught their handwriting. and i do wonder what my handwriting says about myself. but well, since i do not have the knowledge of reading handwriting, the right way, i am good at analysing and commenting on handwritings, my way.

my handwriting has received many many uncountable compliment. i want to deny them but the generousity of compliments presented to me just would not allow me to deny the fact that my handwriting is actually what they say it is.

my handwriting has changed a lot throught the course of time. though usually handwritings do not differ that much from time to time but somehow, mine took a toll for change when i entered secondary school. i don't know how and i don't exactly know why but it just did. but for the last 6 years, my handwritng remained pretty much the same, except it has revolved a little bit for the better. (why would i wanna change my handwriting if they make people cannot help but to compliment, right?)

what do you call this, an ability or talent or what? but anyway, with an ability to produce such handwriting, i am usually responsible for everything that involves writing/drawing of block letters, like on banners or writing reports or just whatever that needs handwriting as neat and as 'ejane' as can be back in school. haha. (i do not know what adjective to use to describe my handwriting, so i figured 'ejane' would best describe it. i know what you are thinking right now, but hey, i am also humble enough to use the word, 'usually'.)

the one compliment that i am truly honoured to ever receive is from Mr. Chan, a one true master of perfect handwriting. well, he said that if there is one person in the whole school who can write better or as good as him, it would be ejane. no compliment has yet top that. my math teacher once asked me to change my handwriting, and not write it so ejane-ly as it will slow me down. yes, i do write a little slower than a person would but it does not slow me down very much that i have to give up my handwriting. many also think that i measure and take my time to write every letter but actually it is just a natural flow of my hand.

anyway, my handwriting does not really resemble my personality. how can one who is seldom serious have such serious handwriting. and being that my handwriting has a high level of expectations, it has made me a perfectionist in everything that i need to do, involving my handwriting or something that challenges my creativity.

therefore, i learnt to appreciate other types or handwriting that is not on par as mine. (hahahhhaha.)

these are analysis of my friends' handwritings;

beh shuh pyng - let me tell you that she has hell of a handwriting. hell, i mean by not hell - nice but hell as in it brings hell to everyone that has to deal with it. teachers can barely read them. many of my friends don't comment on her handwriting when they need to copy her homework but in my case, i give her no mercy (though i am the one copying her homework). its like being in a situation where you are so desperate that you need to copy homeworks and there you are stuck, trying to read her handwriting, word for word. not making it any easier. and in other situation, when i have time to slowly read her handwriting, i will go, 'beh, whats this?' another 5seconds past, 'beh, this one?' another 1 minute past, 'beh aaa, chi leh si ha mi lai?'.

the problem with her handwriting is, its so thin. sooo thin. it barely has any width to it. therefore, everything appears like a staright line. everything. sometimes, her 'i' can be fatter than her 'e', and that is how awful her handwriting is. she makes her letter all stand on the line on tip toe, and that makes it even harder to read. she tries too hard to change her handwriting, resulting in such severe distortion.

jennifer - her handwriting certainly do not look like her appearance. she is all neat, all combed, all ironed and all tugged in. but her handwriting is like tau geh that is growing with no sense of direction. hahaha. though, i do not face as much difficulty to read it compared to beh's one but sometimes when laziness kicks in, then it would be a headache. i don't know why, but i think this happens because her fingers are too long, therefore, when she writes, she does not need move her palm, instead, her palm stick to where it is at one position, and her fingers are able to move all the way to the end of the book. and poof, growing tau geh.

yan ming and shea yuin - they both posses similar handwriting, that is very layback and easy to read. i would say that it is actually an ideal style of writing, as it does not take much effort and its easy on the eyes.

sui ying - its also an easy-to-read handwriting but it has a certain sharp-ness in her handwriting. that is unusual and that lets you know straight away that its teoh's handwriting. well, this, i think is due to her sharp fingers (???) maybe.

and this makes up the people that were involved in the 'scribbles' project.

i know i should stop myself, because when it comes to handwritings, i have a whole lot to say.

wonderful handwritings are not overrated.

*inspired by sui ying recent post.
**i know beh will like this post.

Monday, November 17, 2008

patheticness written in just 4 dots.

  • don't even get me started on the TENNIS Masters Cup in Shanghai that just ended. argh.

