Saturday, November 29, 2008


i am confused.

i always mistaken Shell gas station for McDonalds. it would be like, 'oh, i think i might wanna get meself some fries..but dang, its the Shell station.'

this is, of course, because of the similar colours. from afar, when i see, red-yellow, it means McDonalds. but its actually Shell gas station. and around here, many Shell stations have McDonalds. (like a partnership or somewhat, that where there is a Shell station there is a McDonalds.) so sometimes, it is McDonalds that i am seeing from far, but come near, it transforms to Shell station. therefore, now, i find it hard to trust the colour red-yellow.

till now, i do not know why, i am still not used to getting to the drivers seat of the car on the left hand side. i would walk straight up on the right side and then realise oh, no, its the other side..and walkkkk all the way around the car to the other side. frustrates me!

mati mati mati.

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