Sunday, February 1, 2009

moo away

later tonight in Malaysia would be pai thi kong. my favourite part of the Chinese New Year.

speaking of which, a late GONG XI FA CAI, KONG HEI FATT CHOI, KIONG HE-KIONG HE to all.

needless to say but this is the worst celebration i've ever EVER had. well, actually, there was not even a celebration to begin with.

i was working on the eve. i was in school on the first day, second day whatever..

i feels so shitty to go through the Chinese New Year like that. while all my friends and my dearest uncles and aunties and grandparents partay their heads off, i am here, sitting on my table, reading the American history and bursting with envy.

i definately anticipated the festive spirit but then it did hit me. on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, there was a sudden outburst of homesickness (or whatever that befallen upon me that day) so overwhelming.

well, again, i know, changes is part of the time equation.

but i still wished i was back celebrating the Chinese New Year with everyone.

been missing out.

but well, i do hope everyone had a great blast. welcoming the year of the ox, or in common terms, cow. moo moo cow.

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