  • anyway, yes, Tan Ezen, i have watched Prison Break. god, people! people of the world that has not yet watch Prison Break season 4 or the 11th episode of season 4, it cannot get any better than this. keeps you on the edge of your seat every moment. keeps you on the brink of a sudden heart attack and always catch you breatheless. ah.

  • its 1:47am on my watch. later in 3.5 hours, i gotta be up and dressing up myself for work. fun isn't it. waking up when some people are only starting to snuggle into their warm bed. i start work at 5.15am, but i have to be there at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time, making it 5.10am. the journey there takes me about 20-25 minutes without exceeding the speed limit and without speeding through yellow traffic lights. and about 12-16 minutes to get me there at 15 mph faster than the speed limit and dangerous driving. so give or take i gotta at least start my journey 25 minutes before 5:10am, making it, 4:35 and i give myself 15 minutes to wake up, open my eyes, get dress, wash my face and brush my tooth. and that ends up at 4:20am. krazy.

  • i need to die.

Friday, November 14, 2008

fed kaput

unfortunately, all of my friends that reads my blog do not watch tennis or even have the slightest clue about tennis except for Leithiga. but anyway, i have to post this anyhow because its huge!

so anyway, now its the Master Cup in Shanghai. where ONLY the top 8 in the ATP rank will compete. they are divided into two groups, the red group and the gold group. thus, there are four players in each group. they will play a round robin and then the top 2 in each group will then qualify for the semi-finals.

so right now, the top 8 are,
1. rafael nadal
2. roger federer
3. novak djokovic
4. andy murray
5. nikolay davydenko
6. andy roddick
7. jo-wilfred tsonga
8. juan martin del potro
9. gilles simon
27. radek stepanek

unfrotunately though, rafa is out on a knee injury he had in Paris. therefore, the 9th ranked player, gilles simon is in.

then later, after losing to andy murray, andy roddick twisted his ankle at the practice court and thus, giving his position to the alternate, radek stepanek, the 27th ranked player.

making it, only 3 out of the 8 players that had had experince in the year end Masters Cup - federer, novak and devydenko. the rest are all first timers.

federer came in as the top seed. but lost his opening match to gilles simon. a very unexpected loss. though, he came in with a back injury that he had that caused him to retire in Paris also. (it was his first retirement in mid-tournament after 753 matches played. rather impressive) but anyhow, he went on to win against radek stepanek and keeping his semi-final hope alive.

in the gold group, novak was the first to qualify into the semis after defeating devydenko and del potro. another semi finalist is devydenko when he managed to win against tsonga and del porto.

federer then went on to lose to andy murray. and gilles simon won against redek stepanek. and know what that calls for?! federer, a four time champion in this tournament, did not manage to qualify to the semi-finals. gilles simon qualified together with andy murray.

so in the semi-finals coming up this weekend, murray will be meeting against devydenko and novak will be up against simon. obivously, right now, murray is the favourite. with novak as the title contender.

will never know. maybe the finals will not be novak and murray.

without a-rod or rafa...i have favourites to pick. but i do hope an underdog prevails. so my side would be on simon.

now...what is interesting to me is, whats up, fed? lost your mojo?

cincai la..

there are many words/pharses that are often misused. like,

'yea, right'
so? does it mean 'yes, you are right.'? and 'yes, that is correct.'? or 'you are so lying!'? but nowadays, 'yea. right.' is used so often to mean, 'liar. you so cannot do that.' or 'make me believe you.' that is has totally changed the true meaning of 'yea, right.'

so how do you know if its the right 'yea, right' or the wrong 'yea, right'? sure the tone of the voice tells it, but i figured that a excited high-shrieking 'yea, right' does sound like the wrong 'yea, right', no? some people are really monotonous and sarcastic. so, how?

well, how - don't use 'yea, right.'. ever. just say, 'you are such a liar.'. straight up. or 'you can never do that.' and not 'yea, right.' then there will not be any misunderstanding.

example of a conversation :
wwk : hey, you wanna go out?
bsp : yea, right, i will go out with you.
(now, wwk thinks that bsp is so going out with him but bsp is saying hell,no. and that is a heart breaking misundersanding, and we don't want that, do we?)

fine is such a soft and positive word made into a big mean nasty word. it exist to mean that all things are fine. all things are good and all pretty. but now, its used as, #@$$%#$FINE&#!$*

so for example, a mother arguing with the daughter, and the daughter (usually in cases) loses and storms out and says, 'fine'. so does that mean, oh, she is really alright with it. or does she mean 'i hate you, mother!'? sure this comes to the tone again. but yet, the word is being used the wrong way. like using the mop to sweep the floor and using the broom to soak in water to mop the floor. apanya?

therefore, why not just add a 'not' into it and say, 'not fine-ah.' thats better.

