Monday, November 10, 2008

its SPM now and again.

its the end of year again. again. again.

today is the start of another SPM.

the dreaded final moments.

well, i am certain that Convents will do it, again. again. again.

speaking of SPM, its such a freaky coincident that SPM 2007 started on November 12th. results were annouced on March 12th. and on May 12th, form 6 started and on the same day too, i left Malaysia. and on June 21st was Convent's Hari Anugerah.

can it get anymore coincident than that?

ending SPM, shall i say is the best 'finally-at-last-oh-my-be-darned-god' feeling ever? i think so. it is an explosive but not expressive feeling. it was like,










well, that was fun while it lasted. funner now that its over.

i do wonder what the many krazy things that people did after the very end of that ticking minute. as for me, i did not end with all my friends. i ended 4 days later with my wacko jacko Teoh and Yan and Ng and Cheah and Mizen ( name a few..) those that had to take accounts.

my last day of SPM was nothing short of memorable. because,
first, i managed to put my signature on the 'package' that to be signed as a witness for whatever. i wanted so badly to sign that thing, just out of curiousity. and besides, it'd be one and only time in life that we live to sit for SPM, why not just do what you desire. so i actually raised my hand up while the Ketua Pengawas was re-reading the peraturan-peraturan for the 100th time. i suprised her when i said all i wanted was to just sign that package. =)

second, i forgot my calculator and i had to run all the way to the classroom to get it. and i had absolutely no time to waste for accounts. therefore, i ran so fast i could not break on time and due to the slippery floor (it was slippery because it was covered with pigeon poo) i slipped and fell and cut my knee and got my legs covered with pigeon poo. what am i to do? so anyway, for the whole time, i did my accounts with the smell of poo and with the heartbeating feel of pain on my knee. real kanasai...

third - the paper ended! well, Teoh and I ran down the corridor to the netball field, screaming and skipping with MUCH relieve. (partially also because we know we made Mr. Kana proud. ;) haha) freedom from all heebie-jeebies that we had to face each morning for 3 weeks. at the netball field, (Teoh and i will never be on the netball field at the same time if not for only one occasion) - we laid on the grass, and had our traditional eating of grass. Yan, Ng, Mizen, Poh Juan, Teoh and i then sat on the astaka in disbelief and finally came back to our senses and walked back to the gate to take our final step out the school gate with a mission finally accomplised. oh, and Yan, Teoh and myself commited a tiny vandalism on the school property.

then ya. thats the end.


suiying said...

wah. nostalgia, my friend.

i remember you ran all the way up front with that big huge smile on your face! my god. you were so happy to sign the package!

and we all heard the THUD of your pigeon poo fall ;)

Cheers! and mouthfuls of grass!

Anonymous said...

oh yes...we definitely heard the THUD.gosh...that day was so's like too good to be true.btw,i wonder if our tiny bit of vandalism is still there??

Anonymous said...

i am sure it is still there. i will vandalise it again if its not. join me, you both?

suiying said...

i checked. it's still there. but they are accompanied by a few more vandals already.

we're not speshul anymore :(

come let's do another one. i'll bring the spraypaint.

Anonymous said...

really??? we should. how bout make it more special by doing it after sunset?

how dare other vandals perform their crime beside our crime?!