Wednesday, November 19, 2008


this is how SS i can get. deal with it, ok.

handwriting can say a lot about a person. like the Zara (if i am not mistaken) section, in the Star newspapers that allows readers to write to them and with that, they interpret what they learn about you through your handwriting.

i remembered because Sui Ying, Thanussha and I wanted to write to Zara but end up not doing it.

anyway, it would be fun to know how to read a person throught their handwriting. and i do wonder what my handwriting says about myself. but well, since i do not have the knowledge of reading handwriting, the right way, i am good at analysing and commenting on handwritings, my way.

my handwriting has received many many uncountable compliment. i want to deny them but the generousity of compliments presented to me just would not allow me to deny the fact that my handwriting is actually what they say it is.

my handwriting has changed a lot throught the course of time. though usually handwritings do not differ that much from time to time but somehow, mine took a toll for change when i entered secondary school. i don't know how and i don't exactly know why but it just did. but for the last 6 years, my handwritng remained pretty much the same, except it has revolved a little bit for the better. (why would i wanna change my handwriting if they make people cannot help but to compliment, right?)

what do you call this, an ability or talent or what? but anyway, with an ability to produce such handwriting, i am usually responsible for everything that involves writing/drawing of block letters, like on banners or writing reports or just whatever that needs handwriting as neat and as 'ejane' as can be back in school. haha. (i do not know what adjective to use to describe my handwriting, so i figured 'ejane' would best describe it. i know what you are thinking right now, but hey, i am also humble enough to use the word, 'usually'.)

the one compliment that i am truly honoured to ever receive is from Mr. Chan, a one true master of perfect handwriting. well, he said that if there is one person in the whole school who can write better or as good as him, it would be ejane. no compliment has yet top that. my math teacher once asked me to change my handwriting, and not write it so ejane-ly as it will slow me down. yes, i do write a little slower than a person would but it does not slow me down very much that i have to give up my handwriting. many also think that i measure and take my time to write every letter but actually it is just a natural flow of my hand.

anyway, my handwriting does not really resemble my personality. how can one who is seldom serious have such serious handwriting. and being that my handwriting has a high level of expectations, it has made me a perfectionist in everything that i need to do, involving my handwriting or something that challenges my creativity.

therefore, i learnt to appreciate other types or handwriting that is not on par as mine. (hahahhhaha.)

these are analysis of my friends' handwritings;

beh shuh pyng - let me tell you that she has hell of a handwriting. hell, i mean by not hell - nice but hell as in it brings hell to everyone that has to deal with it. teachers can barely read them. many of my friends don't comment on her handwriting when they need to copy her homework but in my case, i give her no mercy (though i am the one copying her homework). its like being in a situation where you are so desperate that you need to copy homeworks and there you are stuck, trying to read her handwriting, word for word. not making it any easier. and in other situation, when i have time to slowly read her handwriting, i will go, 'beh, whats this?' another 5seconds past, 'beh, this one?' another 1 minute past, 'beh aaa, chi leh si ha mi lai?'.

the problem with her handwriting is, its so thin. sooo thin. it barely has any width to it. therefore, everything appears like a staright line. everything. sometimes, her 'i' can be fatter than her 'e', and that is how awful her handwriting is. she makes her letter all stand on the line on tip toe, and that makes it even harder to read. she tries too hard to change her handwriting, resulting in such severe distortion.

jennifer - her handwriting certainly do not look like her appearance. she is all neat, all combed, all ironed and all tugged in. but her handwriting is like tau geh that is growing with no sense of direction. hahaha. though, i do not face as much difficulty to read it compared to beh's one but sometimes when laziness kicks in, then it would be a headache. i don't know why, but i think this happens because her fingers are too long, therefore, when she writes, she does not need move her palm, instead, her palm stick to where it is at one position, and her fingers are able to move all the way to the end of the book. and poof, growing tau geh.

yan ming and shea yuin - they both posses similar handwriting, that is very layback and easy to read. i would say that it is actually an ideal style of writing, as it does not take much effort and its easy on the eyes.

sui ying - its also an easy-to-read handwriting but it has a certain sharp-ness in her handwriting. that is unusual and that lets you know straight away that its teoh's handwriting. well, this, i think is due to her sharp fingers (???) maybe.

and this makes up the people that were involved in the 'scribbles' project.

i know i should stop myself, because when it comes to handwritings, i have a whole lot to say.

wonderful handwritings are not overrated.

*inspired by sui ying recent post.
**i know beh will like this post.


Anonymous said...

LOL...i presume that u analyse our handwritings from the 'scribbles' in SriKandi:D

Anonymous said...

not at all. i mean come on, won't i know my own friends' handwriting. esp BEH's one.

suiying said...

congratulations, ooieejane. you managed to pull off being incredibly SS without making me puke!

oh, and the difference with yan and shea yuin's writing is that yan's is more narrow, like she squeezed them all into a really narrow corridor, and yan presses her pen very hard. shea yuin's is more like marbles - round and scattered, sampai sometimes you dunno when a word ends and where another one begins cuz you can't find the space.

i have a theory, jane. people who copy homework have a greater appreciation for handwriting :D

oh and btw, my new classmates said i write like a guy. heh. such a discovery for a person from an all-girls school, huh?