Monday, March 9, 2009


people! people! tidak ada apa-apa sebenarnya.

just wanted to let everyone (that is actually no one) know that the daylight saving had taken place again.

i know, who the freaken cares? well, to those that actually count the time difference between here and home, before they text me, or what not. ya, this is just a red alert for you.

so now i am living 11 hours later then you all. meaning, count 11 backwards.

remember the last time that i mentioned on daylight saving, i had an extra hour to my life - to redo what was fun and undo what was wrong. well, no. i spent that one hour blogging about how i gained an hour to my life. how pathetic.

now, that hour gained is lost. i tried, i tried to save that one hour into the biggest tin can i can find, but none was big enough.

i had to sit and see that one hour just vanish. imagine how much i could have accomplish - like staring at the wall and creating imaginary images in the mind. yeap, i missed out on a lot on that one hour.

now, back to normalcy! at least its does not start to get dark at 5p.m.

now, even at 7, the sun still shines. so bright.

it feels more like the sun i see at home.

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