Monday, September 29, 2008

the 2012 prophecy.

so i am sure you have heard of the 2012 prophecy. for those ignorant enough to not even have a slightest clue of what the 2012 prophecy is; many prophecies and oracle from around the world seem to point to December 12, 2012 to be doomsday. the acient Mayan calendar, the medieval predictions of the Merlin, the book of Revelation and the chinese oracle of I-Ching all pointed to this very day as the end of civilisation, the end of all life. besides prophecies and oracles from acient times, even the latest technology from today, called the 'The Web-Bot Project' that makes massive scans of the internet as to forecast the future has also came to this dreaded date:2012.

i do not really know about this prediction but if you want a full detailed story, sure enough, google or wiki it. its there. i did hear about it a year ago but few months ago, i saw this documentary on the History Channel and i cannot help but to believe that the prophecy and oracles do have a disturbingly accurate track record and there might be a tiny possiblity that the prediction might be true.

but for those that had read about it, know all about it, do you care to take it seriously or did you just read it out of sheer curiousity? well, of course, there is no way no how to want to take it seriously as no one is taking it seriously maybe except for those scientist and histologist and those affiliated.

but if asked, what do you really think?

as for me, i personally think that, i am lucky to be part of this event. no one else more will ever experience this after us. if, like how my simple minded interpretation of this whole prophecy is, it is the end of everything there is on earth. no life will live anymore. and earth will just be another rock among trillion of others in the galaxy. and from what i learned from the History Channel, a formation of somekind will take place and the Earth and the Sun will be in a line and somehow end the world. and this only takes place in thousands and thousands of years. so, don't you feel lucky that you live to this time that this enligment might take place and thus, thats how you might die? and die together with the rest of the world...

on the internet, many did not agree that this prophecy is at all true. cannot blame them, as end-of-the-world does sound very preposterous. i mean how can anyone have this idea of the world ending? how does the world actually come to an end? what happens after the world ends?

like that?

well, thats hard to imagine. so the world population is about 6 billion? wouldn't heaven and hell be overly crowded? or does the end of the world means the end of the belief of the existance of heaven and hell?

but if we were to just be ended like that, that is not very fair, is it? all these all make me question, what are actually the objectives as living beings? why are we created just to live life and die? its rather pointless, no? and life is not a whole bunch of fun, its a lot of pain and suffering as well. google can't answer me. anyone?

but well, we really cannot do anything about it if the predictions do actually come true. though there are groups on the internet that are recruiting people on how to survive this catastrophe. but for me, i'd rather die. i do not want to live in this lonely world. but if the predictions is nothing but a mere fiction, then we shall just continue with life. funny thing is, i can't help but have that image of the old couple in the movie Titanic, that hugged each other as they lie on the bed while awaiting death... will that how the world react to while waiting for the Earth to turn its final round? if the ending is not painful, i would wanna party on the roof, as i looked straight up to the sky, to the universe, and in a split second, die off. how about that?

very well. we do still have 4 more years to live. do not waste any minute of it. until after December 12th, 2012.

check your local History Channel tevee listings for this program. it is very interesting. 'DECOTING THE PAST - Doomsday 2012:The End of Days.'

Friday, September 26, 2008

Taiping aint that bad..

Taiping is a small town, that many people have to leave to seek more job opportunities and education. pick 10 people from our era, and i am sure 8.5 out of 10 of them will say that its still always good to be back in Taiping. wherever they may be, coming home to Taiping is always a lovely thought. that is how special Taiping is. i am not saying this just because i am born, raised and lived here eversince. well, ok, maybe there are some other town that is better than Taiping but i am not saying that Taiping is the best town in here, i am saying Taiping is really a just-enough, just-perfect, town to live in. and it has the warm homely ambience that you cannot deny. actually, its not only about the town itself, its about everything that there is IN Taiping.

whenever i go outta town, for a few days, or at most a month, coming back home always makes me go, 'aaa...home.' the air seems more calming, the view seems more greener, the skies seems more humble, the clouds seems more friendly and love is in the air. despite anything at all, there is never once that i would dream about not having to come back to Taiping.

if you are born, raised and lived in Taiping for all your conscious life, Taiping has to be the roots to everything that you have. friends, food, memories, home, family-grandparents, hobbies, people, alma mater and everything. (right now, as i type, i miss the pasar malam in pokok assam, that i used to go. thats how far it can get.) its like a tree, the roots to everything, and everything which are the leaves.