'not bad'
this is the worst two word being used to compliment, today. first of all, 'not' is already negative and it follows with 'bad' which is more negative. so 'not bad' is actually VERY BAD! moreover, these two words are used to compliment something that is not-bad or not-very-good. something that is a in-betweener and mediocre.

it should deserve some credit for not being bad but instead its slap with a double-trouble compliment. so why say, 'not bad'? when you can always say, 'quite good'. rightttt? makes it a whole lot better.

'you guys'
this two words are like the universal word to address a group of people despite their sexes. it sure is wrong. but then people still use it like all the people in the world are guys.

realise it, and instead, use, 'you all'. that is correct and acceptable.

so lets say, a conversation between a waitor and some customers,
waitor : so what are you guys having today?
guy customer1 : i'll have this.

guy customer2 : this looks good to me.
guy customer3 : i'll get this one.
*** long silence***
(all eyes on girl customer)
waitor : errrrrrr..?
girl customer : oh, oh, you asking for my orders too? i thought you only asked them guys.

and ya, we do not want that awkward situation to ever occur, do we?

Monday, November 10, 2008


you sacrificed so much of your time
you sacrificed so much of your life
to make this work
to fulfill someone else's dreams.

you don't ask for no diamond ring.

you sacrificed so much of your time
you sacrificed so much of your life
to make me work
to fulfill my dreams.

you ask for no diamond ring.

they sacrificed so much of their time
they sacrificed so much of their time
for us to work
for us to fulfill our dreams.

they ask for no diamond rings.

its SPM now and again.

its the end of year again. again. again.

today is the start of another SPM.

the dreaded final moments.

well, i am certain that Convents will do it, again. again. again.

speaking of SPM, its such a freaky coincident that SPM 2007 started on November 12th. results were annouced on March 12th. and on May 12th, form 6 started and on the same day too, i left Malaysia. and on June 21st was Convent's Hari Anugerah.

can it get anymore coincident than that?

ending SPM, shall i say is the best 'finally-at-last-oh-my-be-darned-god' feeling ever? i think so. it is an explosive but not expressive feeling. it was like,










well, that was fun while it lasted. funner now that its over.

i do wonder what the many krazy things that people did after the very end of that ticking minute. as for me, i did not end with all my friends. i ended 4 days later with my wacko jacko Teoh and Yan and Ng and Cheah and Mizen ( name a few..) those that had to take accounts.

my last day of SPM was nothing short of memorable. because,
first, i managed to put my signature on the 'package' that to be signed as a witness for whatever. i wanted so badly to sign that thing, just out of curiousity. and besides, it'd be one and only time in life that we live to sit for SPM, why not just do what you desire. so i actually raised my hand up while the Ketua Pengawas was re-reading the peraturan-peraturan for the 100th time. i suprised her when i said all i wanted was to just sign that package. =)

second, i forgot my calculator and i had to run all the way to the classroom to get it. and i had absolutely no time to waste for accounts. therefore, i ran so fast i could not break on time and due to the slippery floor (it was slippery because it was covered with pigeon poo) i slipped and fell and cut my knee and got my legs covered with pigeon poo. what am i to do? so anyway, for the whole time, i did my accounts with the smell of poo and with the heartbeating feel of pain on my knee. real kanasai...

third - the paper ended! well, Teoh and I ran down the corridor to the netball field, screaming and skipping with MUCH relieve. (partially also because we know we made Mr. Kana proud. ;) haha) freedom from all heebie-jeebies that we had to face each morning for 3 weeks. at the netball field, (Teoh and i will never be on the netball field at the same time if not for only one occasion) - we laid on the grass, and had our traditional eating of grass. Yan, Ng, Mizen, Poh Juan, Teoh and i then sat on the astaka in disbelief and finally came back to our senses and walked back to the gate to take our final step out the school gate with a mission finally accomplised. oh, and Yan, Teoh and myself commited a tiny vandalism on the school property.

then ya. thats the end.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

this night...

i do not know whats with me tonight. as if body and soul and mind are not working hand in hand.

probably just hungry and tired.

