Saturday, March 7, 2009

rise and fall of a coffee addict.

i am not feeling very well.

you know how life is always equate to a rollercoaster ride? well, i just experienced the 270 turn.

for those loyal tolerator of my senselessness, let me let you into a new scoop.

for the past four months, i've changed occupation, and i've been working at Starbucks. its awesome fun to work there.

but my story is actually the end.

because, as you may (
not) know, Starbucks Coffee Company is not dealing well with the bad economy status, and MANY stores, nationwide, are closing or had closed.

so, ya, you may have guessed it by now. the store that i worked at, received news of the possibility of it closing 7 months ago, and it was finally confirmed 3 weeks ago of that pending situation. and yesterday, was the end of that 3 weeks.

and it has left me with much mixed emotions. well, i am lucky that i am not being laid off work. but what saddens me is, the parting with everyone, with my awesome manager and starting anew, in a new location. alone.

i am so tired of meeting new people.

and screw it, attachment.

some of the many of us there.
homies, of Starbucks, at Bellaire & Wilcrest.

my little artpiece.

coffee, anyone?


Ily. said...

eejane sudah gemuk sikit.

eejane said...

terima kasih kerana awak guna 'sikit'.