i have came across people that do not enjoy coming back to Taiping after leaving it. they say that there are absolutely nothing to do in Taiping and it just too small a town to be in. both is true, but its really how you deal with it. and when you are capable of dealing with it, you see Taiping in a whole new way.

after SPM, hell, there was really nothing to do. it was like from point 10 to point blank. many people resorted to working to stay away from boredom, but i did not want to, though at some point, boredom did drive me crazy. i know that the period between after-SPM until result day would be the time that i should learn about Taiping, explore it a lil more and just feel the life in Taiping. well, this which of course, with the help of my friends, who holds the same belief.

in bigger cities, there are so many leisure pleasures, but here in Taiping, a simple necessity like a cinema was not even made available to us. though now, just after less than 5 months, Taiping now has a reputable mall and cinema. but unfortunately for me, when i had nothing to do, they did not think that a cinema was necessary until i am gone.
for most people, sitting in the car, staring out the window, looking out at the Lake Gardens, how many has been on the swan in the lake? not many, i pressume. how many of us took the effort and time to visit our musuem? lesser then those been in the lake, i assume. have you ever thought that flying a kite in Lake Gardens would be the most tranquil thing to do? besides that, Taiping is one of the best place for food, after Penang. how many of us has tried almost all the food place in Taiping? who has tried every single food available in Pokok Assam, which are all unknowingly very awesome. where but Taiping where you can get wantan noodles around the clock and is just within a 5km perimeter? and many many more.

making and having friends in Taiping is great. do not need appointments, just walk right in. who but Taiping friends will go fishing, play and burst water balloons, talk about life till midnight, check out pondans, bake, and even make jelly after failing 3 times with you? where but Taiping where you can go friends-house-hopping? where but Taiping where you can go anywhere because everywhere is just so near? and many many more.

but i still think that i have not really explored every corner of Taiping yet neither have i done everything that is possible in Taiping. and now that its fast developing, i cannot wait to go back to Taiping. and its not only Taiping that is fast developing, so are my friends..

so to those lucky people that still have the opportunity to do so, do not waste your time ranting about how bored it is in Taiping, fact is, its actually not.

Monday, September 22, 2008

driving test.

today, today, was a rather accomplishing day. well, actually, it depends on how you see it. it can be an acomplishing day or not an accomplishing day, at all. but this accomplishment is not as significant or critical as when i was back in Taiping.

** it makes me smile, then giggle, then laugh, thinking about it**

anyway, no biggie, it was just me passsing my driving test, for the 2nd time on first attempt. you have to get that right; it DOES NOT mean that i pass on my 2nd attempt, it means that i pass on first attempt, for both times. ya.

~its no fun talking about me. its certainly more fun talking about why, passing driving exam is such a significant and critical tradition amongst Taiping Convent Girls, class of '07~

[before i start, i would like to say, this is non-fiction. unbelieveably true. also i would like to thank the main character of this story for always allowing me to tell her story. do not get mad ok. i love you, i keep you immortal through your story that reaches out to people. heheheheee.] here goes;

so its either you get to be young or you are considered old but with the advantage to be able to get your driver's license. so, i have a pretty early birthday. thus, i am the old one. but hey, i get to get my driver's license. anyway, some had taken their theory already, for motor license, but my friend and i, are the earliest to take our driving course. my friend, her identity shall remain anonymous. we were the first to take the theory test among those that has no motor license and first to be on our way to all the 10 hours of practice and all that.

so, see, we went to take the theory, with all hope that we pass on the first attempt. how bad can it be, right? with a revision book to read, exercises and CDs to practice. i did not finish all the exercise, i did not finish the whole book. but hell yes, i pass. by this, i do not mean that i am brilliant or anywhere near there. and my friend, on the other hand, finish the whole book, twice, maybe and finished with all 500 questions but unfortunately she did not pass on her first attempt. she did the 2nd time.

then when we started with our 10 hours practice, i never had a chance to get away with a day without my instructor nagging on me. i thought i sucked. i seriously doubted myself. but my friend, seems to be dealing with the whole thing really well. but i was the first to finish my hours and off to test. i prevailed, and pass with zooming colours. that made me the first person to pass her driving test in school.

so then it was my friend's turn. of course, i wished her well, everyone did. but luck was not blowing in her direction, she failed on first attempt. well, maybe it was just how its suppose to be, like mybe 2nd is her charm. nobody on planet Convent thought that she would be failing again, cannot be that difficult. she skipped school and later came back to class, earlier than expected, we thought she must be real excited to tell us, thats why she can't wait to come to school to tell us, but no, she failed. (this means she came to school because she is hardworking)

this time around, many people's birthday had come and gone, many are on their way to getting their license too. but there is this immense pressure, because there is a possibility that you either just pass on the first try or you may not even pass yet. my friend and i were like the pioneer of this whole melodramatic thing. it mattered that you pass on which attempt. it mattered more how many times you need to fail to pass.