anyway, so i finished work at around 10.35p.m., i dropped my colleague home which is just on my way home. then i realised i need to put some gas. so i turned in to the gas station and then pumped and sharks, i got the nozzle stuck to the gas tank cover...twisted it, bend it then only it got off. so i bend it back, and tested it, and it still opens n closes. that was a relieve.

so yes, after that i turned back to head home. i was suppose to turn right, then make a U-turn. because the gas station was on the opposite side. but instead, i, with no awareness what so ever at all, turned left, therefore i was on the opposite flow of the traffic. and continue to drive for probably 10meters.

luckily there was no on-coming traffic. then as i came to an intersection, i thought to myself, eiks, i very well know that there is a traffic light here, what happen to it? so i told myself, what the hell, just go then, guess i must have mistaken the traffic light to be there but its actually not there afterall.

in the midst of me trying to make the decision to go or not and figuring out where is the traffic light...a car from the opposite direction was flashing lights at me. i thought, what the hell? is that car trying to signal for me to go or what?

still at that split moment, i did not notice that the car in front of me has yellow lights and not red lights.

after the car flashed for many times, only i realised. OH MY GOD, i am on the opposite flow of traffic. so i looked to my right, and luckily the light (where the traffic light actually is) was green, so i quickly ram on the accelarator and went on the right road.

man, that was suicidal. but it did not feel that wrong neither did it feel right, as the roads here are of the opposite directions as of in Malaysia.

inilah padahnya. anyway, i survived.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


i love eating bread and i enjoy eating bread. between year 2003-2006, i got struck with a bread craving, so bad, it was hard to believe. the amount i eat per daily is out of the odinary. i take bread to school almost everyday for 4 years, i eat bread for tea and sometimes i eat bread in between meals and i eat bread for snack. i mean its crazy. while watching tevee, instead of usual popcorn, junk-food chips, i would be eating bread after bread. soon after, my cravings kinda totally stopped. it was as if i have had too much bread to handle and it just broke down and i virtually stopped taking bread in an overdosed amount. but now, the cravings did not come back, but i have been consuming bread a lot. being that food is so hard to get, bread is the most delicious instant food around.

since i am such a big eater of bread, you can imagine all different things that i have my bread with. some are just typical bread spread, sometimes when i get bored of the norm, i try my own recipe. this is the list;

1. butter.
2. butter and sugar.
3. peanut butter and jam.
4. peanut butter and chocolate.
5. peanut butter.
6. roasted peanut butter.
7. kaya. (what is it really called in english? coconut jam?)
8. kaya with butter.
9. chunks of chocolate bars.
10. apples.
11. apples and cheese.
12. peanut butter and cheese.
13. McDonald's sweet and sour sauce.
14. tomato sauce.
15. tuna spread.
16. salmon spread.
17. seafood spread.
18. strawberry jam.
19. blueberry jam.
20. marmalade.
21. green pears.
22. sardine spread.

that is bout all. and all is good! seriously. except for the peanut butter and chesse. its kinda weeeiird. and that is only just regular bread, and not considering those from the bakery. if yes, i do not know how far the list will go on.

so if just anyone out there that has funky own recipe you use to go on bread, share it with me, i will love to try it.

and of course, do try mine too..they are awesome.chunks of chocolate bar with bread is actualy good. and apples too, they make the bread juicy.

very well, have a good one everybody.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

twisted time complications.

so start of the fall season.
i don't know why, but that is how it works.
at 2a.m.,
all clocks in the country (except Hawaii and Arizona) are suppose to turn the clock back,
one whole hour.
right now, i am at 1.37a.m.,
i will be repeating it again.
isn't that just fun?
according to the internet though,
the purpose of this is just plain having more daylight hours.
this is so twisted.
what if you end work at 2a.m. and after the clock reset for an extra hour, making it 1a.m., you have to go back to work for another hour and end at 2a.m., again?
dang, thats shit.
and if you have a flight at 3a.m., and you wait at the airport at around 1.30 a.m., and when it comes to 2p.m., you turn the time b to 1a.m.,
and dang, you got a one hour delayed flight.
so fucked.
so after 2a.m., it would be 1a.m. so Malaysia would be 2p.m. but since Malaysia do not go back an hour, making Malaysia 3p.m.
so instead of 13hours difference, it is now 14 hours difference, from here.
from Malaysia, instead of 11hours difference, its now only 10 hours difference.
meaning, if in Malaysia, counting back 10hours would make the time here.
and if from here, counting 14 hours ahead, would make the time in Malaysia.
correct me if i am wrong.
even if i am correct, i don't even understand fully of why so.
oh, the both has to sum up to 24 hours huh.
i think i might get it.
oh, well.


this is of the most random thoughts i have that i want to post out.

