Monday, March 23, 2009


today is the first day after a short week of Spring Break. and since its a week long of no school - i spend doing nothing but a few things. most eventful of the week was a day out to the Houston Zoo.

this is Sarawak's most famous icon, the hornbill.
(this is for you, Hornbill =D)

my favourite part of zoo. flamingo baby-o!
i like those in Taiping Zoo too.

long legs.

this is an okapi. its like a short giraffe with zebra legs.

thats my favourite cartoon character, the llama.
from Kuzco! who watches that? I!

i don't know what is that but it certainly has some badass horns.

finally, sniffing in the poo of the zoo.

on a random note, this hornbill is headless.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic! =D
That was sweet. LOL

Anonymous said...

And yeah! I watch Kuzco too! Its wacky and hilarious. lol