Thursday, February 26, 2009

15 unknwon facts.

i've indirectly been tagged by Ily-geli Zalikha and by Yan in Facebook, about something something you have to write 15 facts about yourself and shit. ya, somekind. so since i've been tagged, or actually, i've always had this in mind to write it in my blog, on 15 unknown facts about ME.

[[you would not believe these facts.]]

1. I know how to drive.
2. I have friends.
[[pretty unknown huh.]]

3. I have a friend named, Tan Mi Xuan, whom, i had devoted part of my life to, driving her around. and because of that, a year after passing her driving test and gotten her license, she is still unable to drive, confidently, alone. also because of the fact that she is always in my car, she is the only one that had the opportunity to go through all suicidal-heart-attacking moments in the car with me. but yet, she still always trusts me to be her driver.

4. I have a friend named, Lee Yan Ming, who passed her driving test, theory on first try, and practical on second try, if i am not mistaken. which is not bad at all for a person so short and with such small feet. but i don't think that she is driving yet, till today. cause of one factor, she lives up on a very steep hill, so she cannot get home, as in going up the hill. one time, she literally went downhill, backwards, because she did not know how to control the gears of a manual car. shame on her.

5. I have a friend named, Ng Shea Yuin, who past both her thoery and practical on first attempt, in freakin' perfect score! that i salute. emmm, but she never was my racing partner.

6. I have a friend named, Joanne Richie Richard, who past, and became my racing partner! we were the drivers, we were the racers. but of course, i always won the race. to prove that fact, Joanne end up buying my race car, cause, she knew, it would lead her to vicotry in other illegal racing she participate next time. (she needs to know that the driver still needs to have skill too.)

7. I have a friend, named Jennifer Cheng. she took her driving, not right after her birthday but way way after her birthday. she is pretty cool, so she past on first attempts. and started driving not long after. if she would have gotten her drivers license ealier, it would not only be me as the driver. but i know for a fact that, she would never be my race car rival, eventhough anything, because, she is Jennifer Cheng. (doesn't her name just somehow reveals the fact that she is not a race car driver? can anyone imagine her racing with me? if yes, please pass your thoughts to me.)

8. I have a friend, named Ng Poh Juan, she is cool. she is also my race car rival! oh yea! we often ask each other, 'eh, where did you park your car?'. she will always go, 'i have to park very far you know. i go round and round, then ai..'. ya. then whenever she had to stay longer in tuition, i would then give her my parking space, if it was nearer. thats what friends are for. she always thinks that she won the race, whenever we would race, but truth is, i would reach the destination, and she would take so long, i would then leave, then when she reaches, she sees no ejane, and thinks that she won. saddd..

9. I have a friend, named, Mei Chen, got her license in silence. and drove not long after, in silence.

10. I have a friend, named, Teoh Sui Ying, who is a year younger then all of us mentioned. she was drooling to the fact that everyone was driving and her 16th birthday was no where to be near. and you gotta be 17 years of ge to drive. but today, she has proudly pass her driving and gotten her license. but only when driving is already pretty old news. (though, i do still keep the driving topic very much alive). its always said that, 'teoh would be driving when eejane is flying'. oh, make that come true!

11. I have a friend named, Chan Mei Linn, who after passing her driving, had to practice her driving to perfection, with her mada, in her mada's big ass mercedez.

12. I have a friend named, Beh Shuh Pyng, who was my partner-not racing though. funnily, no. my partner-we went for driving lessons and lectures together. and ended our partnership after i past my driving test on first count. but it took her another four tries after her first try to hit the jackpot. it took her one year++ to sit on the driver's seat. i blame no one, i blame her poor hand-eye-leg-mind coordination. seriously. once, she was suppose to break, but instead hit on the accelerator. at that time, it was her sister who was beside her, guiding her, i admire her sister's courage. i would have pee-ed my pants.

13. I like fact number 12 most.

14. I am the proud successor of fact number 12.

15. I never get bored of fact number 12.

Friday, February 20, 2009

my 19th 19th.

as for myself, i feel the day was all the same, don't think the sun did shine any brighter nor did the rain fall any harder.

but when people start pouring in their wishes, it was so overwhelming. it really was.

this time, the 19th of february started lasted a lot longer, its was from 10am on the 18th (which was 12am the 19th in Malaysia) till the 11.59 pm on the 19th, therefore, it was an overall of 37hours and 59minutes. pretty darn darn awesome, no?