  • its fun being reporter huh. i do think so. i watched all this videos on Malaysian politics on youtube and all...dang, the reporters are so persistent and freaking annoying. if i am the politician, ya, damn, the reporters are really annoying. but if i am the reporter, i am having fun! hell yes. stalking is just really one of my passion. if i were a reporter, i would so stalk people. and when it comes to a big swamp of reporters come storming at one ask questions...'ya, YB apa pandangan YB tentang..bla bla bla?' and as for me, 'ya,ya YB, ya..YB...' and when all the recorders and microphones and devices are in front of my face, i'd continue, 'ya, YB, tadi pagi ada makan roti canai? mulut macam ada kuah, di tepi tu.'

    that would be so awesome!

    how difficult can being a stalking-reporter be? its just running and more running and struggling. having long arms would be an advantage, to push the device all the way near the nose-mouth of the person speaking until the extent that even as they speak and breathe, the brush of their nose hairs are audible. and of course, a high tolerance to withstand real bad body odour. that is about all. i think i might consider this as my part time hobby.

    so darn awesome!

  • money vs. time.
    i take time. anytime. everytime.
    with money, you are not able to buy time.
    with time, you are able to make money.
    why have money but have no time?
    why have time but don't make money?

  • ya, its Halloween today. more like hell-o-wee to me. (as in hell-oh-wow, as in hell-all-so-'fun'). so what. just another day ain't monday. no party no costume. just work and a broken heart.

    by the way, Halloween is like the Hungry Ghost festival of the chinese cultural beliefs. but just that Halloween is a one day event but Hungry Ghost fest is a whole month. and during the period of Hungry Ghost fest, we are suppose to avoid 'them' in many ways like, never mentioning about death or anything related to the underworld, preferably not going out after sunset, always trying to accommodate 'them' in various ways like feeding 'them' food so that we get to live in peace. but Halloween on the other hand, is be part of 'them', dress like 'them', look like 'them', talk walk smile like 'them', making homes into haunted houses just for the thrill of the underworld.

    interesting how its so conflicting.

    but Hungry Ghost fest do bring the worst in you, psychologically because you cannot help but fall into the silly illogical beliefs of your gramma's stories.

    trick-or-threat on Halloween day. feed-or-cursed on Hungry Ghost fest.

    sweets and candies and everything yummy on Halloween day. joysticks and pigs and ang ku on Hungry Ghost fest.

that is all the nonsense i have.

up up and away. no that is impossible. up up and fall all the way down, ya. that is only right.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

pissing + shitting lessons.

prior to leaving Malaysia, i saved/received a lot of money, ang pau to wish me a safe journey here. and i thought to myself then, this is a lot of money but dang, i have no time to spend it. its no fun keeping it as i cannot spend it anyhow. so anyway, i wanted to spent it to get some good books. there was this one book that i spotted long ago but was too poor to get it, because it is expensive, for the size and content, it is expensive. but since now that i had excess money i don't know what to spend it on, i decided to get it.

the title of the book is 'the joy of pissing' by Professor Jimmy Riddle. i read the synopsis at the back of the book and it interests me right away. this is what is says...

you are probably wondering how much more you need to know about pissing beyond pointing and flushing. you are probably asking why you should receive any further training for what is after breathing and eating, the next natural reflex. like reading, once you've learnt, what more do you need to know?
Professor Jimmy Riddle pisses at least eleven times a day. he drinks a pint of water every hour to enable himself to do so. the joy of pissing celebrates our experience as a persistently urinating species and aims to alter people's urinating habits from something they simply allow to happen to something they actively participate in.
all aspects of urianting are covered by this book, from advanced skills, i.e. how women pee standing up, to extra curricular skills such as, 'how to piss off a bicycle' and lessons on how to know if you are using the toilet designed for a man or woman (there is a big difference you know!). there are plenty of hilarious anecdotal stories, an entire setion dedicated to 'the healing qualities of piss' and the most comprehensive amagamation of the usage of the word 'piss' in the english language.

