Sunday, May 31, 2009

another dramatic attack...

today is one of the very rare days that kept me speechless, froze my steps, stunned me naked. it is indeed the day in history, the day...

Rafael Nadal, the four year reigning champion in the clay grounds of Roland Garros in Paris, had lost his very first match, ever, since his first appearance in the grand slam event, to an unexpected opponent, Robin Soderling.

it spells nothing but sheer devastation, shocking, disbelief.

Nadal was chasing history to be the only man, in the open era, to win the Roland Garros five times, consecutively. Nadal was the champion in Roland Garros for the past four years, only leveling the record of Bjorn Borg. do not be mistaken, eventhough only leveling Borg, it is definately still an amazing feat performed by Nadal. Nadal's record on Roland Garros was 31-1. a record breaking of 31 consecutive wins until that very one match he lost to Soderling this afternoon.

Nadal, was never pushed to the fifth set by any player on Roland Garros. and in 2008, he won the slam without dropping a set and came out firing in the final, destroying Federer who only managed to win 4 games out of the whole match.

on the ATP website, it says that the king of clay had been dethroned but i say otherwise. it does not take just a match to dethrone a king, this just was not his day, not his game. and coming in to Roland Garros, Nadal won 4 out of 5 titles on clay.

on the press conference, Nadal mentioned that he will not make any excuses on the windy condition and that his loss was entirely his fault, playing short on the balls, allowing Soderling to attack, and surely also acknowledging Soderling had played well too. to add to the suprise cum davastating factor, Nadal, in the ATP tour in Rome, bashed Soderling 6-1, 6-0 in the round of 16.

i thought Nadal would write history like writing ABC but guess not this time. Nadal is only a human, another player (but a very good one) and sometimes even the best loses. (excuse me but i am seriously trying to make myself feel better.)

i may be mean, but i hope Federer's name will not be engraved below Nadal's. neither do i want Murray. anybody else. but Federer. but Nadal told the press that he would favor Federer winning the title as he would like to see him winning and if anyone, Federer is the most deserving one to win the title. but no, i still do not want Federer to hold the trophy.

"I must accept my defeats with the calm that I accept my victories."
-Rafael Nadal.

Friday, May 22, 2009


do not judge me just because i scratch my ass before i scratch my tongue.

oh no. lately, i have been pretty hooked on watching basketball. but then rest asure i will never be playing the game. but blame me not, but basketball is all there is to watch. (just so you know, this is because i vow to be loyal to netball. yes. i am a lil fanatic. or a lot.)

ooo. just a reminder for tennis fans, Roland Garros is starting soooon. by the way, did youl know that Novak "the-self-declared-greatest-player" Djokovic dropped to the 4th rank player now and Andy Murray has taken over the 3rd position. i was suprised that it did not make headlines all over the world. hah. though i log in to the ATP official website very often but still did not know about it until a few weeks after he dropped in the rankings.

yesterday, Convent's netball team won their first round premier game match against TMGS, 19-13. the next game would be after the school holidays on home ground against Holly Methodist school. if you feel generous for some support, keep posted for the exact date here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

excuse me.

anger and the ability to be patient with one has limit. and when it goes beyond the limit, it means enough, you should serious stop.

if i were to be given a chance to slap someone in the face anonymously, it would be you. there is no one else that had ever angered me more than you. if i do not know you, it would already have been done. if my eyes could burn, i would have baked you brains everytime i lay my eyes on you and your mouth that say words that mean nothing to me.

you may be you, you may have the authority over me, you may be wiser than me, but i am not just someone that you can just pour your frustration at.

i can be all the stupids in the world that i am but i do not need you to make me feel so much more better with you pointing out how stupid i am.

people like you needs to take therapy.

people like you need a huge mirror to see yourself and how disgusting you look. what a smart alec you think you are. oh wait, maybe a mirror is not enough, maybe you need a X-ray machine to see yourself internally, how full of trash you are.

people like you needs to know that sometimes, its fucking ok to shut your smart trap. yes, its ok. people will still think you are smart, don't worry, even with your trap shut.

whenever you have more people that is against you then for you, that does not mean that you are discovering more stupid people. it means that the problem is with you and not everybody. probably and most highly likely is you are the shallow one.

most of all, don't judge me like you know me. because really, you don't. neither do i know you. no wonder your words are so foreign to me.

ya, maybe i should continue my good job on play pretending. i am beginning to be so good at this game. but i am also coming to become so sick of playing it everyday, day and night.

i might only write this because i need an output to my anger but believe me, there are some truths and plenty of honesty above. its lethal, yes, but you are pushing me this way.

Friday, May 15, 2009

the death of Prison Break.

Jane is putting on a frowned face while typing.

Jane, Jane had just finish watching the two-hour finale of Prison Break, season 5. but wait, be informed that this is also the finale of the entire Prison Break show. for good.

the end was classic, awing and not at all cliche. but Jane still find it hard to believe that it ended that way.

Jane now sits in front of the laptop, feeling, 'wow, after years of watching the show, episodes after episodes, its now the end, and that was how it ended...'

Jane wants to tell. but Jane wants to keep those Prison Break fans and watchers their moments to enjoy the final finale. those in Malaysia following on 8tv might still take forever and those who downloads, please be prepared. you will be moved by how it ended.

i know, Jane is being so melodrama right now, but it is necessary.

shake me awake.

on the other hand, i am glad it ended. it is the right time to actually end because if the show were to go on, it would become just to ridiculous and by ending it now, it still keeps the element of suspence that made the show so good.

i rate five stars to the creativity and sentiment of the show.

