Thursday, November 20, 2008

this counselor..

for the last few days, i have been doing some revision for an evaluation test that i have to take in order to enroll into college for the spring intake in January. i found out that i totally dang it, forgot my trigonometry and some math formula. i seriously cannot imagine that something that comes so automatically to me a year ago, i would totally forget it now. anyway, so on Tuesday, i took the test, finally, praying that i will somehow pull through.

it was a 4 paper, untimed test. reading, writing, essay-writing and math. because its untimed, i took my time to do it. and math was the last section of the test. and trigonometry was the last topic in the math test. and by then, it was already since 4 and 1/2 hours ago that i sat there. so when came to the trigonometry questions, i was too washed out to even think. so those long complicated questions, i did not bother thinking and just guessed an answer. but anyway, overall, i did well for math, just not that well for the trigonometry part.

so after that, i went to see a counselor. this red-headed counselor was a lil eccentric. i think. she talks to herself and has an eccentric fidgetty manner. but anyway, so after she put my test results in the system, and then we talked about what classes i must take for the first semester...blablabla...and there are 3 classes that i have to take in my first semester. and that makes 9 credit hours. at first, i have no idea what '9 credit hours' meant. the counselor was explaining to me that probably 3 classes would be more than enough for me.

to me, 3 classes, is like, what? only 3? but then, i asked her, can i take more than 3 classes? she said yes, but you will be spending 9 hours for this classes already. and she was advicing me not to take anymore classes if i don't have to.

so i was like huh? what talking you? so i asked, err, 9 hours, being 9 hours a day? and her answer was, no, 9 hours a week. [9 hours a WEEK. <>. i was thinking, she must be kidding me. is 9 hours a week a lot? my god.] in a week, i have 168 hours, and taking up 9 of that 168 would kill me? i don't think so. and besides, come to think of it, i have spent 9 hours and more in school before. and many times. sometimes, more than 2 days in a row.

this counselor, ah, was of no help. whatever that i asked, i did not get the answer i want. real bedebah.

anyway, i was asked where i came from. so i said Malaysia. and she said, 'oh, Indonesia, the country with the most population of Muslims.' then i said, 'i came from Malaysia.' and she went 'oh,oh, but its near Indonesia right?' so to not make her feel bad about herself, i made as if it was an ok mistake. so i said, 'yes, it is, it is also near Singapore.' and she was, 'ya. ya.' but i doubt she knows.

and then at the end of our fruitless session, she said, 'so Malaysia huh, not Indonesia. ah, stupid Americans.' i was like, oooook, you don't have to be so hard on yourself. gis. what the hell? haha.

haih. apala.


ssk said...

ok. apparently malaysia is not reli 'dikenali di mata dunia' as written in our karangans. -_-" and btw, their edu system in US is weird.

suiying said...

what's this test you're taking? doesn't sound much like mine. but then american unis are well known for the varied ways of getting there, so *shrug*

and which uni are you applying to, my dear friend? we might get to be collegemates. what is that i heard last time about Rice?

Anonymous said...

ya, ssk, tell me bout it.

nooo, teoh, teoh. the only thing ejane and rice can go together on the same sentence is, 'ejane eats rice.' thats all.

no, i am just going to the Houston College to do my credit hours i need then only tranfer to U later. its not really a test test, its just merely test to see if you qulify to take classes. that is all. nothing important or major. it would be rather impossible that we can be collegemates. maybe just countrymates, at the least.

Rice, is a new ivy-leagued Uni that is in Houston.