Sunday, June 14, 2009


people of my favourite land, i am B-A-C-K. finally.

that is all that is necessary to explain the very little to no activity on this blog. i do apologize to fellow regular visitors and also i do apologize for an unannouced arrival. but i was just so caught up with excitement i do not have any time to spare even for a little update. one is due to the extreme excitement, two, its due to a slight effect of jet-lag and three, seriously, online when in Taiping? i don't think so. there is just abundance of things to do. believe me. and lastly, i do not think its a big deal for others, though it is very super duper for me.

as well, few may know, i prefer to meet people unexpectedly. giving people a suprise, hye! i have been back for almost a week now. though i also apologize for not obeying to the unofficial law of 7days home quarentine, as the very first few hours upon my arrival, i have had romed many parts of Taiping. but rest assure, i am well and fine. so blame not me.

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