wouldn't you be interested to know what this book has to offer? well, as for me, i cannot wait to learn the art of professional pissing. though answering nature's call isn't my favourite pass time. but unfortunately for me, the book covered all aspects of men's pissing ways. and only about 10 pages covered women but not as detailed because Professor Jimmy Riddle's student would not give him the details.
so, let me share a passage with all you female pissers out there. since that women's master of pissing is not prefected by Professor Jimmy himself, therefore, there is no guided manual to how to master the art of what i am about to share. but this is just to let you all know that, it is possible to perform this amazing feat.
this passage concerns about how ladies pee and pooh without getting heard. accoridng to the book, many women muffle splash sounds by employing the papaer aided method; stuffing the bowl with loo roll before tinkling. but this is not considered as a skill and this wastes precious pooh paper. therefore, the book do not recommend this practice.
the REAL skill is in the sitting position.
  • sit close to to the front of the bowl, so the pee does not go anywhere near the puddle of water.

(if you are not comfortable doing so...)

  • propel and aim you piss with the use of certain muscle gruop somewhere on the ground floor of the department store. (details was not given as the source for this information would not elaborate..)

if you are a natural in the art of pissing, you can also consider this skill of shitting that was mastered by the professor's student..

she would flush the cistern before the stool could hit the water's surface to avoid th dreaded undignified sound. she also had a swift hand and would have wiped the bum and miraculously disposed of the paper before the flush had finished.

the professor calls this a 'one-shit wonders'.
but you are warned, if you want to try this feat, you will first have to know how much was to be crapped, then calculate the speed of the crap by taking in consideration of the height about the water and the gravitational pull, then you would need to accurately assume how fast the flush would fall and how long it would last, in order to wipe your bum well and dispose during the final stages of the flush.

i personally warn you dare-devils to do the math with your calculator. especially if you know that a bad diarrhoea is on its way. if not, i would not want to even imagine the mess when the diarhoea meet the flushing water and a tornado forms...fuh.

thats all the lesson for this session. =)

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen to your friends.

And you're the first to lend a shoulder to cry on.

You're there through thick and thin. You won't stop being friends with someone when times are tough.

In fact, you're such a good friend that many people consider you their "best friend"!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

coldness is killing me.

its been really cold lately.

oh, how i hate it.

1. i can't feel my toes and fingers.
2. cannot find a nice warm spot on the bed.
3. dishes get stacked up, cause i do not want to touch water.
4. and because of this, i try not to use the toilets too often, cause i do not want to wash me hands.
5. besides saving water, i do waste too. everytime i shower, i stand under the hot running water and just hoping that i do not need to get out.
6. nipples stand fucking erect when it gets colder than cold.
7. lips cracks. freaken pain. feels enlarged. (not good when it comes to the enormity of eejane's lips.)
8. uncarpeted area of the house like the bathroom and kitchen floors are like ice.
9. toilet bowl seat is cold. the first touch is like frost bite.
10. the keypads on the lapton gets cold too, after being left for awhile.
11. i do not like wearing long pants, feels that my legs cannot breathe but its cold.
12. the reluctantness to get out of bed in the morning. cause now the bed is already all warm.
13. i dislike drinking warm milk.
14. its not cold enough to turn on the heater but its too cold to bear.
15. the metal plate on my watch is cold.
16. i might have burn all my facial hair with the hot water i use to wash my face.
17. hate goosebumps. they are ugly. unless swanbumps, then maybe.
18. cereal is no good with warm milk. blergh.
19. i curl up so much during sleep, i might suffer back aches after this season.
20. at times, i thought i lost the tip of my nose.

no fun. i need sun.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


*spongebob's name during cave man time.

i am, i mean i really am, a very big fan of Spngebobsquarepants. and i believe that many here knows who he is and WHAT he is. yes, right, he is a sea sponge. NOT CHEESE. but to those minute number of people that do not know what Spongebobsquarepants is all about, do not be living in this era. my akong knows about Spongebob. but living by the Spongeob way, everyone is given a chance and everyone is forgiven. let me introduce you to the crew of these sea creatures...

first up is the widely popular,
Spongebob - he is a sea sponge that lives with his pet snail, Gary in a fully furnished, two-bedroom...pineapple. Spongebob's life long dream is to be Bikini Bottom's ultimate fry cook and thanks to his job flipping Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab, he is living that dream everyday. Spongebob is as optimistic and earnest as sea-dwelling sponge gets but he can't seem to avoid getting himself - and usually everyone else - into trouble. while trying to hard, he tends to do things wrong, really wrong, which usually spells d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r. but Spongebob's always looking at the bright side of life. his enthusiasm on just about everything makes him downright adorable.

