Sunday, November 9, 2008

this night...

i do not know whats with me tonight. as if body and soul and mind are not working hand in hand.

probably just hungry and tired.

anyway, so i finished work at around 10.35p.m., i dropped my colleague home which is just on my way home. then i realised i need to put some gas. so i turned in to the gas station and then pumped and sharks, i got the nozzle stuck to the gas tank cover...twisted it, bend it then only it got off. so i bend it back, and tested it, and it still opens n closes. that was a relieve.

so yes, after that i turned back to head home. i was suppose to turn right, then make a U-turn. because the gas station was on the opposite side. but instead, i, with no awareness what so ever at all, turned left, therefore i was on the opposite flow of the traffic. and continue to drive for probably 10meters.

luckily there was no on-coming traffic. then as i came to an intersection, i thought to myself, eiks, i very well know that there is a traffic light here, what happen to it? so i told myself, what the hell, just go then, guess i must have mistaken the traffic light to be there but its actually not there afterall.

in the midst of me trying to make the decision to go or not and figuring out where is the traffic light...a car from the opposite direction was flashing lights at me. i thought, what the hell? is that car trying to signal for me to go or what?

still at that split moment, i did not notice that the car in front of me has yellow lights and not red lights.

after the car flashed for many times, only i realised. OH MY GOD, i am on the opposite flow of traffic. so i looked to my right, and luckily the light (where the traffic light actually is) was green, so i quickly ram on the accelarator and went on the right road.

man, that was suicidal. but it did not feel that wrong neither did it feel right, as the roads here are of the opposite directions as of in Malaysia.

inilah padahnya. anyway, i survived.

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