like a typical oscar-winner's speech, i would like to thank;

all those that wished me, be it, you remembered, or someone reminded you, or from the services of Facebook/Friendster reminder,

thanks for taking the initiative to text me or drop your wish on Facebook/Friendster =) it meant a lot for every wish to swim across the seven seas to reach me,

those who wished me in Malaysian time zone, those who wished me in this time zone and a few who intended to wish me in this time zone but can never get thier math right.

i did reply some messages and i did not reply most. i apologize. i will be soon. but just so you know, if you happen to read, i received your message and it put a smile on my face.

anyway, on the day, i did not do anything as i had to go to school. but i went to watch a play, a play i've been wanting to watch,'Legally Blond' with my sista. ya, Legally Blond, the movie, and ya this was the Legally Blond, a play. it was hilarious. and almost similar to the movie. i enjoyed it alot. and made a wish, blew the candles and cut a cake to end the day.

that pretty much sumed up the event of my day.

but then again, i wanna point out that, the cake that i got from my friends, for my 18th birthday was by far the bestest yet. probably might be the best there is. it was a round netball field! actually, it was just a regular pandan cake, but thanks to the efforts of Jennifer, my great long friend, she made it into a green netball field-cake. it also had 7 players and 2 poles on it. oh, you would not believe it.

and this year, i am requesting for a wantan mee post birthday cake, from behskub. a plate/ a cake of wantan mee and candles on them! yes yes.

behskub's beehday.

i am so ready to type type type. and i am definately starting off with birthdays and more birthdays.

first STOP, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 19th birthday, to my utmost dearest friend, BEHSKUB, ya, the one. though this post is a lil late, but still, happy birthday!

i am too far away to give her a hug. or even shout in her ears, 'happy birthday'. but then i dedicate this post, just for her. and allow me to write it in hokkien, our supreme language.

chap peh ho, jee quek, si chin nia ho eh jit lai, eng koi, si wa eh ho peng eui eh seh jit. ee leh si teh eh tua han eh, thats why, tah tah tau ee eh seh jit eh si leh, toh beh coh tua tua ho ee, eng koi, kana chi jit nia wa tui ee ho...chap peh ho khui liau, ee tah tah jit toh toh beh niau wa liau.

wah chai la, ee si boh kong chin nia lau koi wa nia, eng koi, keh jit toh si wa eh seh jit liau. hahahaha. tapi leh, wa koh si ai kong ee chin nia lau aa, chin eh ma, si ee kah lau koi wa. chi jit ho asi chi ni ho, lau toh si lau.

lu kua, even ee eh seh jit mun si niau wa. wa kong ane kuan eng koi, when kah liau lang lai celebrate ee eh seh jit eh si, kah liau lang mun lai celeberate the eve of wa eh seh jit...then carry on to celebrate wa eh seh jit. pian ka, wa eh seh jit si noh jit ane kuan. kam siah wa eh ho peng eui lo, ane ho sim, tiau ti seh chi jit before wa, so that kah liau lang eh celebrate wa eh eve ka wa eh seh jit in a row.

kin ni, wa si boh than peh peh kah ee celebrate, tapi wa chin nia kui sim ho ee eng koi ee uu than kah ee eh pah leh peng eui celebrate. although wa boh kah ee peh peh, wa uu ming kia ai ho kah liau lang kua...

chi leh toh si wa eh sipek ho peng eui...

(sorry for the poor quality photos. my spy was doing her best.)

kua, wa eh peng eui. ane tua han liau. koh leh ciat cake eh si bhan bhan ai pian liau...kah boi, cha ki nia, pin kah ane tua han liau. wa siang kah si cha meh nia kua diok ee ookh hua chia, kia jit, eh hiau cheng gun liau.

wa chai, nasi ee kua diok chi leh liau, ee tah tiok gia parang toh ai lai cham wa
eh, ah si mhe chai kio wa hami chau ua liau eh, tapi as always, tua ee eh sim kua, ee tua kam sia wa eh.

wa mun uu kah ee kong, lang lau liau, leng pun lau lau liau, baibai mun nua nua liau, so toh beh bhan bhan lai. eng koi, bo ane siau lian liau.

so again, a very happy birthday. save some, we will party again.

Friday, February 13, 2009


its February. i know you know that i know you know that but i still want to let you know, iiiiittttssss February.

February is the shortest month of the year.

