Tuesday, June 23, 2009


it's just not meant to be.
because, its just not.

helplessness is the only solution.
because, listening is all you can do.

you will not stop wondering.
because, its suprising.

words mean nothing.
because, the eyes speaks more.

today is different. i do not know if should paint my day red or grey. its this helplessness that kills. though it may not be anything at all, but it is knowing that someone out there is suffering, is letting you know, but yet letting be is the only way, because there is no other way out.

it's raining, and i think i am scared.

i do not mind, even a little bit, lending my small ears, in fact it is a pleasure of the highest order. but i do come to realise that my stand on "sorrows are to keep and happiness is to share" actually makes sense.

final verdict : grey.

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