Friday, November 14, 2008

fed kaput

unfortunately, all of my friends that reads my blog do not watch tennis or even have the slightest clue about tennis except for Leithiga. but anyway, i have to post this anyhow because its huge!

so anyway, now its the Master Cup in Shanghai. where ONLY the top 8 in the ATP rank will compete. they are divided into two groups, the red group and the gold group. thus, there are four players in each group. they will play a round robin and then the top 2 in each group will then qualify for the semi-finals.

so right now, the top 8 are,
1. rafael nadal
2. roger federer
3. novak djokovic
4. andy murray
5. nikolay davydenko
6. andy roddick
7. jo-wilfred tsonga
8. juan martin del potro
9. gilles simon
27. radek stepanek

unfrotunately though, rafa is out on a knee injury he had in Paris. therefore, the 9th ranked player, gilles simon is in.

then later, after losing to andy murray, andy roddick twisted his ankle at the practice court and thus, giving his position to the alternate, radek stepanek, the 27th ranked player.

making it, only 3 out of the 8 players that had had experince in the year end Masters Cup - federer, novak and devydenko. the rest are all first timers.

federer came in as the top seed. but lost his opening match to gilles simon. a very unexpected loss. though, he came in with a back injury that he had that caused him to retire in Paris also. (it was his first retirement in mid-tournament after 753 matches played. rather impressive) but anyhow, he went on to win against radek stepanek and keeping his semi-final hope alive.

in the gold group, novak was the first to qualify into the semis after defeating devydenko and del potro. another semi finalist is devydenko when he managed to win against tsonga and del porto.

federer then went on to lose to andy murray. and gilles simon won against redek stepanek. and know what that calls for?! federer, a four time champion in this tournament, did not manage to qualify to the semi-finals. gilles simon qualified together with andy murray.

so in the semi-finals coming up this weekend, murray will be meeting against devydenko and novak will be up against simon. obivously, right now, murray is the favourite. with novak as the title contender.

will never know. maybe the finals will not be novak and murray.

without a-rod or rafa...i have favourites to pick. but i do hope an underdog prevails. so my side would be on simon.

now...what is interesting to me is, whats up, fed? lost your mojo?

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