Sunday, August 31, 2008

braggarts bastards.

have you ever wondered, why are there beings that are just so nasty? why do these kind of beings always constantly have prove that they are better than others, richer than others, cleverer than others and what not..? so what if they are richer? so what if they are cleverer?

why boast? so ya, if they are rich, just be rich, no need to go around letting people know that they are rich unless they want to share their wealth. right? if they are smart, then good, do not go around belittling those not as smart. so what they are better than others in many other need to go around poking on others' weaknesses.

these people may have tonnes of friends around them, because, yes, they should have more friends than others. why not? they are the best of species. blind people would think that its an honour to be able to be friends with these kind of people. but these people only keep 'friends' around them so that they can brag on their greatness. using those blinded people so that they can self-glorify. and when they fail to impress, they get angry. hey, if you are not smart, don't go blaming others, be angry at yourself. do not go bad-mouthing others because you fail to be what you say you are.

this materialistic world has taken away friendship with sincerity and purity. yes, that may sound a lil over dramatic but yes, i think its true. maybe its the trend now that frienship is not something to be taken seriously anymore. but i hate it.

friends are for to achieve great things and so much more. but NEVER for to brag. come on, its sickening. these people's life must be miserable, and they should not spread that misery.

i am not pointing this post to anyone in particular. thank all mighty god, i do not own any friends like that. surely i will not be so blind to be friends with these people. but i hope they stay away from all my friends too. cause my friends are nice people and do not pollute them.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

red alerts.

to all the down right hard core great Prison Break fans out there,
RED ALERT : fourth season of Prison Break premieres on september 1st, here on my fox 26.
if you didn't know, REDDER ALERT : Dr. Sara Trancredi is coming back! yes, she is. according to a newsletter that i read, E! reports that the executive producer, Matt Olmstead confirmed that it was not Sara's head afterall. how and why? i don't know. so, this time she is reurning for real and its not a clone nor an android that will be replacing her. it would be the real Sarah Wayne Callies on set. so be prepared for another awesome season of Prison Break. and two main characters would be introduced in this season, an FBI agent that would help Michael bring down the company (Frank from the show My Name Is Earl) and another assasin to make sure that that does not happen (Cress Williams from Grey's Antomy).

One Tree Hill, season 6 (?) is premiering this Monday, september 1st, too.
same goes for Gossip Girl, for those that are interested.

prison break here i come.

Monday, August 25, 2008

citius, altius, fortius.

its been a long time since i posted anything new. well, come to think it, its the whole span of the olympic games that i did not manage to post anything. yes, i was busy catching with the games but not that busy to not to post anything, just that i had to deal with some internet connectivity deficiency.

well, now that olympics is all over and done. feeling a lil sad, no? the sudden fall of the spirit makes you feel the absence of it. for the past 1 days, i've done nothing much but to only stare straight at the tevee. so many sports, so many different emotions, tragedies, and victories. many events that i want to highlight here as events that took my attention,

1. of course, no doubt, phelp's 8 for 8 medal streak.
2. usian bolt's unbelieveable time and his premature celebration before he even finish his run in the 100m.
3. lolo jone's (american 100m hurdler) tragic lost in her finals. when she was leading and kicked her final hurdle to cause her her gold medal. she cried, i feel for her.
4. keri welsh and misty may-trenor's victory and creating history to become the first ever back-to-back win in beach volleyball. and at the end, misty spread her mother's ashes on the sand, like what she did the last time in Athens 2004.
5. team USA's jinx in both men's and women's 4x100m event. both teams dropped their baton and got disqualified.
6. nastia luikin's tie with china's he kexin in the uneven bars event but then nastia took the silver. i still do think that the tie-break is not very fair.
7. shawn johnson's gold and her really contagious smile.
8. women's 20km walk, one of the walker had to put her fingers right up her throat to throw up to make herself feel better but could not. it was such a painful thing to see.
9. the whole bird nest stadium burst into tears when liu xiang could not compete in the 110m hurdles with a heel injury.
10. rafa's gold medal match.
i am sorry but if you notice 6 out of the above are all on USA athletes. the broadcast here makes you like that.