well, she took extra lessons, and on her way to her 3rd attempt. come on, i mean, 3 is a lilttle to big a number for this. i was having my lunch, was real hungry after school and i received a call from my friend, telling me that she failed. i thought she cannot be bullshitting me with her pride. but it was for real!

by this time, april and may babies, as i can remember, two of my other friends had their hands on the wheels already. still the pioneer is still in search of an answer.

so on her fourth attempt. many of us had an open mind for two possibilities now, so that we do not be shocked to our core when receiving the news. 4th seem overboard. she missed school for the fourth time now. with her absence in class, it went wild, we gambled on her test, we wrote messages to god on the white board, we debated her chances.

4th attempt turns out


her final attempt. she failed.

how bad can bad be? real bad...

the fifth time she missed school, it was nothing but the major most event. with most teachers putting bet on the table, figuratively speaking. waited and waited... and she shows up in whole class virtually absord the tension she brings with her. all was silent, and she screams she pass. finally. it was bout time. fuh~

this is her story. it was told and retold and reretold many times. and now publicly posted for all to read.

this is our story, the trend setters. the two friends that went out on the same time for one similar journey but with different outcomes.

after that and in between the time frame of all her attempts, our peers had felt the pressure to perform. many had pass on both theory and practical on just their first try. many had more than once. none has yet to take as many as the 5th try yet, to date. the record still holds. i believe it will hold for quite some time. people that needs brief confident boost always consult me, detailed ones from my friend, we were pretty good partners in this business.

come back to what i was talking about, about my day, i accomplished yet another successful test. what i did not accomplish was, to break that record.

to sum up, my friend is now a safe driver, taking on the big guns out there. but it took her 5 months to pass and double the number of months to recover and be driving around, independantly. good on her.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

starting time:

zero-zero and then one.

one. and half.


shoe size:
feet size.

+/- 0.00099miles.

where do you live:
in a house.
favorite drinks:
starbucks' green tea frapp.

favorite breakfast:
wantan noodles without wantans.

have you ever been on a plane:
ya. (unfortunately i am here to tell you i had - it did not crash).

swam in the ocean:
swimming is a shit sport.

fallen asleep at school:
i cannot fall asleep in my school, its more like nodding to sleep.

broken someone's heart:
that would be murder, so no.

fell off your chair:

sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
i do not believe in desperation.

saved e-mails:
most of the time.

what is your room like:
spongebobsquarepants toy store.

what's right beside you:
nothing that i can see.

what is the last thing you ate:
vietnamese food.

Ever had

Chicken pox:
nope. got jabs for that.

sore throat:
i am human, surely.

i wish i had.

broken nose:
i wish. it would be real sexy.

Do you

believe in love at first sight:

like picnics:
i do not like to share my food with bugs and shits.

Who was the last person

you danced with:
the girl in the mirror.
who last made you smile:
what kinda smile?

you last yelled at:
nobody. wow.

Today did you

talk to someone you like:
i think so. i do not hate them.

kissed anyone:
no. i think i scare people by the ginormous size of my sausage lips.

get sick:
yes. sick of getting fatter.

talk to an ex:
(it should be more specific like what kinda ex ba..)

miss someone:

i did.

best feeling in the world:
err. freedom.

do you sleep with stuffed animals:
but i don't know what aminal is that, cause it has no features and its rectangle. maybe its not an aminal.

what's under your bed:

who do you really hate:
i really hate the people that i hate at first sight.

what time is it now:


is there a person who is on your mind now:

do you have any siblings:

do you want children:
i will not live long enough to have any. so never really thought about it.

do you smile often:
to strangers.

do you like your hand-writing:
(i think i did this whole tag thing just for this question).

are your toe nails painted:
it'd be a waste of time, because my favourite pass time is removing toe nails, literally.

whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in:
my sister's?

what color shirt are you wearing now:
black with yaks, the aminal.

what were you doing at 7:00 p.m:
at a party.

are you a friendly person:
i am friendly to my friends.

do you have any pets:
aminal hater here.

where is the person you have feelings for right now:
i am no stalker.

did you hold hands with the person who mean anything to you now:

do you sleep with the TV on:
yes. when aminal planet is on, i guess.

what are you doing right now:
embracing electricity.

have you ever crawled through a window:

can you handle the truth:
when it hurts, yes.

are you too forgiving:
no but i forget.

are you closer to your mother or father:
depends on who just finished with the ATM machine.

who was the last person you cried in front of:
my akong!

how many people can you say you've really loved:
not many.

do you eat healthy:
i hope.

have you ever cried because of something someone said to you:
yes. its the most powerful way to make a person cry.

if you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to:
nobody, i do not make my bad day contagious.

are you loud or quiet most of the time:
my quiet is very loud. define quiet?

are you confident:
i think sooo...

