Friday, February 20, 2009

my 19th 19th.

as for myself, i feel the day was all the same, don't think the sun did shine any brighter nor did the rain fall any harder.

but when people start pouring in their wishes, it was so overwhelming. it really was.

this time, the 19th of february started lasted a lot longer, its was from 10am on the 18th (which was 12am the 19th in Malaysia) till the 11.59 pm on the 19th, therefore, it was an overall of 37hours and 59minutes. pretty darn darn awesome, no?

like a typical oscar-winner's speech, i would like to thank;

all those that wished me, be it, you remembered, or someone reminded you, or from the services of Facebook/Friendster reminder,

thanks for taking the initiative to text me or drop your wish on Facebook/Friendster =) it meant a lot for every wish to swim across the seven seas to reach me,

those who wished me in Malaysian time zone, those who wished me in this time zone and a few who intended to wish me in this time zone but can never get thier math right.

i did reply some messages and i did not reply most. i apologize. i will be soon. but just so you know, if you happen to read, i received your message and it put a smile on my face.

anyway, on the day, i did not do anything as i had to go to school. but i went to watch a play, a play i've been wanting to watch,'Legally Blond' with my sista. ya, Legally Blond, the movie, and ya this was the Legally Blond, a play. it was hilarious. and almost similar to the movie. i enjoyed it alot. and made a wish, blew the candles and cut a cake to end the day.

that pretty much sumed up the event of my day.

but then again, i wanna point out that, the cake that i got from my friends, for my 18th birthday was by far the bestest yet. probably might be the best there is. it was a round netball field! actually, it was just a regular pandan cake, but thanks to the efforts of Jennifer, my great long friend, she made it into a green netball field-cake. it also had 7 players and 2 poles on it. oh, you would not believe it.

and this year, i am requesting for a wantan mee post birthday cake, from behskub. a plate/ a cake of wantan mee and candles on them! yes yes.


Ily. said...

happy bday eejane!!!!faster come back here.hehe.

eejane said...

eh, patik panggil tuanku, [EE]jane?

Anonymous said...

jgn nak perasan lah.. tuanku.. kononya