Friday, September 26, 2008

Taiping aint that bad..

Taiping is a small town, that many people have to leave to seek more job opportunities and education. pick 10 people from our era, and i am sure 8.5 out of 10 of them will say that its still always good to be back in Taiping. wherever they may be, coming home to Taiping is always a lovely thought. that is how special Taiping is. i am not saying this just because i am born, raised and lived here eversince. well, ok, maybe there are some other town that is better than Taiping but i am not saying that Taiping is the best town in here, i am saying Taiping is really a just-enough, just-perfect, town to live in. and it has the warm homely ambience that you cannot deny. actually, its not only about the town itself, its about everything that there is IN Taiping.

whenever i go outta town, for a few days, or at most a month, coming back home always makes me go, 'aaa...home.' the air seems more calming, the view seems more greener, the skies seems more humble, the clouds seems more friendly and love is in the air. despite anything at all, there is never once that i would dream about not having to come back to Taiping.

if you are born, raised and lived in Taiping for all your conscious life, Taiping has to be the roots to everything that you have. friends, food, memories, home, family-grandparents, hobbies, people, alma mater and everything. (right now, as i type, i miss the pasar malam in pokok assam, that i used to go. thats how far it can get.) its like a tree, the roots to everything, and everything which are the leaves.

i have came across people that do not enjoy coming back to Taiping after leaving it. they say that there are absolutely nothing to do in Taiping and it just too small a town to be in. both is true, but its really how you deal with it. and when you are capable of dealing with it, you see Taiping in a whole new way.

after SPM, hell, there was really nothing to do. it was like from point 10 to point blank. many people resorted to working to stay away from boredom, but i did not want to, though at some point, boredom did drive me crazy. i know that the period between after-SPM until result day would be the time that i should learn about Taiping, explore it a lil more and just feel the life in Taiping. well, this which of course, with the help of my friends, who holds the same belief.

in bigger cities, there are so many leisure pleasures, but here in Taiping, a simple necessity like a cinema was not even made available to us. though now, just after less than 5 months, Taiping now has a reputable mall and cinema. but unfortunately for me, when i had nothing to do, they did not think that a cinema was necessary until i am gone.
for most people, sitting in the car, staring out the window, looking out at the Lake Gardens, how many has been on the swan in the lake? not many, i pressume. how many of us took the effort and time to visit our musuem? lesser then those been in the lake, i assume. have you ever thought that flying a kite in Lake Gardens would be the most tranquil thing to do? besides that, Taiping is one of the best place for food, after Penang. how many of us has tried almost all the food place in Taiping? who has tried every single food available in Pokok Assam, which are all unknowingly very awesome. where but Taiping where you can get wantan noodles around the clock and is just within a 5km perimeter? and many many more.

making and having friends in Taiping is great. do not need appointments, just walk right in. who but Taiping friends will go fishing, play and burst water balloons, talk about life till midnight, check out pondans, bake, and even make jelly after failing 3 times with you? where but Taiping where you can go friends-house-hopping? where but Taiping where you can go anywhere because everywhere is just so near? and many many more.

but i still think that i have not really explored every corner of Taiping yet neither have i done everything that is possible in Taiping. and now that its fast developing, i cannot wait to go back to Taiping. and its not only Taiping that is fast developing, so are my friends..

so to those lucky people that still have the opportunity to do so, do not waste your time ranting about how bored it is in Taiping, fact is, its actually not.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with u jane.cos i'm feeling it right now...tho i still got one more week in tpg.but i really dread to leave tpg n get back to kampar.the day i got back to tpg for my sem break,i rolled down the car windows when i pass thro the lake gardens n breathe in the air.=)n the scenery is just amazing!!oh yes!!tpg frens are GREAT.n so is the food!!it's sad that although i'm studying not very far away fr tpg,i still don't go back that often.=( jane when ur back in tpg next year,u can hop into my so called *kisses n hugs to all my frens from tpg,no matter where on earth u are right now*

maxiee said...

pokok assam laksa and ice kacang!
love the pondans!

Taiping makes me appreciate life a bit more, to spend it by doing more substantial things that actually benefit me in life, example like you said to develope cooking/baking skills. Also, whether you are rich or poor we still wear our sloppy clothes out everywhere ! TAIPINGGG. <3. cities are so overated!.

Anonymous said...

said it like a true Taiping-er. haha.
cannot agree more.