Thursday, April 30, 2009

and then there is this...

hectic as hectic is spelled spells this week. but yet here i am, posting up some thoughts. lets just say that i am doing this as a way for me to runaway from everything for a moment or two, just to make myself feel better, because this is also a waste of time that i could put to good use.

*staring at the screen, eyes wide open, forgetting to blink*

labours day. May 1st. holiday. but not here. labours day is in september. yes, here, its always special.

*listening to the same songs over and over again and again*

i am critically addicted to malay songs. as unusual as it may sound and seem, i have been in this condition for sometime now. mainstream malay music is all i know but yet, they fulfill my music soul, thats if it exist. but somehow, it fulfill some part of me. mainstream Indonesian music dominates in my player. to name some, Peterpan, Nidji, Gita Gutawa, Sheila on 7, Meet Uncle Hussein, Glen Fredly and even Anuar Zain. the more absorbent i am towards their lyrics, the more i am hooked to their music. generally, malay music is always popularly assumed to be all about cinta, but then, cinta is not that overrated as love is. and no, not all malay music is about cinta.

it has been a month or so, i am working at another Starbucks store. there is one shift manager that i truly dislike (or hate, if i have to). oooooooooh, ghin ee. and ee koh si anene, makes me ghin bi kok anene nia. sipek phun tua. nasi lu eh hiau tak hokkien, wa boh ghin anene in general, no, wa kana ghin bi kok eh oo poi, kelinga oo poi. tapi, at least i think ee si anene. i think she knows i do not like her anyway. it is a secret but it is obvious. and i think she is responding right by disliking me back, it makes life ever more so interesting here on out when i work with her. though she is definately has the edge if compared to me against her, but its fine. it is ok that i become her slave but i will curse her for every step that she takes. may god bless her a lot. monster.

*grins thinking of the things i had done towards this fella that had gone unnoticed, or maybe they were noticed in silence. evil is in the air*

i am in a crisis of i-don't-know-what-i-can-buy for people when i go home. so many things but so little options. so yes but so no. but i am excited to see what i will end up getting, and i can't wait to start the spree. but there are final exams to be excited for first.

i conteng my kasut hari ini. and i tersalah conteng. end up, i had to scratch it. so sekarang, the imperfection is somewhat bugging my mind and somewhat pretty neat!

selamat malam. gotta get out from this sweat-soaked bra.

Monday, April 27, 2009

my calendar.

Monday, April 27th, 2009. 20:45

  1. In exactly 4 days, it would be May.

  2. In exactly 1 month and 4 days, it would be June.

  3. In exactly 2 weeks and 4 days, school semester ends.

  4. In approximately 1 month and (+/-) half, I board boeing 747.

  5. In exactly 20 days, it would be Teachers Day.

  6. In exactly 4 days, it would be Labour's Day.

  7. In exactly 7 days, I have 3 assignments due.

  8. In exactly 2 weeks, it would be Mother's Day.

  9. In no time at all, you shall stop reading this piece of rubbish because it ends right here.

Friday, April 24, 2009


terima kasih kerana anda sentiasa ada.
walaupun pada saat yang tidak tersangka.
dengan membawa senyuman
dan curahan kebahagiaan.

Sports Day in Convent

notice the big JUNE and a pair of shoes?

-it tells a story, a story of me, waiting for the month of June, when those pair of shoes will walk the earth of Malaysia!


anyway, hows everybody been? to anyone that happens to read this and those people that i did not have time to stop and ask 'how are you?' i don't know why, but i sometimes feel unnecessarily obligated to do so and feel slightly guilty for not doing so. but then i do hope, my friends, you all are doing just well and happy if not better.

by the way, to those that do not know of the existance of an official portal to Convent's website, it is at try checking it out. one day, out of sheer boredom, i checked out the photo gallery in the web site and was going through probably few hundred snap shots of Sports Day '09.

as far as i know, this year's Sports Day was a big event, as Dato' Tan Lian Hoe was invited as the guest of honor. (dengan malunya, i don't know who she is.)

through the photos, i noticed some additional events and also some changes, like the extra act from each mascot and also the kawad pengawas.

i thought the kawad pengawas was pretty cool, the five person kawad with the Convent flag...the menaikkan bendera ceremony, to be simple. and by taking away the kawad pengawas is an awesome idea. at least pengawas can be free from (disgusting) pengawas duties for a day, and be involve in their own house or unit beruniform. because, through personal experience, having friends marching for pengawas and being a pengawas myself, but when it comes to Renjer Puteri and pengawas, all my heart goes out for Renjer Puteri. i'll and i do pretend to clap for pengawas. oh, and also the 8X50m event, don't think i ever did run for pengawas (or have i?). but no no, even if i ran for pengawas, i never did run slower than i can (i take my running seriously).
so anyway, conclusion is, no pengawas in the picture is good.

and the mascot act, even only through them pictures, they made me laugh. one is, i am sure they were hilarious live. Dang Wangi had a soldier, Tun Kudu - red indian, Tun Fatimah - witch, Dang Anum - angel i think, Tun Teja - chinese girl, errr, like a chinese dancer? i think, and Mahsuri - warrior. second thing that made me laugh was seeing them being so enthusiastic, so driven to win, even doing silly acts like that. even when it does not involve winning, they are so enthusiastic on putting on a good show for people to see. and its good.

and definately, it got me thinking about all the sweeet times in all 5 years of Sports day.

2004 was the last year of sorak and then the tradition came back in 2007. protested but failed.

the total dominance of Tun Teja since forever until it got broken in 2006. when Tun Kudu manage to slip ahead of Teja to gain their very first victory in he history of Convent and carried on to 2007. since then 2008-2009 had been dominated by Dang Anum, what a turn of events.