5 things i was doing 10 years ago
1. i walked to the restroom.
2. took of my short.
3. took of my undershort.
4. sat on the toilet.
5. released.

5 things on my to-do list today
i am not a planner. i let things flow..but how about;
1. sky diving.
2. bungee jumping.
3. meet rafael nadal for lunch.
4. fly home to malaysia.
5. fly back here.

5 snacks I enjoy
1. chocolates.
2. junk fatt'ning food.
3. i can snack on wantan noodles, know.
4. candies.
5. love letters.

5 of my bad habits
i do not call them bad habits, just peculiar behavoiur. so i do not have any bad habits.

5 places I have lived in
1. my house in taiping.
2. my ama's house in pokok assam.
3. my house here.

4. -
5. -

I've had (including part time) <--??
1 pair of sandals ripped by a dog.
2 missing front teeth for the first 7 years of my life.
3 meals of wantan mee in a day.
4 litres of water in a day.
5 amazing years in secondary school.

5 people I tag
1. tan ezen.
2. beh skub.
3. jennfuck.
4. mizen.
5. the homeless.
its not mandatory. for the blogless, you can always do it in the comments (as in 'farted') column. have silly fun.

i am a survivor.

i am sitting here, glowing with admiration, for myself, for surviving the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

surviving, i do not mean that my house got blown away, or someone i know died, or that i survived a near death experience, or that i woke up in the middle of the sea.

surviving, truly surviving, living withOUT electricity.

first night was fun, thrilling, with the wind huffing and pufffing and the trees go shushing and slashing and with big droplets of rain escorting the hurricane. while i sit down, by the apple scented candles, listening to the news on the radio. and soon fell asleep. with every tiny little hole in the house sealed, sleeping was not easy, breathing was not easy.

sunrose and sunset for 7 shitting times, and there was still shitting no electricity.

it was no internet, no telecommunication, no televesion, no music, no entertainmnet, no light, no sight, no food, no milk, no air-con, no shit for 7 shitting days. just darkness and silence.

everytime the sunsets, the body automatically shuts down, though the mind is very much still wide awake. therefore, the body literally slumps on the couch, while the mind fantasizes on watching tevee. though surrounded by candles, it is romantically dejecting. reading was the only sensible activity but reading was not easy, with the candle light flickering to the sound of silence. talking was the next best, dogs was topic of the night. besides that, cockroach hunting & killing, jigsaw puzzle, understanding the 'mechanism' of fire on candles, playing with fire were some of the activities.

the only music was the ticking of the shitting clock. every tick it made drove me one step closer to insanity. the only image on the tevee were the reflection of my sister and i. the only air-con was when god farted.

it was like living a life of a vagabond. living on the road, until curfew time, then back to the pitch-black dark cave. around and about scavenging for electricity, to charge the handphone (the utmost necessity), scavenging for real food, scavenging for internet services.

on the eight time, the sunset, i thought a star must have had fallen into room, mana tahu, it was the shitting electricity! the joy.

one thing i learnt from this golden experience, hope is shit, casualness (whatever-ness) is not shit.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

just some photos and videos on my day out at a concert. screaming people and the fanatism was hot out.

that is Counting Crows, singing 'Long December', pretty good song. good piano-playing.

Augustana was their opening act; they have nice different genre of songs. should check them out.

finally was Maroon 5;

that is adam lavine struting his stuff.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

prison break,season 4,episodes 1&2.

this show does not fail to bring the suspense in you. thats for sure.