Patrick - Patrick is Spongebob's neighbour and best friend. his life's ambition can be summed up in just four words : uh...i...uh...forget. as Spongebob's best pal, he is always offering his advice and encouragement. unfortunately, Patrick is not the brightest of star fish in Bikini Bottom. therefore, he usually ends up heaping up Spongebob's trouble. even the simplest plan ends up in a disaster. but for what its worth, Patrick will always be Sponbebob's loyal pal.

Sandy - Sandy is a sea dome dwelling who lives for adventure and action. havign attempted just about every death-defying feat on land and in the ocean, she has accepted the ultimate challenge : living underneath it in an oxygen-filled dome. Sandy is the only living rodent in Bikini Bottom and Spongebob's karate-sparring partner. for Sandy, Spongebob is sea bottom's best stunt buddy. Sandy is also considered the smartest amongst all the creatures in Bikini Bottom.

Squidward - Squidward is a mean, whinny, stick-in-the-mud squid who thinks he is better and deserves everything better than everyone else. ju st about everything annoys him. The Krusty Krab annoys him. the customers annoy him. Mr. Krabs annoys him. and most of all, Spongebob annoys him, almost 24 hours a day including Sundays. besides working side by side with Spongebob in The Krusty Krab, he is Spongebob's next door neighbour. if it wasn't for the fact that Spongebob is the only one that do no mind listening to his clarinet playing, he would have nothing to do with Spongebob. on the other hand, Spongebob thinks that both of them are the lunch shift dream team.

Mr. Krabs - Mr. Krabs is Spongebob's boss and the owner of The Krusty Krab. making money is what its all about for Mr. Krabs. he is usually found counting his money in his office. although Spongebob does get to his nerves sometimes but he likes it that Spongebob is such a loyal employee that is willing to work for long hours for little pay. he also somtimes acts like Spongebob's mentor. Mr. Krabs hates his fast food rival, Plankton, the owner of Chum Bucket but surely not as much as Plankton hates him. the only thing that has more control over Mr. Krabs than money is his whale daughter, Pearl.

Plankton - Plankton is Mr. Krabs's arch rival, a little guy with big attitude. the ownder of Chum Bucket is always pulling up dastard schemes to steal The Krusty Krabs's customers and the secret formula to the delicious Krabby Patties. if she succeeded, they would be his first customers he'd ever had.

Gary - Spongebob's loyal pet may not be able to move so fast. he may leave a trail of slime everywhere he goes. he may not be very good at cathing frisbees or fetching slippers. but Gary is the best darn pet a sea sponge with square pants can ask for. and that is all that matters. meow.

so there you go..these are all the main characters in Spongebobsquarepants. and if you imagine all of them together in your tevee screen, how much fun it brings to life. together with some other creatures like Larry (the lobster), old man Jenkins (Bikini Bottom's oldest living creature), Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (local superheros), Mrs. Puff (Spongebob's boat school teacher), David Jones (town ghost),...

all the goodness of life are all down in Bikini Bottom. we should go there someday.

join me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

truths about truth.

truth hurts but truth will set you free
i think it is.
truth do hurt.
no matter if its good or bad.
it hurts someway or another.
but it certainly sets you free.
giving you the biggest sense of relieve.

to runaway from truth is to make truth haunting.
truth is like fear.
face it.
know it.
conquer it.
live with it.

truth comes in many forms, those that i know of are;

  1. those bad truths that bites you right on the ass. that smacks you right on the face like a roti canai. you would go dumbfounded and say to yourself, how come i did not see that coming at all? i was/am that blind. these kinda truth will certainly teach a very valuable life lesson. lets you see things in a different way, and be more caution in the next time coming.
  2. there are bad truths that make you realise what you have to do to improve as a person in someway. there will be no third party involve, just you, yourself and truth itself. it does not rip you wide apart like #1 but its a 'really, thats me?' kinda truth.
  3. there are good truths..but good truths sometimes are the biggest life suckers. good truths that you only know when you are not able to make use of the truths. though it surely feels good to know but it is only knowing it. for example, knowing that he actually loves you but you are dying in a week. ironic. but for these kinda truths, they have to be in an ironic situation then its being confessed, i guess.
  4. there are good truths that are not ironic, also. they just come right out and make your day(s) everyday. classic truths.
  5. truths that you just cannot control. it can be bad, or good. or both. just how you see it. truths that are not being confessed, truths that just occur naturally on its own. its like a slow slaugther.
  6. truths that make you go, fuck faggoty fucking faggottm. its not bad and its not good, its just plain fact. for example like, 'woah, Amsa (simply just a name as a character in this context) is taller and skinnier than Jennifer (ditto).

but being it truth #1, or #2 or 3 or 4, 5 or 6 they all set you free. hurt or not, its always good to know.

gimme some truth, people.

