Monday, March 30, 2009

XOXO my MDF god, today...

right before Spring Break, the week before Spring Break, i had an english composition mid-term test. we had a week to prepare for the test, which was writing a critical analysis on any essays from the textbook. any kind of test, which involves essays, as far as i am concern, is suppose to be done in a book, called the Blue Book, its just a book, with only a few pages for ya, writing essays or short answers kinda stuff. so we were to bring those Blue Books in class and write our essays in it.

today is already the second week after school reopened. the first week, we did not get our grades because i don't know why, but according to the professor, many did not do very well, as we did not know the format of critical analysis and yada....yada...yada....

so come this week, today,..everyone anticipated for not-so-well grades. to be honest, i thought i did pretty well. not by college standards, but by my odinary shitty-essay-writing standard, i thought it was better than how i usually write. therefore, i was hoping, bad, but at least not that bad of a bad grade. as i did prepare and read on the right way to write an analysis.

so the professor called, one by one,...came Jane, i stood up, took a few steps towards him and he said, 'Jane, see me after class, i need to talk to you about your essay'. so i sat back down. i was thinking, 'fuck Jane, you thought you did well, well, guess what, you must have flunk so badly, he needs to talk to you...'.

after class, i went up to him and WHAT??!!!! WHAT??!!!

do you freaken know why he did not grade my essay???????

when he explained to me, i was like =0 you fucking kidding me? and i paused. and i asked him again, what is the issue here? i don't understand. and i asked him, the third time.

at first, he asked, 'Jane, was this essay done outside class?'

i was confused. so i simply said, 'that is the rough draft (which we were suppose to do, not that i am so hardworking that i did it) and thats the essay.'

then he might have said something or a lot of things, in that spilt of a second, which i was not there with him at all because i was confused as hell.

then only i got what he was saying, he thought i typed my essay! he seriously thought i typed my essay and had done it outside class.

can you believe? i can't.

so i said to him, no, i wrote it, that is just my handwriting.

i don't think i did convince him, totally.

then he said, i know you are a very detailed person but let me show you some of the characters...
see, your 's' and the other 's' is the same.. (same something but i was having a nervous breakdown by then, i don't know what he was saying)

i was so dumbfounded. all that went through my head was, how can i tell him i fucking wrote that with my bare right hand? i mean, other classmates would have saw me writing and how could i have printed it in the book?

anyway, he then asked me, did you had Blanko (i think that was what he said, which meant correction tape, in Malaysian term) with you? i said yes.
come on, i am Ejane, i have correction tapes. i take my pencil box everywhere i go. and i am probably the only one in the whole college who brings a pencil box, case, whatever.

i don't know if he believed that it is my handwriting. i know my handwriting is neat, but it cannot be at such degree of perfection that it is mistaken for typed. i am sure it has many distortions.

he even suggested, 'how about i take you grades in the final test and make it your mid-term grade too?'
................................................'anda gila ka apa ka ke buta ka ke nyanyok ka?' i wished i said.
'i accept your essay but .................................'
................i had no clue what he said after.

in the end, he said he was gonna grade it.

its not even funny.

this must be the praise of the highest order i have had ever and will ever receive on my handwriting.

i might consider writing like shit now.

it has been a long day..but to overshadow this shitty event, is something real awesome, i purchased my plane ticket home today, finally! its better than the Willy Wonka's golden ticket i tell you.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

what do you think?


heard of beach mocs? they are eccentric looking shoes. i want them!

-should i get them? yes no?

Lisa Hennigan

on St. Patrick's Day, i went to a mini concert, at downtown House of Blues, of Lisa Hennigan. nop, i have never heard of her, ever, prior to the concert, i was there to accompany my sister. she is from Ireland and her music is pretty awesome and attractive but different.

in this video, forgive me for the poor quality of sound and image. its recorded from my very antique phone. (so antique i don't even know what model it is anymore) also, this video is rather ??? because i stopped just as the good part was coming.

that is her guitarist, doing his thing, real-ly. it was just a classical guitar but he jammed it like it was so wicked electrical guitar. superb energy..

downtown was about 40minutes drive from where i live, first, my sister decided on this (1) last minute concert and then, we were late to start our 'journey'. my sister mapquested the directions but then (2) took a wrong turn on the highway and could not make a U-turn, and it caused even more of our time. the U-turn was a looong looong way and downtown is the weirdest and trickiest place to drive. took the first U-turn, and it was a (3) wrong one. but surely, the second one was the right one. anyway, finally, we found our way to the House of Blues and found parking. parked at box #20 and went to pay,...but (4) the #2 button on the machine was not working, tried and tried and tried. so we had to move the car to another space. ran all the way to the ticket counter and they said, (5) she has been performing for 40minutes already but still have about 50minutes to go...

