Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lisa Hennigan

on St. Patrick's Day, i went to a mini concert, at downtown House of Blues, of Lisa Hennigan. nop, i have never heard of her, ever, prior to the concert, i was there to accompany my sister. she is from Ireland and her music is pretty awesome and attractive but different.

in this video, forgive me for the poor quality of sound and image. its recorded from my very antique phone. (so antique i don't even know what model it is anymore) also, this video is rather ??? because i stopped just as the good part was coming.

that is her guitarist, doing his thing, real-ly. it was just a classical guitar but he jammed it like it was so wicked electrical guitar. superb energy..

downtown was about 40minutes drive from where i live, first, my sister decided on this (1) last minute concert and then, we were late to start our 'journey'. my sister mapquested the directions but then (2) took a wrong turn on the highway and could not make a U-turn, and it caused even more of our time. the U-turn was a looong looong way and downtown is the weirdest and trickiest place to drive. took the first U-turn, and it was a (3) wrong one. but surely, the second one was the right one. anyway, finally, we found our way to the House of Blues and found parking. parked at box #20 and went to pay,...but (4) the #2 button on the machine was not working, tried and tried and tried. so we had to move the car to another space. ran all the way to the ticket counter and they said, (5) she has been performing for 40minutes already but still have about 50minutes to go...

that was freaken FIVE real can-it-get-any-worse situations but in the end...

they gave us FREE TICKETS. for nothing. it was well worth for all the shits we had to go through.

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ezen said...

antique phone??so get a new one,i recommend u to get k810i,its a good phone n other then dat,ehem..ehem..haha