Teja's consistent win in kawad, also since forever, till this year still. Teja's fortunate coincidence of always having the best athletes, year after year, fresher better athletes belongs to Teja. and other houses only have little to a few athletes that are able to take on those of Teja's. but i don't know about now.

its always about Teja, therefore, Teja was always the enemy. and out on the field, Kudu was the tightest competitor to Teja.

it surely is still clear at the back of my mind how scarily competitive we all were. but i certainly have come to appreciate that competitive instinct that we had. because without them, what is sports day? i do appreciate that Teja always had that errogant we-will-win attitude, if not, no one would be driven to do their best just to see Teja go down. as i would put it, Teja always acted like they were the king and we were all just common people, common people with talent. and we had to believe that we can one day beat the king and be the king. Kudu always was like the leader of the common people. Kudus believed they could do it, and with that belief, other houses believed they may also make it.

i respect the fact that Teja still dominates the kawad. this will make all the other houses to always strive harder to break Teja's successive wins. that is only how one can improve, by striving to beat the best. Teja is best in the business because they have a very good routine. a routine that gave them years of victory and no other house has yet to figure out a better routine to beat them.

Kudu's only dominance in sukan tara. every year many years.

we do literally go krazily semangat beyond words when it comes to sports day.
like i had said before on one of my post, that sports day do make friends into enemies and enemies into greater enemies. but maybe to me, sports day mean more than it does to the next student. but i am sure that the next student do feel a little gush of patriotism for their houses too even if she don't care about sports day. because how many of us are able to say that on sports day, i was not involve in anything at all. no, i am sure you were forced to be involve in something. thats what sports day in Convent make you feel and do.

that is one of the things i miss most.

lets not let this wonderful tradition go. and never let it elude the future generations of Convent.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Houston ATP

some photos.

Llyton Hewitt and his daughter.

Mardy Fish

Mike Bryan.

Llyton Hewitt anticipating his forehand.

Bryan Brothers and the runners up - Ryan Sweeting and Jesse Levine.

Thomas Blake's funky hairdo.

Tommy Haas.

James Blake.

Taylor Dent.

summary of the tournament, Hewitt won, only his 2nd clay court title of his career. Bryan Brothers were the doubles champion.
James Blake and Mardy Fish both lost in the first round (!!!) to Gulliermo Canas and Bjorn Phau
James Blake and Mardy Fish paired up for doubles but lost to the Bryan Brothers in the semis.
nights were cold cold nights.
afternoons were sunny afternoons.

Monday, April 13, 2009

last week

many thoughts are running through my head. well, come to think of it, my thoughts are in such abundance, my head does feel its weight, all day, everyday. it would be relaxing if i could just stop all my thoughts. oh, it would feel like drinking a fresh squeeze lemonade under a hot sunny afternoon.

these thoughts are preventing me from being the care-free jane always seems to be. being jolly energetic and care-free are not something that come natural to me anymore. it is more of something i have to force myself to become, to remind myself to who i am suppose to be and to bring some sunshine into my day, even for a little bit.

but that is something i had been dealing with for quite sometime, and i am positive that i can still be able to bare with it a little while longer. sometimes it may get to overwhelming and it gets me choked with negativity but then i guess getting worked up is not the answer as i still have to deal with it, despite all the shit. dependency is somewhat gone from my life i would say...

anyway, back to the down low, last week has been quite an awesome week. it might also be one the highlight my life. (haha,doink). but ya. i had the golden opportunity to attend the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) tournament here in Houston. it was nothing short of excitement for me. well, it is not as if i have other experience to compare with but then there were not many top ranked players that were there. i wished there were more but i was still as excited as can be.

tickets were not cheap. the tournament started on Saturday and ended the next Sunday. i attended seven out of the nine days but i only bought three tickets. haha, well, that means for the rest of the four days, i 'snuck' in. not to say that it was illegal but it was not full house, and no one asked for any ticket, so i assume they allowed it. afterall, i only tried my luck and i guess i was pretty lucky. besides, i may be doing the tournament atmosphere some favour, if it were not for me, there would be one less clapping and cheering. one less out of less than two hundred people crowd does make a difference.

the first weekends started with the qualifiers playing for the main draw. players from the qulifiers that some may know are like, Donald Young, the one that likes to wear his cap to one side (bla) and Amer Delic (!), the one that did really well and made headlines during the Australian Open, when he made the rounds of 16 and brought Novak Djokovic to a four setter. it was also that match between Delic and Djokovic that casued a steer in the Melbourne park, where Bostonians and Serbians supporters were bashing each other up. because Delic is a Bostonian born American.

the main draw events started on Monday. on the main draw, James Blake and Mardy Fish were the first and second seed respectively. besides that, there were also Tommy Haas, Llyeton Hewitt, Guillermo Canas, Taylor Dent, Jurgen Melzer, Marcel Granollers, Evegeny Korolev, Bjorn Phau, Agustin Calleri, Kevin Anderson, Wayne Odesnik and many others. most of whom i have not even heard of and many of those only made it to the second round of the Aussy Open. though a big fan, i call myself, i am still very shallow when it comes to lower ranked players. on the doubles team, the current world no.1, Bryan Brothers made the torunament all more prestigious (?).

i can go on forever on the tournament but i guess i will write it in another post with some photos to share as well.

i really need a break from all these hectic schedule. but i know, in less than two months, i will be getting my ultimate well-deserved break of my dreams. till then, slogging all i have.