Saturday, November 1, 2008

twisted time complications.

so start of the fall season.
i don't know why, but that is how it works.
at 2a.m.,
all clocks in the country (except Hawaii and Arizona) are suppose to turn the clock back,
one whole hour.
right now, i am at 1.37a.m.,
i will be repeating it again.
isn't that just fun?
according to the internet though,
the purpose of this is just plain having more daylight hours.
this is so twisted.
what if you end work at 2a.m. and after the clock reset for an extra hour, making it 1a.m., you have to go back to work for another hour and end at 2a.m., again?
dang, thats shit.
and if you have a flight at 3a.m., and you wait at the airport at around 1.30 a.m., and when it comes to 2p.m., you turn the time b to 1a.m.,
and dang, you got a one hour delayed flight.
so fucked.
so after 2a.m., it would be 1a.m. so Malaysia would be 2p.m. but since Malaysia do not go back an hour, making Malaysia 3p.m.
so instead of 13hours difference, it is now 14 hours difference, from here.
from Malaysia, instead of 11hours difference, its now only 10 hours difference.
meaning, if in Malaysia, counting back 10hours would make the time here.
and if from here, counting 14 hours ahead, would make the time in Malaysia.
correct me if i am wrong.
even if i am correct, i don't even understand fully of why so.
oh, the both has to sum up to 24 hours huh.
i think i might get it.
oh, well.


Anonymous said... who says there is no way that we can turn back time??!!:)

alex tks said...

wah! nxt time try writing fr right to left..xP
lk in d Quran book..