Thursday, February 26, 2009

15 unknwon facts.

i've indirectly been tagged by Ily-geli Zalikha and by Yan in Facebook, about something something you have to write 15 facts about yourself and shit. ya, somekind. so since i've been tagged, or actually, i've always had this in mind to write it in my blog, on 15 unknown facts about ME.

[[you would not believe these facts.]]

1. I know how to drive.
2. I have friends.
[[pretty unknown huh.]]

3. I have a friend named, Tan Mi Xuan, whom, i had devoted part of my life to, driving her around. and because of that, a year after passing her driving test and gotten her license, she is still unable to drive, confidently, alone. also because of the fact that she is always in my car, she is the only one that had the opportunity to go through all suicidal-heart-attacking moments in the car with me. but yet, she still always trusts me to be her driver.

4. I have a friend named, Lee Yan Ming, who passed her driving test, theory on first try, and practical on second try, if i am not mistaken. which is not bad at all for a person so short and with such small feet. but i don't think that she is driving yet, till today. cause of one factor, she lives up on a very steep hill, so she cannot get home, as in going up the hill. one time, she literally went downhill, backwards, because she did not know how to control the gears of a manual car. shame on her.

5. I have a friend named, Ng Shea Yuin, who past both her thoery and practical on first attempt, in freakin' perfect score! that i salute. emmm, but she never was my racing partner.

6. I have a friend named, Joanne Richie Richard, who past, and became my racing partner! we were the drivers, we were the racers. but of course, i always won the race. to prove that fact, Joanne end up buying my race car, cause, she knew, it would lead her to vicotry in other illegal racing she participate next time. (she needs to know that the driver still needs to have skill too.)

7. I have a friend, named Jennifer Cheng. she took her driving, not right after her birthday but way way after her birthday. she is pretty cool, so she past on first attempts. and started driving not long after. if she would have gotten her drivers license ealier, it would not only be me as the driver. but i know for a fact that, she would never be my race car rival, eventhough anything, because, she is Jennifer Cheng. (doesn't her name just somehow reveals the fact that she is not a race car driver? can anyone imagine her racing with me? if yes, please pass your thoughts to me.)

8. I have a friend, named Ng Poh Juan, she is cool. she is also my race car rival! oh yea! we often ask each other, 'eh, where did you park your car?'. she will always go, 'i have to park very far you know. i go round and round, then ai..'. ya. then whenever she had to stay longer in tuition, i would then give her my parking space, if it was nearer. thats what friends are for. she always thinks that she won the race, whenever we would race, but truth is, i would reach the destination, and she would take so long, i would then leave, then when she reaches, she sees no ejane, and thinks that she won. saddd..

9. I have a friend, named, Mei Chen, got her license in silence. and drove not long after, in silence.

10. I have a friend, named, Teoh Sui Ying, who is a year younger then all of us mentioned. she was drooling to the fact that everyone was driving and her 16th birthday was no where to be near. and you gotta be 17 years of ge to drive. but today, she has proudly pass her driving and gotten her license. but only when driving is already pretty old news. (though, i do still keep the driving topic very much alive). its always said that, 'teoh would be driving when eejane is flying'. oh, make that come true!

11. I have a friend named, Chan Mei Linn, who after passing her driving, had to practice her driving to perfection, with her mada, in her mada's big ass mercedez.

12. I have a friend named, Beh Shuh Pyng, who was my partner-not racing though. funnily, no. my partner-we went for driving lessons and lectures together. and ended our partnership after i past my driving test on first count. but it took her another four tries after her first try to hit the jackpot. it took her one year++ to sit on the driver's seat. i blame no one, i blame her poor hand-eye-leg-mind coordination. seriously. once, she was suppose to break, but instead hit on the accelerator. at that time, it was her sister who was beside her, guiding her, i admire her sister's courage. i would have pee-ed my pants.

13. I like fact number 12 most.

14. I am the proud successor of fact number 12.

15. I never get bored of fact number 12.

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Ily. said...

why theres a "geli" in my name.haha.i miss u calling me ily-geli back in primary schl.haaa tgk sy da ingat semua benda pasal zaman sekolah!!!emo emo.hehe.ok about num 12,the whole schl know that beh have to take the test for several times before she passed the test.hehe.because when ppl asked "ehh mana beh??" then ppl would ans "die pergi driving test".then after few weeks,beh is not around again,then ppl asked lagi "mana beh?" "driving test".and then a few weeks later,soalan yg sama masih ditanya.haha.