Sunday, December 7, 2008

my gramma the joker.

been out for a bit, was not feeling well. might be coming up with suicidal disease.

its really really cold tonight. and during the day, was warm and it rained. damn the unstable weather.

but don't matter, because, today i am in a mood to share a joke.

a joke, so funny, so original and so faRRRRRny.

but unfortunately, you gotta understand hokkien well enough to get the joke. i've told this joke to some of my friends, and it never failed to make them laugh. it never fails to make me laugh everytime i retell it.

its so funny, its an immortal joke. at least to me, it will live forever.

so, see, my gramma and my mada are always arguing. arguing just about everything under the sun. one night...

(not the exact words, but close enough)
gramma : mah chai uu cho kang bo?
mada : uu. mah chai bank ka liau uu kui.
gramma : si meh? mah chai mhe si hua nah tua jit chi meh?
mada : si, tapi bank uu kui.
gramma : wa eh peng eui kong bank bo kui, bo cho kang.
mada : wa tua bank cho kang eh, wa tak tiok chai bank uu kui bo la.
gramma : wa mana chai, wa tia wa eh peng eui kong bank bo kui.
mada : lu kui jit tia lu eh peng eui kong. ka ki cha bo kia cho tua bank lu kah lai bo siong sin.

so me, being the peacemaker, as always, tried to make peace...

me : yo, ama, lu kui jit tia lu eh peng eui kong eh ua..
gramma : =P
me : lu eh peng eui tua bank cho kang eh aa?
gramma : =P
me : hah, lu eh peng eui tua bank cho kang eh hio?
gramma : si la.
me : *supersuprised* cho ha mi eh?
gramma : =P ee tua bank chit kia eh laa.
me : harharhahrhahhahahahahalaughlaughlaughharhahrhahahahhaha
gramma : ???
me : hahahahahahrharharharharharhahrahrhahrahrahrhahrarhahrharh

no wonder, the friend do not need to go to work. its true, what the friend said, 'bank bo cho kang', but bank are open for the more important positions to cho kang! duh. haha.

english translation :

gramma : are you working tomorrow?
mada : yes. banks are open tomorrow.
gramma : you sure? i thought the malays are celebrating an occassion tomorrow.
mada : yes, but banks are still open.
gramma : but my friend said that banks are closed tomorrow.
mada : i work in the bank, of course i know if the banks are open or not.
gramma : i don't know but my friend told me that banks are closed tomorrow.
mada : you always listen to what your friend says. i work in the bank and you rather believe what your friend told you.
me : yo, ama. you always believe everything your friend tells you.
gramma : =P
me : your friend works in the bank?
gramma : =P
me : does your friend work in the bank??
gramma : ya.
me : what does she do in the bank?
gramma : she is the window cleaner laaaa.
me : >,<

my gramma is an awful good joker.

this ain't gramma's story, its gramma's joke, youl.


Anonymous said...

hahaha...ur ama story!!!!!
got new ama jokes sumore anot?

eejane said...

if i have new ama jokes then i am manusia bahagia, tan ezen...

Anonymous said...

mana tau,u can also hav new ama jokes when u r on the phone with her wert.i m sure u will b manusia bahagia when may or june 2009 comes.n oh,will u b in tpg on the bday?u knw wat bday rite?

Anonymous said...

haha..every time i remind bout dis story 100 % will laugh and laugh again..

Anonymous said... remember..brain error..

Anonymous said...

ezen, told ya, if i am not there i will tiau lau..

mizen, you don't brain error to much, later end up like my ama! hahahahaaa.