3 cheers for Prison Break, the handsome casts and all the many years entertaining me.

hiphiphurray hiphiphurray HIPHIPHURRAY!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


tidak mengapa jika bungga ungu ini kian layu,
kerana engkaulah ceritanya.
semuanya di bawah tapak kakimu,
kerana engkaulah bahagia.

walau habis terang,
walau tak ada yang abadi,
walau kasih semakin mendung,
kau tetap mengindahkan kisah diri ini,
ku tetap tersenyum sendiri. xx

axe the 13th.

it has been a looong looong way loong loong time, ain't it? yes, certainly. most definately.

May 14th. is another day.

May 13th was yesterday which marked a year since the day i left. well, its nothing. i am just trying to mark my imaginary calender.

X marks the possible.

every eyes sees a different perspective. no eyes knows what the other eyes sees.
we all fill in the space of different shoes. some so warn out, some still make squeeky sound against shinny floors.
soak it up. yell nothing.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

all up-into-people's-butthole

Fear is black,
It sounds like the wind blowing in the dark,
It smells like fresh blood on a knife,
It tastes like lemonade with no ice,
It looks like a shadow with no head,
Fear is when I am alive and everyone is dead. xx

- i told my brada. xx

i fail to be serious. i took sometime to think about something significant and decent post that i can write to share but no, every file i search in every corner of my head, i cannot find even a tad seriousness. even if there is, when it is delievered through my fingers, it naturally unserious itself. so what the hell, fuck seriousness - until i find one.

thus, while searching through files of seriousness, i found a funny story to share. no i mean, funny story.

so as many well know, i am a coffee slave. no, it has got nothing to do with me enslaved to coffee but it merely means i work. and work here means, i meet with people from all walks of live everyday, too many to describe. but there is one particular regular customer which i wanna talk about. haha. if you are anticipating a nasty customer whom i might hate, no, its too common to share and if you are anticipating for a customer who might have done something personally to me, no too. this customer, i do not know anything nor said anything to him before, except for that i remember his face. and i remember his face is also because of... ... ...the story that i will be sharing.

one fine day, i was making drinks, dilligently. but my attention span did not last very long, and as i was still making drinks, i looked around, around the many customers who were sitting around the lobby. and then, there, just on the perfect position of my limited view, i see, an anene (yes again, gee, whats the deal with anenes lately?) man and a white girl, talking very intimately, over a small rounded table beside the glass window where the morning sun was just beginning to shine in. i was thinking oh, well, what the hell, just two people in deepest of love talking about how deep their love is. i cannot careless. and continue to try to make my drinks dilligently.

but then out of the blue, drama the talking got more intense, the lust heightened. and then they got into a lip to lip peck. and then they both started smooching for a good 10 seconds. and then again. and again. i seriously seriously thought they should go get themselves a room. good lord!

then after a couple of weeks later, i was making a triple tall americano and as i handed it out, oh, it was this man again. after a few hours since i made that drink, my eyes wondered the lobby again, and again, i saw this couple. talking in a very casual manner. but as they were finishing and walked to the car, they gave each other a loong loong embrace. with hands all over each other, top to bottom - top to bottom. still could not get enough of each other, they then started smooching. again. after again. that time, it was not only me who was being the only audience, a few other customers were also watching them - frowning - in disgust, should be.

finally, the girl found the door into the car. and i thought, oh, finally, clear my view, please and thank you. but no. the man leaned in the most awkward posture and to smooch again. then talked. then smooched. i don't wanna repeat myself. but you get the idea.

i know, i am such an up-into-people's-business critic. but then i cannot help it.

i know, maybe i should practice more open-mindedness but seriously though, definately there is a limit to how much lusting one can make in public, very public places. and moreover, it was donw, both times, in front of my very limited viewing range. how coincident can it get, both unfortunately and eye-soaringly.

anyway, thats my story.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

inside the mind

  • the hectic has come to a momentary halt. hopefully permanently.

  • i am taking swine flu very personally now. though it may not have affected anyone i know, swine flu is attacking my mental robutness.

  • count sheeps when you cannot fall asleep, thats what cartoons and nursery books tell you. but living out near the jungle, in Taiping, instead of imaginary sheeps, i count the number of cicak on my ceiling. and let me tell you, it does work. i don't know about sheeps though.

  • what is your all time favourite, funniest line said in a movie? well, can't say, there are plenty. but the one in mind is, from Notting Hill. it went ;
    "No thanks, i am a fruitarian."
    "I didn't realise that."
    "Ah, ahm, what exactly is a fruitarian?"
    "We believe that fruits and vegetables have feeling so we think cooking is cruel. We only eat things that have actually fallen off a tree or bush - that are, in fact, dead already."
    "Right. Right. Interesting stuff. So, these carrots..."
    "Have been murdered, yes. "
    "Murdered? Poor carrots. How beastly!"

    that is some funny shit that always cracks me up.

  • banana chips are disgusting but they keep you going. potato chips are universal awesome and my new favourite, whole grain chips. oh ya. Sun Chips!

  • why do people ever bother?

  • i think i may quit Starbucks.

  • lets lets hold hands and march.

  • i had one less assignment to do. that was from my American History class. thanks to my awesome lecturer. because he did not pay for his electric bill, so he had no power and thus he could not post up the assignment online. he is one heck of a cool lecturer but yet his class is strict and effective. that is why, though American History, it is my favourite class of the semester.