February is the month of love, i would say, beacause,
- 13 days prior to Valentine's day, people set to the mood for Valentines.
- decorations of hearts, bears, furry stuff, expensive chocolates, couple stuffs, flowers, etc..
- 14 days after Valentines day, people are still in the mood.
it only fades away when the flowers die and when they realise how many kgs they put on from all the chocolates.

the boys would give the girl chocolates, girls would eat them because thats just a symbol of love they cannot resist.
the boys that chuck down chocolates because its just a symbol of rejection they cannot believe.

i guess, in the Romans' time, Valentine's day was a day to express love to your partner, but since its now the 21st century, Valentine's day is also commonly used to express love and care for those around us. when it comes to Valentine's day and love, people tend to be very cynical about it. love seems kinda overrated, is it not. but then, there is still plenty of truth in love.

i am no love-guru. neither do i wanna be a love-hater.

February is also very special, because two of my very close friends turn older. old! haha. one of them is the very-popularly-mentioned in my blog friend, yes, the ever so gila babi behskub and another friend, the very kononnya normal, yan ming.

few more days left for them. i shall not wish them yet, as i certainly do not want them to feel old before the day arrives. so sad, kena guna tongkat sudah...

i am so excited for you two old ding dongs. though i know i am no where near celebrating your birthdays. well, at least not on the real day, but i will be celebrating it when i see youl, thats for sure, and i am gonna shout 'OLD!' in your faces! haahahahah.

well, well, till then.

Monday, February 9, 2009

kepada Ezen yang sedang bersedih...

kepada kawanku di situ, Ezen.

yang dalam beberapa jam lagi sudah akan bertolak ke Perth, Australia untuk melanjutkan pelajaran beliau.

sedih, tapi janganlah teramat sedih, ya.

menangis tapi janganlah menghujani Taiping dengan air matamu itu.

percaya yang ia abadi. percaya yang ia tidak akan lagi menghilang dari pangkalanmu.

alangkah baik kalau yang saya dapat berada di Taiping bersama anda bergila-gila dan bergurau-senda, sebagaimana seperti anda ada semasa saya meninggalkan tanah air Malaysia ini,

tetapi, ya, saya akan berada di Malaysia menunggu kepulanganmu, akan saya melompat-lompat dalam keriangan sambil memegang kadbod dengan nama anda bersama Mizen, di pagar lapangan terbang.

jadi, ya, selamat tinggal dan semoga semuanya akan kembali baik dan semoganya anda berbaik-baik di tempat orang. memandailah menjaga diri agar ekspidisi bahagia kami dapat termakbul.

sehingga kami berjumpa lagi... [hugss]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

just voicing out opinions.

2 issues.

issue #1:
is the government or the education board/minister or whatever body in charge serious in considering to change both Math and Science back to Bahasa Malaysia?

well, this actually only occured to me when i saw a protest on this matter on the internet recently. there was one theatre activist that appeared on the video, berucap akan hujahnya.

his first point : "macam mana hendak memartabatkan bangsa melayu? - kerana kedaulatan bangsa adalah bahasa, selain daripada budaya."
~ pertama sekali, apa yang ada berkaitan dangan satu-satu bangsa dengan bahasa yang digunakan sebagai medium yang digunakan di sekolah untuk pembelajaran dan pelajaran? tidak, tiada ada apa-apa yang berkaitan, pada pandangan saya. jikalau satu-satu bangsa tidak berdaulat atau apa-apapun, isu ini tidak boleh berkait dengan soal bahasa yang digunakan di sekolah. isu itu patut dikait dengan kekuatan pengaruh satu-satu bangsa itu.

his second point : "tidak wujud sebenarnya bangsa Malaysia. nonsense ini. hanya wujud bangsa cina, bangsa india dan bangsa melayu.."

his third point : " zaman batu 1345 (kalau tak silap dia) dia datang sini sudah wujud bangsa melayu, jauh sebelum itu sudah wujud bangsa melayu dengan budaya melayu dengan bahasa melayu, tiba-tiba nak tukar kepada bahasa lain,...selama ini kalau kita ada pakar apa, pakar bedah ke pakar apa, apa asasnya, asasnya bahasa melayu.."
~ zaman batu sudah...dunia ini kian bertukar, kian bermoden, tidakkan kita hendak berundur hingga ke zaman batu yang manusia masih bertelanjng? mak shaduh... memang, asasnya bahasa melayu, yang bukan asasnya apa? oleh itu, kalau diajar bahasa inggeris di peringkat awal lagi, tidaklah payah kalau mencapai tahap yang tidak lagi asas.

his fourth point : "apa musibat bahasa melayu hinggakan orang melayu sendiri tidak mendaulatkan bahasa melayu?"
~ adakah selepas dasar mengajar Math dan Science dalam bahasa inggeris dilaksanakan, penggunaan bahasa melayu antara orang melayu dan antara masyarakat Malaysia berkurang dengan sebegitu kritikal hinggakan kedaulatan bahasa melayu telah hilang?