that was freaken FIVE real can-it-get-any-worse situations but in the end...

they gave us FREE TICKETS. for nothing. it was well worth for all the shits we had to go through.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

the Bark Park.

so yes, yes, i went to the Bark Park, just found out on the existance of the place, actually. as you may all know, i hate dogs, or actually, animals, in general. anyhuuuu, brought sista-brada's-but-not-mine dog, Torres, there.

masters and dogs.

dogs and the pool.

this is a water fountain, for the masters and for the dogs.


big dog, drying off.

shower with little privacy.

the adrendaline. adrendaline when those big dogs come running towards me but change directions when near was exciting. they were BIG dogs, up to my waist big. but they are very well trained.

dogs make friends by smelling ass holes to ass holes. i am glad that humans shake hands to make friends.

Bark Park was not the Hell Cell i thought it would be...

Monday, March 23, 2009


today is the first day after a short week of Spring Break. and since its a week long of no school - i spend doing nothing but a few things. most eventful of the week was a day out to the Houston Zoo.

this is Sarawak's most famous icon, the hornbill.
(this is for you, Hornbill =D)

my favourite part of zoo. flamingo baby-o!
i like those in Taiping Zoo too.

long legs.

this is an okapi. its like a short giraffe with zebra legs.

thats my favourite cartoon character, the llama.
from Kuzco! who watches that? I!

i don't know what is that but it certainly has some badass horns.

finally, sniffing in the poo of the zoo.

on a random note, this hornbill is headless.

Friday, March 13, 2009

i have a hole on my sock.

this is one of those days when i feel like i want to hit the PAUSE button on the game i am playing and select RESTART and play again.

and this game is called, 'my ding dong life'.
which is better than wii, cause your whole body and soul is actually playing the game, no need for nunchuk, no need to tevee.

well, i consider myself, quite a gamer. quite. but i only play racing games. only. most of the time. most.

that means, i have, many a time, restart a race, because i am so far back in the race and chances to catch up with the electronic racers are slim.but i am an addict. i would repeat a race so many times, i could do it with one eye close. at that level, i would never restart a race, because, 1 - its not right; 2 - i know i am good enough to be able to catch up and then win the race.

in this game that i am playing now, i want to be hitting the pause button so many times, bang it, press it!!! i need a breather.

but then, i could not find the pause button in this game. should not have bought this game. not. should have bought tetris instead. now i am stuck, playing.

Monday, March 9, 2009


people! people! tidak ada apa-apa sebenarnya.

just wanted to let everyone (that is actually no one) know that the daylight saving had taken place again.

i know, who the freaken cares? well, to those that actually count the time difference between here and home, before they text me, or what not. ya, this is just a red alert for you.

so now i am living 11 hours later then you all. meaning, count 11 backwards.

remember the last time that i mentioned on daylight saving, i had an extra hour to my life - to redo what was fun and undo what was wrong. well, no. i spent that one hour blogging about how i gained an hour to my life. how pathetic.

now, that hour gained is lost. i tried, i tried to save that one hour into the biggest tin can i can find, but none was big enough.

i had to sit and see that one hour just vanish. imagine how much i could have accomplish - like staring at the wall and creating imaginary images in the mind. yeap, i missed out on a lot on that one hour.

now, back to normalcy! at least its does not start to get dark at 5p.m.

now, even at 7, the sun still shines. so bright.

it feels more like the sun i see at home.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

rise and fall of a coffee addict.

i am not feeling very well.

you know how life is always equate to a rollercoaster ride? well, i just experienced the 270 turn.

for those loyal tolerator of my senselessness, let me let you into a new scoop.

for the past four months, i've changed occupation, and i've been working at Starbucks. its awesome fun to work there.

but my story is actually the end.

because, as you may (
not) know, Starbucks Coffee Company is not dealing well with the bad economy status, and MANY stores, nationwide, are closing or had closed.

so, ya, you may have guessed it by now. the store that i worked at, received news of the possibility of it closing 7 months ago, and it was finally confirmed 3 weeks ago of that pending situation. and yesterday, was the end of that 3 weeks.

and it has left me with much mixed emotions. well, i am lucky that i am not being laid off work. but what saddens me is, the parting with everyone, with my awesome manager and starting anew, in a new location. alone.

i am so tired of meeting new people.

and screw it, attachment.

some of the many of us there.
homies, of Starbucks, at Bellaire & Wilcrest.

my little artpiece.

coffee, anyone?