*its difficult to pronounce 'truths'. no?


oh my god, jane is back.

anyway, laptop recovered all well in the hospital and is back to provide it's services. while i had no internet to spend my time on, i spend it on the tevee, many many many hours of tevee. really. i spend so many hours on the tevee, nothing but a bummer with a big ass, seriously, i do spent like 8 hours straight on the tevee, just watching nothing and rewatching nothing. i don't know why but i am capable of doing so.

anyhows...last Monday,i waited all day long, in excitement for Prison Break and dang it, there was baseball game on, thus Prison Break was not aired. i was very bumped. switching from one channel to another to another..then i decided to only switch between discovery channel, disney channel (never too old), VH1 and the history channel. back and forth back and forth. on one incident, it happened that all of the four channels were on commercial break, so i swtiched to travel channel, and the voice on tevee was saying, 'so here i am on the last day, in ... ' in that split second, i thought to myself, say Malaysia.. though i was highly doubtful that the voice will say Malaysia, but it did! Anthony Bordain, the host, was in Malaysia. but unfortunately, it was already his last day, so i only watched the last 3 minutes of it. but it was no familiar sight for me, it had rumah panjang, tribal people and lotsa greens, so i figured, it must be either Sabah or Sarawak. but it feels good to know that a travel channel program did made it to Malaysia. =)

being here, in a country so big, so ignorant to the outside world, regular common everyday people, generally, i assume, do not know much other than what is happening in their own town/city. and with that, obviously they do not know where Malaysia is. being that Malaysia is a small country. i have spoken to many people in the course of the time that i am here. people would ask me where am i from, and when i say Malaysia, you can see in their eyes that they have no clue. there are some very interesting conversations that i had with these kinda people.

conversation #1 :

the people 1 : so where are you from?
me : i am from Malaysia.
the people 1 : oh, wow. how is Malaysia like? what kinda language do they speak there?
me : well, Malaysia is a coutry very rich in culture. majority of the people there are malays and the rest are chinese and indians. i am a Malaysian chinese, therefore i speak chinese, i do not speak mandarin but i speak another dialek called hokkien, i also speak malay and of course english.
the people 1 : oh, wow. hokkien, my mum speaks that.
me : oh. do you?
the people 1 : no, i don't. my mum is from vietnam and they speak something similar to hokkien i think.
me : oh, so you are from vietnam?
the people 1 : no. i am from here. they have fast food in Malaysia?
me : ya, sure we do. we have McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, ...
the people 1 : oh, wow. you do? how about Popeye's?
the people 2 : no. Popeye's is not that famous.
the people 3 : so, do they have computers in Malaysia?
me : yes, of course we do! its an advance country. we have mobile phones and all the technologies in Malaysia.
the people 1 & 3 : oh. (with suprised faces)
me : you should go to Malaysia. its a nice place.

its all i can say to end the conversation. it was utterly unbelieveable. i mean come on! how would they thought i came all the way here from Malaysia if there was no computer. swam the seven seas to get here?

conversation #2 :

the people : so where are you from?
me : i am from Malaysia.
the people : oh. cause our english is really good.
me : thanks. we do learn english in Malaysia...
the people : oh. really? cause they don't teach us anything here.
me : you don't know where is Malaysia huh.
the people : i know... (long pause)
me : serious?
the people : ya, its near Laos right?
me : errrrryaaa... you can say that. kinda.

Laos is a really really rare. i mean you will get, its near Singapore or Thailand, but Laos? i am not sure where Laos is myself. but i think it borders with Vietnam and Thailand. but well, sure its close enough. but if compared to conversation #1, its heaven and hell.

thats the only two i can remember out of some more. but its just adakah-patut-kebedebahdan, you know.

but i am still very proud of where i come from. there is never once that i would wish that i am not anak Malaysia. speaking about this, has youl heard the Malaysia unity song? check it out.