well, 2003, its been seven years since teaching Maths and Science in English has been enforced, and i think that it should stay that way. i maybe naive but then, it does seem like English is the worlds' language as of right now, no? yes, Bahasa Malaysia is indeed our national language, and that heritage should never never be forgotten, sure enough. but this should not be an issue concerning that. this is more inclined on the issue concerning the future developement of our country. and progressive deveploement of a country depends on the younger generations, and therefore, therefore. go figure.

besides, we do have a fair share of subjects that are taught in Bahasa Malaysia, like moral, history, geography and all others that are not Science and Maths.

kesimpulannya, isu mengajar matematik dan sains dalam bahasa Inggeris tidak harus dikaitkan dengan kedaulatan bangsa negara Malaysia.

i hope they do not jeopardize the 7 years of effort being put out by teachers and students and just end it all.

issue #2:
tahukah anda bahawa industri muzik Malaysia dan Indonesia berkontroversi. kini Malaysia hanya membenarkan 10% muzik Indonesia untuk dimainkan di radio-radio Malaysia dan 90% mestilah tempatan.

i am a listener of malay music. be it Malaysian, or Indonesian, as long as its good music, i am up to it.

so again, yes i saw this program that was held last year on this controversy and Malaysian artists had claimed that;
1. mereka tidak diberi ruang untuk membaikkan kualiti muzik mereka kerana industri muzik Malaysia dominen dengan muzik-muzik Indonesia.
2. kalau artist Malaysia diundang untuk membuat konsert, dibayar tiga ribu, kalau sebut saja artist Indonesia, terus bayar tiga puluh ribu.
3. radio-radio kian saja memain muzik Indonesia.

so what they wanted was for them to have chance to be able to show what they are capable of and their potential as musicians. therefore, came this 90:10 thing. which i find very ridiculous. the only listeners of Malaysian music and Indonesian music are Malaysians and Indonesians. don't think there is any other country that understands the language, so why must it be Indonesia, Indonesia yang punya, Malaysia, Malaysia yang punya. because, if you are good and have the potential, then given space or time or chance, you will be noticed. its only because you know you are not that good that you fear for competition.

music is very much like sports. it kinda brings people together. but in this case, its just between Indonesia and us, us and Indonesians and not the whole world. music is free, music is no politics.

because after all, do you think that the 90:10 will stop fans from indulging in Indonesian music and build a stronger fan base in the Malaysian music? guess its a no.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

moo away

later tonight in Malaysia would be pai thi kong. my favourite part of the Chinese New Year.

speaking of which, a late GONG XI FA CAI, KONG HEI FATT CHOI, KIONG HE-KIONG HE to all.

needless to say but this is the worst celebration i've ever EVER had. well, actually, there was not even a celebration to begin with.

i was working on the eve. i was in school on the first day, second day whatever..

i feels so shitty to go through the Chinese New Year like that. while all my friends and my dearest uncles and aunties and grandparents partay their heads off, i am here, sitting on my table, reading the American history and bursting with envy.

i definately anticipated the festive spirit but then it did hit me. on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, there was a sudden outburst of homesickness (or whatever that befallen upon me that day) so overwhelming.

well, again, i know, changes is part of the time equation.

but i still wished i was back celebrating the Chinese New Year with everyone.

been missing out.

but well, i do hope everyone had a great blast. welcoming the year of the ox, or in common terms, cow. moo moo cow.

finals of the aussy open

this picture says it all.
well, huge congratulations to Rafa.
it was an incredible match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

the dream final.

the repeat of the one of the greatest match played at the Wimbledon.

i stayed up till 7.30am in the morning to watch the match. though my eyelids were as heavy as elephants but it was worth every strength i used to open my eyes.

every point played were just brilliant and ingenious.

Roger played well, but Rafael outplayed him.
it was obvious that Rafael was so mentally stronger and had the believe that he could win against Roger. though Rafael was definately physically so beat up from his semi-final match against Verdasco.
Roger had doubt all over his face. it was obvious. very indecisive in shot making whereas Rafa had his game plan right on.
the third championship point came and gone too fast.

but anyway, i felt for Roger. he cried so bad. Roger is afterall, human.
it was really touching how Rafa displayed a whole lot of humane and gave Roger the half hug and apologized for this win, though it was clearly no one's fault.

what made this final so special was it was the FIRST time both Roger and Rafa meet in a major hard court final. it was Rafa's FIRST major hard court final. and it was their FIRST meet after the amazing final in Wimbledon of '08.

Nadal has conquered every surface now. hard, grass, clay.

now coming into the clay season, VAMOS RAFA.