Sunday, December 28, 2008

my two parts of '08.

its already the 29th. new year is coming. Earth finally made it around the sun.

its been a long year, ain't it? though, from day to day, month to month basis, time seems to just fly by but if you look back to the beginning of the year, its been quite a loooong year. long damned year.

my year is kinda separated into two. the first half and the second half.

my first half of the year, was by far the most care-free, fun, krazy drunk driving year. no school. no homework, just absolute freedom and time spent on what i want to do. at least most of the time, yes. my time spent around friends. on fun fun fun stuff and just an ultimate insignificant stuff that i chose to spend my time on. because the period after SPM and before results, IS the time that you will never have after that.

the beginning of the year, many hours of my time was still devoted to school affliated stuff. like finishing up the school magazine. and of course, training the school netball team. that was time most well spent. netball, ah.

when not doing school stuff, i spend my time driving around. driving people around, driving myself around from one place to another.

the first half of the year, many of my evenings was spend in the Lake Gardens, in the squash court, in the gym and in my garden, playing badminton. despite rain or shine.

Chinese New Year, birthdays after birthdays.

baking, cooking, inventing.

when results came, people started getting busy with applications of all kinds, whereas, it was not much of a hassle for me. so my string of insignificant activities continues.

all in all, life could not have been any more wasted and fun, at the same time.

came the second half of my year. the black of my white first half. the shittiest of my life, by far. but well, my second half of this year (which will also be most years of my shitting life) spend here, in the United States of not-Malaysia. the first half to the second half of my year was like a period of my life filled with friends to a period of total subzero number of friends.

from being a driver for a year to a passenger for 5months. thus, depriving me from A LOT of stuff.

from never-in-a-second of my life living without a maid to living without a maid every second.

from squash every evening to a country 9.5 out of 10 people never heard off what is squash.

from not living with my dada for the last 10 years to living with him, i have to be real honest, i am still only getting used to, even after 7 months.

from never working in my life to working 5 days a week, and the only time i get human interaction that keeps me sane.

this shows that i spend most of my time of my second half, being real pathetic, in my way of life. i work, do chores and watch movies. after i am able to drive, at least i spend many hours getting lost as a way to spend time. movies, i have watched almost a hundred movies now, in 7 months. and the rest of the time in between all that, being pathetic.

the second part of my year, was very well expected and anticipated. but i was stil very bump out, initially. ya. i am still a lil now. but its been 7 months, how long should i stay pathetic? 7 months is a long time. probably some people i know would have forgotten me already, that is how long 7 months is already.

i try not to be pathetic and see the silver lining in my new life. whenever i start ranting to my friends on how madafaaking pathetic i am, they always tell me, don't worry, when you find friends, you will be better. but not having friends is one matter of many matters. being and living in a new place is just not that easy. yet again, humans are always not content with what they have, those who are home yearns to be somewhere and like me, away, faraway from home, yearns not to be here. but that just to bad, i was never excited about it.

for this second half, i've been on the biggest rollercoaster of emotions. and no one sits beside me on this ride. its me to make myself happy, when i am made unhappy, its me to make myself happy. when i feel talkative, its me i talk to. when i feel like going out for lunch, its myself and the magazine on the table. when i cry, its me who comforts myself. when i am angry, its my tears i put out on. when i feel like laughing, i have no one to make me laugh. thus, i do not laugh. i think i might have lost my humour altogether.

i am getting so used to living alone, i sometime feels like the old woman that lives with her seven cats.

but it is the beginning of the rest of my days.

this year has been a year filled with bumps and lumps of life, and i bulldozered everyone.

2009 will not come with any suprises for me. and i am not hoping for any. it would just be another 5 months of pure begitulah.

i shall have no complaints. come what may.

Friday, December 26, 2008

sleeplessness is drugdictive.

been out for sometime. was busy, but busy with what, i do not really know. Christmas has now come and gone, just like ash being blown in the wind. and in a few days, its the friggin' NEW YEAR. its so scary. anyway, thats another matter that i will touch later on.

as of right now, i have been out of bed for 34 hours now. seriously. but i am still here, friggin' blogging my butt out. it is a krazy attempt. but then, i feel rather fine. how robotic.

it started with me waking up at 11.50 a.m. Christmas morning. went out for a lunch with my dada and a close fellow family friend. came back home, i managed to sneak a 20minute nap and then was off to another all-Malaysian Christmas party. ate and out. and went to the movies to watch Marley and Me, a good movie based on a true story. then came home, continued on my business and talked to Ezen about life and kebahagiaan while still busy meddling with my business. then after finish talking with Ezen, i was still on with my business and then off to work i went, at 5.00a.m. friggin' early.

