Friday, May 15, 2009

the death of Prison Break.

Jane is putting on a frowned face while typing.

Jane, Jane had just finish watching the two-hour finale of Prison Break, season 5. but wait, be informed that this is also the finale of the entire Prison Break show. for good.

the end was classic, awing and not at all cliche. but Jane still find it hard to believe that it ended that way.

Jane now sits in front of the laptop, feeling, 'wow, after years of watching the show, episodes after episodes, its now the end, and that was how it ended...'

Jane wants to tell. but Jane wants to keep those Prison Break fans and watchers their moments to enjoy the final finale. those in Malaysia following on 8tv might still take forever and those who downloads, please be prepared. you will be moved by how it ended.

i know, Jane is being so melodrama right now, but it is necessary.

shake me awake.

on the other hand, i am glad it ended. it is the right time to actually end because if the show were to go on, it would become just to ridiculous and by ending it now, it still keeps the element of suspence that made the show so good.

i rate five stars to the creativity and sentiment of the show.

3 cheers for Prison Break, the handsome casts and all the many years entertaining me.

hiphiphurray hiphiphurray HIPHIPHURRAY!

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