Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It sometimes easy, at times so difficult, to hide vulnerableness.

I am, on the outside and inside, a joyful soul. When I laugh, I laugh my hardest, that is the only way to go for me. Laughter is by far the best of everything; the best entertainer, the best medicine, the best mask, the best way to shed a tear, the best way to put a smile on a crying face. :( 

If I have the power to laugh, and make the others around me laugh, then why don't I share it? If I have plenty of joy to share, then why not? Laughing alone is equals to not laughing at all. And laughing with your best of friends beats winning a lottery.

But if only sorrow and sadness, and faaking pek chekness are as easily shared as laughter, then I guess life would be a tinsy bit better. It is suffocating.

Ask me how I was yesterday; I'd tell you I was fine. Ask me how I am today; I will always be fine. But know that I am sometimes lying to you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Pai Seh nia", said Jenn.

I am not in a farny mood to write humor, I want to try to get this ugly fugly thoughts out of my head, but I cannot. But why bising so banyak, because in the end, I always end up writing something stupid, that tries to be farny, but this time, I am typing with a face quite straight.

Today was quite a day. I think I managed to pull my friends (not yet all of them) to the almost-ultimate-embarassment.

Cheah, Tee Xin and myself slept over at Jennifer's.

Cheah was already complaining that she was very sleepy since 12am. @1am, she was still saying that she was sleepy. @2am, still complaining. @3am, she says she wants to sleep already. @3:30am, she jemput us to sleep with her. @4am, she complained that her eyes were really heavy. and she wants to sleep. @4:30am, she was in the kitchen washing eggs. @5am, she was eating maggi curry with egg. @6am, lying down on the bed, she was. said that she has to sleep even for a bit, because apparently, she has been awake since 8am, the previous sunrise.

Jennifer? @12:15am: "wah, very hot ah my house". @12:30am: "omggggg, so hot. so hip. you all not hot one meh?" @1.00am: "so hot." @2am: "we just sleep on the floor la. more shi fook." @3am: "yo, hot lo." (fidgeting like a lizard drying up) @4am: walking about the house. @4.30am: cooking maggi curry for a crowd. @5am: eating maggi curry with egg (with egg SHELLS WASHED) @5.30am: "omg, its so hot, eyer, Jane, I see with the blanket, I hot for you. So hot I cannot sleep, I think this is one of the factor that I cannot sleep at night". @5:45am: "I think I cannot sleep already la". @6am: -sda- 
(Jennifer ini memang perasan habis, nak berlagak badan langsing, ghairah tak pasal-pasal, yang semalaman menjerit yang dirinya hot.)

Tee Xin; @12:00am: pretend to read newspaper. @1:00am: staring at me and Cheah. @2:00am: pretending to take picture of us lying down on the floor. must be some keng kuai there. @3:00am: mabuk tidur. @4:00am: mabuk tidur. @4.30am: tyring to open the rempah packet for maggi curry. poor effort. @5:00am: eating maggi curry. @5.30am: falling in and out of sleep. (because Cheah keep kacauing her). @6:00am: fully loaded on pigciation.

@11:00am; after a very tireless effort to wake Cheah and Jennifer up, they finally surrendered to my consistency. after breakfast, after the morning gossip, I had decided for everyone that we were going to go out for a karaoke session as we were, meaning, as what we wore to sleep the last night, and as how we looked. Jennifer attempted a few times to change, but we guarded her well. But I fell nose down doing so. Pain.

@4:30pm; we finished our karaoke session, in our pajamas and we were hungewwwy! Also because, another friend, Aurora Lim, aka Siew Yong complained that she needed to eat right away, so we went to Taiping Sentral for McDonalds. :) Cheah walked about Sentral bare footed. Oh, the public attention.

And thanks to Jennifer, she had to wear a Convent tshirt, with a BIG BUTT Convent logo on it.

No photos. But I will have it.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

my kind of farny

last night, a bunch of Malaysians got together to have a barbeque dinner. no porks, just chikins; no alcohol, just coca-cola. as we sat, to eat, and to talk about the tiring week we had, it slowly got too boring. we had to crack something up.

characters: Hani, Zuhrah (the girl that tries to maintain her lady elegance, but fails at times), Jell, Jane (you know best), Tearus, Darick and Ezriq (the almighty blur one).

