Friday, March 13, 2009

i have a hole on my sock.

this is one of those days when i feel like i want to hit the PAUSE button on the game i am playing and select RESTART and play again.

and this game is called, 'my ding dong life'.
which is better than wii, cause your whole body and soul is actually playing the game, no need for nunchuk, no need to tevee.

well, i consider myself, quite a gamer. quite. but i only play racing games. only. most of the time. most.

that means, i have, many a time, restart a race, because i am so far back in the race and chances to catch up with the electronic racers are slim.but i am an addict. i would repeat a race so many times, i could do it with one eye close. at that level, i would never restart a race, because, 1 - its not right; 2 - i know i am good enough to be able to catch up and then win the race.

in this game that i am playing now, i want to be hitting the pause button so many times, bang it, press it!!! i need a breather.

but then, i could not find the pause button in this game. should not have bought this game. not. should have bought tetris instead. now i am stuck, playing.


hmk said...

helo jane.i'm so SORRY.i am 101% sure that i wrote ur name down for the sumbangan page.super super sure.(cos it was an unusual name.) anyway, i havent get my copy of mag yet.(yes.u saw or heard bout it but i havent get my hands on it.) anyway, i promise i'll check wif mr hairo asap when sch reopens. i'll try to get ur name up next year k.i discuss wif sir and get back to u again. i'm again very sorie.very very sorie.

maxiee said...

Talking bout tetris. watch this ;D hee