Monday, March 30, 2009

XOXO my MDF god, today...

right before Spring Break, the week before Spring Break, i had an english composition mid-term test. we had a week to prepare for the test, which was writing a critical analysis on any essays from the textbook. any kind of test, which involves essays, as far as i am concern, is suppose to be done in a book, called the Blue Book, its just a book, with only a few pages for ya, writing essays or short answers kinda stuff. so we were to bring those Blue Books in class and write our essays in it.

today is already the second week after school reopened. the first week, we did not get our grades because i don't know why, but according to the professor, many did not do very well, as we did not know the format of critical analysis and yada....yada...yada....

so come this week, today,..everyone anticipated for not-so-well grades. to be honest, i thought i did pretty well. not by college standards, but by my odinary shitty-essay-writing standard, i thought it was better than how i usually write. therefore, i was hoping, bad, but at least not that bad of a bad grade. as i did prepare and read on the right way to write an analysis.

so the professor called, one by one,...came Jane, i stood up, took a few steps towards him and he said, 'Jane, see me after class, i need to talk to you about your essay'. so i sat back down. i was thinking, 'fuck Jane, you thought you did well, well, guess what, you must have flunk so badly, he needs to talk to you...'.

after class, i went up to him and WHAT??!!!! WHAT??!!!

do you freaken know why he did not grade my essay???????

when he explained to me, i was like =0 you fucking kidding me? and i paused. and i asked him again, what is the issue here? i don't understand. and i asked him, the third time.

at first, he asked, 'Jane, was this essay done outside class?'

i was confused. so i simply said, 'that is the rough draft (which we were suppose to do, not that i am so hardworking that i did it) and thats the essay.'

then he might have said something or a lot of things, in that spilt of a second, which i was not there with him at all because i was confused as hell.

then only i got what he was saying, he thought i typed my essay! he seriously thought i typed my essay and had done it outside class.

can you believe? i can't.

so i said to him, no, i wrote it, that is just my handwriting.

i don't think i did convince him, totally.

then he said, i know you are a very detailed person but let me show you some of the characters...
see, your 's' and the other 's' is the same.. (same something but i was having a nervous breakdown by then, i don't know what he was saying)

i was so dumbfounded. all that went through my head was, how can i tell him i fucking wrote that with my bare right hand? i mean, other classmates would have saw me writing and how could i have printed it in the book?

anyway, he then asked me, did you had Blanko (i think that was what he said, which meant correction tape, in Malaysian term) with you? i said yes.
come on, i am Ejane, i have correction tapes. i take my pencil box everywhere i go. and i am probably the only one in the whole college who brings a pencil box, case, whatever.

i don't know if he believed that it is my handwriting. i know my handwriting is neat, but it cannot be at such degree of perfection that it is mistaken for typed. i am sure it has many distortions.

he even suggested, 'how about i take you grades in the final test and make it your mid-term grade too?'
................................................'anda gila ka apa ka ke buta ka ke nyanyok ka?' i wished i said.
'i accept your essay but .................................'
................i had no clue what he said after.

in the end, he said he was gonna grade it.

its not even funny.

this must be the praise of the highest order i have had ever and will ever receive on my handwriting.

i might consider writing like shit now.

it has been a long day..but to overshadow this shitty event, is something real awesome, i purchased my plane ticket home today, finally! its better than the Willy Wonka's golden ticket i tell you.



Azween!! said...

tulisan cantik pun susahh

Ily. said...

take that as a compliment je lah.ape susah kau.

Ezen said...

i know its not suppose to b funny,but i actually was laughing when i read dat.omg,ejane tulisan anda terlalu sempurna..

Ily. said...

yaya its not suppose to be funny. tapi macam sy nak cakab PADAN MUKA TU LA TERLAMPAU TELITI APABILA MENULIS!haha.