on the day that lee chong wei was gonna play in the finals. with all my heart, i hoped that the tevee would give a chance to broadcast the badminton finals. i stayed up the whole morning until 710am, while watching nadal's final against fernando gonzalez. with that i was able to last till 710am without sleep but yet, nothing. with much disappointment, i crawled to sleep but was awaken by messages from my mada and a fwen to ask me to watch the match and updating me on how many mistakes chong wei is committing, thus, letting lin dan win the gold with much ease. but anyways, i do still feel really proud with just a silver medal. at the very least. and we are rank what, 71 out of 204 countries that participated. aint that bad. but i thought we had high hopes on our men's double. thats a lil more disappointing then the silver.

and for the rest, cycling, did pretty well. qualifying in the keirin finals (i think), and the team sprint qualified to quaterfinals. though our diving did not qualify to the next phase but only in the prelims, i am proud that there is just someone to represent Malaysia in Olympics. by the way, i didn't know that josiah is based in LA,USA.. and our women's 20km walk representative did not finish..aiya.

so, one big round of applause for the Malaysian team. may they more inspired to perform better in London 2012.

so now i shall channel my focus to US Open, that starts today. again, VAMOS RAFA!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

one world, one dream.

yes, i have finally watched the grand opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. it was breath-taking, wasn't it. nobody can deny that. and i hope nobody miss the amazinnn ceremony.

i've got to know that i do not know MOST of the countries there. never heard of most, never knew they existed. guess its a good way to learn geogrphy from this program huh? but most of those are islands, cannot blame me for not knowing right? well, i do wonder when other people from other countries, watching the program, will go, 'ei, never heard of Malaysia
before..' but to compare, Malaysia is quite a country and we are quite well known in many international arenas.

**not exactly but brings the same meaning.
speaking of that, me, watching it from a country i do not belong to, i am able to hear what those commentators say about our country. those commentators are all about america, of course, thus as the Malaysian team marched past, those commentators started with, 'Malaysians has a problem about their geographical position. geography is a very sensitive issue for the Malaysians.' and as the camera focuses on the flag barrier, our young cyclist, they commentators said, 'he said that when we was studying overseas, he had a hard time telling his friends where Malaysia is.**' adakah patut mereka? telling the whole of united states of america that? gis. bedebah. though its true but adakah patuttt.

anyway, despite that comment, i was proud to see my country march out there. in our baju melayu and baju kurung with selendang, and in orange. it was pretty. though i was rather dissapointed by how unenthusiastic they seem to be. i don't think i saw anyone giving out a big cheer or smile in front of the camera. and besides that, we have quite a number of athletes representing our country too. proudness gushing out. and we are not in the list of countries that 'has not win an olympic medal'. lastly, when yao ming
was marching pass the malaysian team, some of our athletes, (they were obvious in orange) took the opportunity to take a quick snap shot with yao ming but i figured, they only got his legs.

from here, i learnt that,
-the paraguay flag is different on both sides.
-the arabs still do not have any woman on their team, how sad can that be?
-micheal phelps is attempting for 6 gold medals, most medals attempted by anyone in olympics.
-brunei is not involved at all in this olympics. they redrew just a day before the opening but no explanations has been given.
-china is almost the same size as the US but the whole country has only ONE time zone. wow. that means that the western part of china, the sun sets at only 11pm. kewl.
-china's population is 1/5 of the world's???
-the boy who was marching beside yao ming, is a survivor of the recent earthquake in may, he not only survived but saved 2 of his classmates.

being a hard core tennis fan, i saw RAFA. he was highlighted anyway, as a' five time grand slam winner', and the camera was all over him, he was nothing but hotta. i saw djoko, ana ivanovic, linsay davenport,... and of course, federer, being the flag barrier for switzerland. again, vamos rafa!