after work, sharp at noon, i came home, continued with my business and then off i went out to final my business and then i got lost in nowhereland, wasted my hours away and then i went for my squash and to the gym. and came back, had a lil food after a whole day long just on bread and peanutbutter, watched Houston Rockets losing to New Orleans Hornets and here i am. bloggin' on my friggin' krazy sleepless hours.

the result is rather suprising. i only felt sleepy at work, when i was on my break. and when i am driving in the car, oh, my eyes can barely open themselves. therefore, i had to blast the radio, and sing along real loud. and of course when i play squash and work my ass off in the gym, nothing really bothers me. now, as i sit here on my bed, bloggin', sleepiness ain't quite sinking in yet.


imagine all the time i save on sleeping.

i would wanna make it 36 hours or maybe 48 but i am afraid to want to. somehow. and i am working again later, at 5.45a.m. friggin' early again. and i do not want a sudden blow of headache which is indeed common in my nuthead.

very well, this would be one hell of a sleep i would wanna sleep.

oh, i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, no matter how and where you celebrated it. and i promised Joanne to post some photo of the decorations around here. be coming out shortly. after i get sleeeeeep.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


it snowed on me today!

yes, it snowed today.

initially, i was just snowing really lightly, i thought it was only drizzling. could not care less about it but then it got heavier, and ice started to fall.

and it was snowing.

i was so trilled.

this is my first time being snowed on. it was fun. pretty. and of course, very new to me.

when it snows, i just feel like sitting out under it and feel the snow falling on my face but its not quite possible. because when it snows, it means the temperature is almost or at freezing point. so ya.

still freezing...

and i got to write on the surface on my car out of snow.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

my gramma the joker.

been out for a bit, was not feeling well. might be coming up with suicidal disease.

its really really cold tonight. and during the day, was warm and it rained. damn the unstable weather.

but don't matter, because, today i am in a mood to share a joke.

a joke, so funny, so original and so faRRRRRny.

but unfortunately, you gotta understand hokkien well enough to get the joke. i've told this joke to some of my friends, and it never failed to make them laugh. it never fails to make me laugh everytime i retell it.

its so funny, its an immortal joke. at least to me, it will live forever.

so, see, my gramma and my mada are always arguing. arguing just about everything under the sun. one night...

(not the exact words, but close enough)
gramma : mah chai uu cho kang bo?
mada : uu. mah chai bank ka liau uu kui.
gramma : si meh? mah chai mhe si hua nah tua jit chi meh?
mada : si, tapi bank uu kui.
gramma : wa eh peng eui kong bank bo kui, bo cho kang.
mada : wa tua bank cho kang eh, wa tak tiok chai bank uu kui bo la.
gramma : wa mana chai, wa tia wa eh peng eui kong bank bo kui.
mada : lu kui jit tia lu eh peng eui kong. ka ki cha bo kia cho tua bank lu kah lai bo siong sin.

so me, being the peacemaker, as always, tried to make peace...

me : yo, ama, lu kui jit tia lu eh peng eui kong eh ua..
gramma : =P
me : lu eh peng eui tua bank cho kang eh aa?
gramma : =P
me : hah, lu eh peng eui tua bank cho kang eh hio?
gramma : si la.
me : *supersuprised* cho ha mi eh?
gramma : =P ee tua bank chit kia eh laa.
me : harharhahrhahhahahahahalaughlaughlaughharhahrhahahahhaha
gramma : ???
me : hahahahahahrharharharharharhahrahrhahrahrahrhahrarhahrharh

no wonder, the friend do not need to go to work. its true, what the friend said, 'bank bo cho kang', but bank are open for the more important positions to cho kang! duh. haha.

english translation :

gramma : are you working tomorrow?
mada : yes. banks are open tomorrow.
gramma : you sure? i thought the malays are celebrating an occassion tomorrow.
mada : yes, but banks are still open.
gramma : but my friend said that banks are closed tomorrow.
mada : i work in the bank, of course i know if the banks are open or not.
gramma : i don't know but my friend told me that banks are closed tomorrow.
mada : you always listen to what your friend says. i work in the bank and you rather believe what your friend told you.
me : yo, ama. you always believe everything your friend tells you.
gramma : =P
me : your friend works in the bank?
gramma : =P
me : does your friend work in the bank??
gramma : ya.
me : what does she do in the bank?
gramma : she is the window cleaner laaaa.
me : >,<

my gramma is an awful good joker.

this ain't gramma's story, its gramma's joke, youl.