Wednesday, June 24, 2009

let there be an inner peace in you.

just now, without warning, Yan emo-ed with me. i was caught by suprise. she told me to make sure i enjoy myself to the maximum before i go back to where i came from. i told her i will.

i certainly will.


i think i am vomiting emotions.


today, another day. a day that took almost seven years to occur. but it was only almost.


i think i need another vomit of emotions.


thoughts, thoughts. they keep you sane, but sometimes murder you in silence. a vacuum that sucks the life outta you.


it is difficult no matter what phase of life you are in. this just makes me hate life for you more than i already am for myself.


no matter how well one keep one's poise, you never know what battle one goes through inside. i want to be the peacemaker of your battle.


i still have chunks of emotions left after the vomit.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


it's just not meant to be.
because, its just not.

helplessness is the only solution.
because, listening is all you can do.

you will not stop wondering.
because, its suprising.

words mean nothing.
because, the eyes speaks more.

today is different. i do not know if should paint my day red or grey. its this helplessness that kills. though it may not be anything at all, but it is knowing that someone out there is suffering, is letting you know, but yet letting be is the only way, because there is no other way out.

it's raining, and i think i am scared.

i do not mind, even a little bit, lending my small ears, in fact it is a pleasure of the highest order. but i do come to realise that my stand on "sorrows are to keep and happiness is to share" actually makes sense.

final verdict : grey.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

so unreal.

i just found out that my very close friend, Jennifer has a blog but one that i did not know about. i took the time to read her blog just now, and her blog appear to be just so like her, prim and proper. calmly emotional.

anyway, my days have been great since the first day i came back. everyday is filled with so much laughter and action packed. there is just simply no words to describe how truly glad i am to be home.

meeting up with many friends is the ultimate dream. sometimes in the car, i would just stare out the window and see the night sky and wonder by myself, i am really living this dream, and i feel happy. after so long, i can now say that i feel so happy. so free from sadness and loneliness. seeing my friends again is so fulfilling. and being able to joke with them, to laugh with them and sometimes talk heart-to-heart are moments money and time cannot buy. i might sound very pathetic but you really do not know how much i yearned for days like these.

for the past two weeks, i managed to see quite a number of friends, visited a dear teacher, played netball, visited the school and to said hye to some few teachers and also visited many new places in Taiping. things have changed huh. especially the new round about, around a tree, in Lake Gardens which is so unnecessary and Convent is sooo snot yellow colour now. it was also really really oh-so-awesome to play netball again.

22nd is just around the corner too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


people of my favourite land, i am B-A-C-K. finally.

that is all that is necessary to explain the very little to no activity on this blog. i do apologize to fellow regular visitors and also i do apologize for an unannouced arrival. but i was just so caught up with excitement i do not have any time to spare even for a little update. one is due to the extreme excitement, two, its due to a slight effect of jet-lag and three, seriously, online when in Taiping? i don't think so. there is just abundance of things to do. believe me. and lastly, i do not think its a big deal for others, though it is very super duper for me.

as well, few may know, i prefer to meet people unexpectedly. giving people a suprise, hye! i have been back for almost a week now. though i also apologize for not obeying to the unofficial law of 7days home quarentine, as the very first few hours upon my arrival, i have had romed many parts of Taiping. but rest assure, i am well and fine. so blame not me.

Monday, June 1, 2009

party like a rock star --->

few Sundays ago...

my sister finally graduated.

Eelyn Ooi; megna cum-laude.

my equally dysfunctional sister. =)

and i still owe her a graduation gift.