Sunday, November 23, 2008

my sandwiches.

yesterday, i had a bag full filled with cookies, sandwiches and a cuppa coffee. i placed it on the passenger seat and was on my way driving home. with a tendency to drive at super fast speed, i accelerated and accelerated. it was also because i could see that all the traffic lights ahead of me was all greeeen. so anyway, as i was near to passing the traffic light ahead of me, it turned yellow then red. i had to make a sudden stop because there are cameras on the lights.

so anyway, i stopped. sudden. stop. and with the great inertia, that bag fell to the floor. still driving, i quickly pick up the bag to prevent the coffee from spilling. luckily, it did not spill, just a little splash, as the lid was on tight enough. and all the cookies was still in the bag. but damn it, my sandwiches was all over the floor. and they were touching the floor already.

i was so frustrated with myself. frustrated with the existance of inertia. frustrated that i had to drive so fast. frustrated that i may not be able to eat my sandwiches anymore. frustrated at the floor. ergh!!!!!!!!!!!!

frustrated, while still driving, i bend all the way to the floor of the passenger seat and i picked up one of the sandwich and stuffed into my mouth. boy, it tasted good. it was a turkey and swiss sandwich. and then the other one.

it was night, it was dark, and i was driving and there were plenty of cars on my left and right, so i could not check if there were any foreign particle but what the hell, and just ate it.

ask me why i did that?

because i am mad at the floor that it touched my sandwiches first, even before i get to touch it.

because i am mad at the floor for taking my sandwiches virginity even before i get to. the floor UNvirgined my sandwiches.

and therefore, i had to show the floor who is boss.

and that is why i did what i did.

stupid floor.

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