Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It sometimes easy, at times so difficult, to hide vulnerableness.

I am, on the outside and inside, a joyful soul. When I laugh, I laugh my hardest, that is the only way to go for me. Laughter is by far the best of everything; the best entertainer, the best medicine, the best mask, the best way to shed a tear, the best way to put a smile on a crying face. :( 

If I have the power to laugh, and make the others around me laugh, then why don't I share it? If I have plenty of joy to share, then why not? Laughing alone is equals to not laughing at all. And laughing with your best of friends beats winning a lottery.

But if only sorrow and sadness, and faaking pek chekness are as easily shared as laughter, then I guess life would be a tinsy bit better. It is suffocating.

Ask me how I was yesterday; I'd tell you I was fine. Ask me how I am today; I will always be fine. But know that I am sometimes lying to you.

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