Friday, December 26, 2008

sleeplessness is drugdictive.

been out for sometime. was busy, but busy with what, i do not really know. Christmas has now come and gone, just like ash being blown in the wind. and in a few days, its the friggin' NEW YEAR. its so scary. anyway, thats another matter that i will touch later on.

as of right now, i have been out of bed for 34 hours now. seriously. but i am still here, friggin' blogging my butt out. it is a krazy attempt. but then, i feel rather fine. how robotic.

it started with me waking up at 11.50 a.m. Christmas morning. went out for a lunch with my dada and a close fellow family friend. came back home, i managed to sneak a 20minute nap and then was off to another all-Malaysian Christmas party. ate and out. and went to the movies to watch Marley and Me, a good movie based on a true story. then came home, continued on my business and talked to Ezen about life and kebahagiaan while still busy meddling with my business. then after finish talking with Ezen, i was still on with my business and then off to work i went, at 5.00a.m. friggin' early.

after work, sharp at noon, i came home, continued with my business and then off i went out to final my business and then i got lost in nowhereland, wasted my hours away and then i went for my squash and to the gym. and came back, had a lil food after a whole day long just on bread and peanutbutter, watched Houston Rockets losing to New Orleans Hornets and here i am. bloggin' on my friggin' krazy sleepless hours.

the result is rather suprising. i only felt sleepy at work, when i was on my break. and when i am driving in the car, oh, my eyes can barely open themselves. therefore, i had to blast the radio, and sing along real loud. and of course when i play squash and work my ass off in the gym, nothing really bothers me. now, as i sit here on my bed, bloggin', sleepiness ain't quite sinking in yet.


imagine all the time i save on sleeping.

i would wanna make it 36 hours or maybe 48 but i am afraid to want to. somehow. and i am working again later, at 5.45a.m. friggin' early again. and i do not want a sudden blow of headache which is indeed common in my nuthead.

very well, this would be one hell of a sleep i would wanna sleep.

oh, i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, no matter how and where you celebrated it. and i promised Joanne to post some photo of the decorations around here. be coming out shortly. after i get sleeeeeep.

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