Tuesday, November 4, 2008


i love eating bread and i enjoy eating bread. between year 2003-2006, i got struck with a bread craving, so bad, it was hard to believe. the amount i eat per daily is out of the odinary. i take bread to school almost everyday for 4 years, i eat bread for tea and sometimes i eat bread in between meals and i eat bread for snack. i mean its crazy. while watching tevee, instead of usual popcorn, junk-food chips, i would be eating bread after bread. soon after, my cravings kinda totally stopped. it was as if i have had too much bread to handle and it just broke down and i virtually stopped taking bread in an overdosed amount. but now, the cravings did not come back, but i have been consuming bread a lot. being that food is so hard to get, bread is the most delicious instant food around.

since i am such a big eater of bread, you can imagine all different things that i have my bread with. some are just typical bread spread, sometimes when i get bored of the norm, i try my own recipe. this is the list;

1. butter.
2. butter and sugar.
3. peanut butter and jam.
4. peanut butter and chocolate.
5. peanut butter.
6. roasted peanut butter.
7. kaya. (what is it really called in english? coconut jam?)
8. kaya with butter.
9. chunks of chocolate bars.
10. apples.
11. apples and cheese.
12. peanut butter and cheese.
13. McDonald's sweet and sour sauce.
14. tomato sauce.
15. tuna spread.
16. salmon spread.
17. seafood spread.
18. strawberry jam.
19. blueberry jam.
20. marmalade.
21. green pears.
22. sardine spread.

that is bout all. and all is good! seriously. except for the peanut butter and chesse. its kinda weeeiird. and that is only just regular bread, and not considering those from the bakery. if yes, i do not know how far the list will go on.

so if just anyone out there that has funky own recipe you use to go on bread, share it with me, i will love to try it.

and of course, do try mine too..they are awesome.chunks of chocolate bar with bread is actualy good. and apples too, they make the bread juicy.

very well, have a good one everybody.


Anonymous said...

omgush jane...i'm so sick of bread right nw...u'll be back to ur bread-diet once ur in college,trust me.at that point,not only bread comes in handy,instant noodles will be a blessing too.but i'm just so sick of them both.*vomit*and thanks to instant noodles my hair keeps falling like the leaves in autumn!!:S

Anonymous said...

hello, i do not need to be in college to be in my bread diet. i am living that diet now. by the way, don't die yet ok. i still want to go to your house.

suiying said...

and surf, jane? ;)

Anonymous said...

hell ya! i am the best house surfer there is in town! oo.me!