Saturday, March 28, 2009

the Bark Park.

so yes, yes, i went to the Bark Park, just found out on the existance of the place, actually. as you may all know, i hate dogs, or actually, animals, in general. anyhuuuu, brought sista-brada's-but-not-mine dog, Torres, there.

masters and dogs.

dogs and the pool.

this is a water fountain, for the masters and for the dogs.


big dog, drying off.

shower with little privacy.

the adrendaline. adrendaline when those big dogs come running towards me but change directions when near was exciting. they were BIG dogs, up to my waist big. but they are very well trained.

dogs make friends by smelling ass holes to ass holes. i am glad that humans shake hands to make friends.

Bark Park was not the Hell Cell i thought it would be...

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