Friday, November 14, 2008

cincai la..

there are many words/pharses that are often misused. like,

'yea, right'
so? does it mean 'yes, you are right.'? and 'yes, that is correct.'? or 'you are so lying!'? but nowadays, 'yea. right.' is used so often to mean, 'liar. you so cannot do that.' or 'make me believe you.' that is has totally changed the true meaning of 'yea, right.'

so how do you know if its the right 'yea, right' or the wrong 'yea, right'? sure the tone of the voice tells it, but i figured that a excited high-shrieking 'yea, right' does sound like the wrong 'yea, right', no? some people are really monotonous and sarcastic. so, how?

well, how - don't use 'yea, right.'. ever. just say, 'you are such a liar.'. straight up. or 'you can never do that.' and not 'yea, right.' then there will not be any misunderstanding.

example of a conversation :
wwk : hey, you wanna go out?
bsp : yea, right, i will go out with you.
(now, wwk thinks that bsp is so going out with him but bsp is saying hell,no. and that is a heart breaking misundersanding, and we don't want that, do we?)

fine is such a soft and positive word made into a big mean nasty word. it exist to mean that all things are fine. all things are good and all pretty. but now, its used as, #@$$%#$FINE&#!$*

so for example, a mother arguing with the daughter, and the daughter (usually in cases) loses and storms out and says, 'fine'. so does that mean, oh, she is really alright with it. or does she mean 'i hate you, mother!'? sure this comes to the tone again. but yet, the word is being used the wrong way. like using the mop to sweep the floor and using the broom to soak in water to mop the floor. apanya?

therefore, why not just add a 'not' into it and say, 'not fine-ah.' thats better.

'not bad'
this is the worst two word being used to compliment, today. first of all, 'not' is already negative and it follows with 'bad' which is more negative. so 'not bad' is actually VERY BAD! moreover, these two words are used to compliment something that is not-bad or not-very-good. something that is a in-betweener and mediocre.

it should deserve some credit for not being bad but instead its slap with a double-trouble compliment. so why say, 'not bad'? when you can always say, 'quite good'. rightttt? makes it a whole lot better.

'you guys'
this two words are like the universal word to address a group of people despite their sexes. it sure is wrong. but then people still use it like all the people in the world are guys.

realise it, and instead, use, 'you all'. that is correct and acceptable.

so lets say, a conversation between a waitor and some customers,
waitor : so what are you guys having today?
guy customer1 : i'll have this.

guy customer2 : this looks good to me.
guy customer3 : i'll get this one.
*** long silence***
(all eyes on girl customer)
waitor : errrrrrr..?
girl customer : oh, oh, you asking for my orders too? i thought you only asked them guys.

and ya, we do not want that awkward situation to ever occur, do we?

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