Saturday, November 1, 2008


this is of the most random thoughts i have that i want to post out.

  • its fun being reporter huh. i do think so. i watched all this videos on Malaysian politics on youtube and all...dang, the reporters are so persistent and freaking annoying. if i am the politician, ya, damn, the reporters are really annoying. but if i am the reporter, i am having fun! hell yes. stalking is just really one of my passion. if i were a reporter, i would so stalk people. and when it comes to a big swamp of reporters come storming at one ask questions...'ya, YB apa pandangan YB tentang..bla bla bla?' and as for me, 'ya,ya YB, ya..YB...' and when all the recorders and microphones and devices are in front of my face, i'd continue, 'ya, YB, tadi pagi ada makan roti canai? mulut macam ada kuah, di tepi tu.'

    that would be so awesome!

    how difficult can being a stalking-reporter be? its just running and more running and struggling. having long arms would be an advantage, to push the device all the way near the nose-mouth of the person speaking until the extent that even as they speak and breathe, the brush of their nose hairs are audible. and of course, a high tolerance to withstand real bad body odour. that is about all. i think i might consider this as my part time hobby.

    so darn awesome!

  • money vs. time.
    i take time. anytime. everytime.
    with money, you are not able to buy time.
    with time, you are able to make money.
    why have money but have no time?
    why have time but don't make money?

  • ya, its Halloween today. more like hell-o-wee to me. (as in hell-oh-wow, as in hell-all-so-'fun'). so what. just another day ain't monday. no party no costume. just work and a broken heart.

    by the way, Halloween is like the Hungry Ghost festival of the chinese cultural beliefs. but just that Halloween is a one day event but Hungry Ghost fest is a whole month. and during the period of Hungry Ghost fest, we are suppose to avoid 'them' in many ways like, never mentioning about death or anything related to the underworld, preferably not going out after sunset, always trying to accommodate 'them' in various ways like feeding 'them' food so that we get to live in peace. but Halloween on the other hand, is be part of 'them', dress like 'them', look like 'them', talk walk smile like 'them', making homes into haunted houses just for the thrill of the underworld.

    interesting how its so conflicting.

    but Hungry Ghost fest do bring the worst in you, psychologically because you cannot help but fall into the silly illogical beliefs of your gramma's stories.

    trick-or-threat on Halloween day. feed-or-cursed on Hungry Ghost fest.

    sweets and candies and everything yummy on Halloween day. joysticks and pigs and ang ku on Hungry Ghost fest.

that is all the nonsense i have.

up up and away. no that is impossible. up up and fall all the way down, ya. that is only right.


suiying said...

ya, YB nak tisu? oh, tak apa lah boleh lap kat mike ni...

And LOL at the memory of ghosties on your teevee! you must have very interesting programs during the 7th month ;)

eejane said...

lap kat mike? hahahaha. by that time, bukan lagi lap, mungkin, 'tak apa lah, boleh korek dengan mike ini..'.