  • it started with Michael seeking revenge from Gretchen for killing Sara. finally when he hunts down Gretchen, he was told, Sara is very much alive. and the head was not Sara's. they had to faked it because Sara escaped. well, so Michael should believe Gretchen or his what his brother saw and just go right ahead shoot Gretchen in the head? yessa. he let Gretchen live.
  • remember, at the end of season 3, Whistler and Mahone were together on something with Gretchen. Whistler is actually only using Gretchen. he and Mahone are together to want to bring The Company down. and Whistler is trying to convince Michael to join them in exchange for Sara's location. sad enough, Whistler died. yes.
  • Sara's come back was real!!! with the help of Bruce. in case you forgot, Bruce is the Garvenor's assistant/friend. he is the one who helped Sara after her escaped and Michael called him and he took Sara to him. it was such a sweet reunite. but Sara is now dealing with a bad trauma from all the torture she received from The Company. and she said to Michael that the only thing that made her stay alive to today was 'the thought of being able to be with him'. i can go on and on on next...
  • their mission is getting more complicated now - bringing down The Company. its a much more different environment now..working outside prison. its so much less depressing. Sona busted and many prisoners managed to escape and that includes yes, Bellick, Sucre and the shit - T-bag Bagwell. now this shit is on a mission to hunt down Michael to take his revenge. lets just wish him luck to hell. but damn it, he has the bird book that Michael need to bring down The Company.
  • now The Company is set out to kill all that are close to/know Whistler. more dead people this means. and first to go were Mahone's wife and son.

its gonna be a hell of a season. i just kinda spoilt your first two. i will not anymore. so have fun!

wish list.

i spotted this list on the back of a cereal box...

18 things to do before you're 18:

  1. ride the world's biggest rollercoaster.
    dare to keep your eyes open and hands in the air the whole ride.
  2. bungee jump.
    scared? at 700ft, the Bloukram's river in South Africa is the biggest.
  3. score the winning goal/basket.
    remind all your friends at every given opportunity.
  4. win an award, trophy or prize.
    write that acceptance speech and thank the world.
  5. learn an instrument.
    no air guitar.
  6. go backstage at a gig.
    it'll be something you'll boast about for years to come.
  7. meet your idol.
    being a celebrity stalker might not go down too well.
  8. play a part in your favourite tv show.
    be an extra and learn to speak without talking.
  9. meet someone with your name.
    with the world population of 6 billion it should be easy.
  10. make a discovery.
    whatever the discovery, make sure it's named after you.
  11. get away with the perfect practical joke.
    be careful of retaliation, it could end in tears.
  12. own a pointless collection.
    one person's junk is another person's prized possession.
  13. invent a word that makes it into the dictionary.
    make it part of the crew's lingo.
  14. conquer your biggest fear.
    if you're too scared, try hypnotism.
  15. raise money for charity.
    get some exercise by signing up for a charity road race.
  16. pass your driving test the first time.
    go straight to the next task.
  17. complete a road trip coast to coast.
    route 66 originally ran from chicago to santa monica.
  18. reach 18 years of age - yes!!!
    embrace old age.

but i am over 18...though i am still considered 18. but according to maths, i am closer to 19 then 18. haha. crap. anyway, sadly, i am not that fortunate to be able to do all that above before i was 18 but i managed with some;

  1. ride the world's biggest rollercoaster.
    maybe not the biggest but certainly one of the biggest in the world. but i am certain with high intensity of adrendaline running through my body and mind, i don't think i know if i let my hands open, but sure my eyes were open, its a beautiful view of way above. but i did let go of my hands for a few seconds on a small rollercoaster...(with adik..,remember?haha)
  2. win an award, trophy or prize.
    yes but i was not given an opportunity for a speech. i would be darned honoured, cause, you know, i have a thing for microphones.
  3. learn an instrument.
    learned but never mastered any.
  4. meet your idol.
    yes. but i am no celebrity stalker of course.
  5. meet someone with your name.
    many people go by jane, not ooieejane though. so..
  6. own a pointless collection.
    i do own a pointless collection of bread plastic wraps. but my mada threw them away. it was hell of a collection. i dare to believe i am a record holder too.
  7. invetn a word that makes it into the dictionary.
    i do like using new diction has yet acceptted them.
  8. past your driving test the firsdt time.
  9. reached 18 and embracing still...

since i am over 18, lets make the list up to 21, thus making it, 'things to do before 21';

19. sky diving.
20. be there at a grand slam tennis event, at the same time, get nadal's autograph.
21. make MISI BAHAGIA happen with my friends.

i have more. but just let this be this for now...

Monday, September 1, 2008

no spoilers,please.sorry no can't do.

i just finished the two hour primere of prison break season 4.............................
i don't want to spoil the suspense for those that have not got a chance to watch it yet. but i do feel the need to be evil and to give you the spoiler. but well, maybe not this time. but it will come. =)