Jell decided so tell  us a joke her brada shared with her a few days ago;

Jell: so there is this boob competition...
Ezriq: what what competition?
Jell: boob.
Ezriq: huh?
Zuhrah: (all impatient and all) TEK TEK!! TEK TEK tahu tak??
Hani, Jell, Tearus, Darick, Ezriq: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Ezriq: tahu tahu tahu..(penuh insaf)
*background, Jane was still laughing uncontrollably*
Zuhrah: (noticing that it came out a lil bit too kasar) ehem, ehem. ok ok. i take it back. i tarik balik.
Jell: ....payudara...
*Jane burst out laughing again* [no seriously, its been a while, since i've heard of payudara]
Zuhrah: ok Jane ok. breathe in breathe out..
Jell: ok. so there is this tektek competition, boobs competition la..whatever.competition for the biggest boobs. so when they announce, "pemenang tempat ketiga...sizenya sebesar papaya..." and "pemenang tempat kedua sizenya sebesar tembikai, and then finally.."pemenang tempat pertama...sizenya sebesar oren.."
*everyone huh*
Jell: ....tapi itu hanya size putingnya...
*everyone burst out in tears*

next is a racist joke, but we took precautions since we were outside, laughing so publicly, therefore we told it in BM, which i thought was even funnier..

"ada seorang lelaki hitam dilanggar kereta mati. jadi dia pun tumbuhlah sayap, seperti malaikat, dan lalu ke syurga..setibanya di syurga, dengan penuh kegembiraan, dia bertembung dengan tuhan, katanya kepada tuhan, "sinilah saya, sebagai malaikat..", dan tuhan pun berkata kepadanya, "awak bukan malaikat la, awak adalah seekor kelawar, pergilah!"

asian - chinese joke;

"do you know how chinese people name their children? - they take their kitchen utensils and throw them down the stair. and thats how you get, ping pong piang, cling clong cliang, cheng hui san, beng su ping.."

probably all this is only farny to me. haha. oh well.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

restroom sense.

(blow, pooofff, poooofffff, this dusty old heck.)

I am writing this as a very pathetic birthday present (or actually a motivational excuse to update my blog) for Jennifer. She said that she had been reading my blog again and again, 185 posts, until she had memorized them, how greatly exaggerated, but I'll buy it. I am sure I've lost all my readers, but hey, lets start all over again. Alright. What I am about to write is something that I've had in my head a long long time. In fact, I think about writing it almost everyday, at least, one time a day. Haha. You'll know.

So, people, what do you do, besides releasing your waste, while in the restroom? Maybe this only relates to the girls, because boys usually don't sit, unless there is a major project (or if you are gay). Well, I don't know about you all girls, but I do many observations, and I have some experiences to share; life learning lessons to share.

Firstly, whenever you go to the public restrooms, choose the cubicle without the flouresant light shining right over it. Seriously, that is very important, because the cubicles with lights shining right over, cast the darkest shadow, ehem, hence, ehem, whatever that you do, and or have, I don't know, you know, can be seen clearly by the person beside you (who is gonna be me). And notice, public restrooms usually do not have the joining side walls all the way down to the floor, it usually hangs a few centimeters high. So ya, shadow actions can be seen..can can. Am I starting to creep you out now?
Another thing, if you have a major bowel locomotion, be it solid or gaseous, do not spread your legs so wide that the person next to your cubicle can see your shoe. Do not. Because you know, if that person next to you is me, you know that when you come out from the restroom, I'd be there spotting that shoe to see how the sound of your bowel locomotion matches with that pretty face. Have some common restroom sense, really. Unless you really don't care for your dignity. Oh, boy, dignity. I will always remember that face, and that shoe.

If you need to gas bomb, pull the trigger before you sit on the bowl. Because, the shape of the bowl, in simple imagineer physics, you know, causes echo, therefore, amplifies the sound. And you really don't want the force of the air to push the toilet bowl water upwards and wetting your bum bums, that would be quite nasty.

Oh, also, if you are carrying any bag, hang it, do not put it on the floor, because I can also see it. If I don't see your shoe, I'd see your bag, they are both very spot-able. Besides, its really more hygiene to hang it.

Lastly, do not do your finishing touches near the crack of the door, yes, it is only a thin crack, but a thin crack is still a crack. If you are gonna spend an hour in the restroom, try avoiding your face, or possibly your whole self, to be visible through the door crack, is it not embarassing? Cause I'd go, "Hey, that is my classmate taking a hard poop." I know, I know, pooping is natural, its human, but still society classifies pooping as an unsocietal action, you are supposedly not suppose to do it in public. So yeah, do it at home. Then you are safe from people like me, or me.

So now you know, what I do when I am in the restroom. I listen and I observe. But no, I am not a perv, though I sound like it. Haha.

So, here Jenn, Happy Birthday. tehee.