living out the olympic front of the tevee.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

olympics 2008.

it can be any suckier than now. damn it. damned it. damning it. there is no any local channel, nor any cable channel that i know that is showing the opening ceremony of the Olympics live. what the hell? its like the event, and i can't watch it? this is so unbelieveable. bummer. bummer!!! oh hell.

but what the hell, i will still be equally asexcited as i can be. i hope i can still catch the opening ceremony, though may not be live but at least. i am sure its going to be more grand than the one in Athens back in 2004. so to those living in the region, same time as china, let the games begin and let the light of the torch shine those spirit up for days to come. well, me here, i will be joining you all, but just 11 hours later.

may Malaysia bring home some medals and get a shot for gold. at least to say in badminton. Malaysia Boleh.

happy olympic days, people.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

slow down, time.

whats going on with the time??? when i am not working, its so fast it caught me off guard. now my biological time is not going accordingly as the earth's time. i get up at an unusual time, but still er, reasonable, that is at 10am. though i always wake up at aorund 830-9am back home. anyway, after spending little time talking to my friends its already afternoon. barely had any breakfast, just a nibble here and there. hunger don't seem to knock on the door when i am go engrossed talking to my friends, though its always the same topic. then lately, been out, either to do some home shopping or to do major house chores and by the time i have time to take a peep at my watch, its either pass 3pm or almost coming to 5pm and i had not had lunch..then only hunger comes knocking. then by then i take a rest, bathe, its 10pm. and i am still full from lunch. and by morning, wee hours of morning, when i am suppose to be sleeping, i am hunwy...with no dinner but only fruits. kookies. oreos. slow down time...slow down..why in a hurry?

but when i am working, need i say more? time is hell.

[readjusting myself]......beep beep boop.


ada sesetengah orang yang hidup penuh dengan harapan. tetapi adakah harapan ini baik jika kita terlebih harap? dan ia pasti tidak baik jika kita hidup tanpa adanya harapan. kerana dengan adanya harapan, adalah realitinya.

dengan adanya harapan, kita mampu melakukannya...
dengan adanya harapan, harapan itu bagaikan mampu terjadi...

apabila sesuatu harapan terjadi, perasaannya teramatlah indah.
apabila sesuatu harapan terjadi, ia bagaikan semua kekecewaan lalu terpadam.

tetapi, apabila adanya harapan, dan harapan itu tidak bisa terjadi, ia bagaikan hati kita diguris, dicalar dengan dalam sekali. apabila kita terlebih berharap, kekecewaan itu berganda kali memeritkan hati.

saya sentiasa memastikan diriku ini tidak terjatuh dalam parangkap - 'terlebih berharap' yang akan mengakibatkan kekecewaan. saya sentiasa berkata kepada diriku untuk berhenti berharap kerana hidup diriku ini tidak layak untuk memiliki sebarang kebahagiaan. ya, kebahgiaan. tanpa adanya harapan ini, barulah akan ku dapat hidup tanpa terlukanya hati..dengan kurang sengsara.

harapan ini boleh membunuh. ada masa bila kita sudah berputus semua harapan, harapan itu muncul di depan mukamu. ada masa kita tidak pernah berhenti berharap, tetapi harapan itu tidak ingin memunculkan diri sama sekali.

tetapi itu semua sudah menjadi sejarah.
harapan saya wujud dalam bentuk yang berbeza sekarang.

aku tak percaya lagi pada apa yang kau beri aku terdampar di sini tersurut menunggu mati aku tak percaya lagi akan guna matahari yang dulu mampu terangi sudut gelap hati ini aku berhenti berharap dan menunggu datang gelap sampai suatu saat tiada cintaku dapat kenapa ada derita? bilabahagia tercipta? bila ada sang hitam? bila putih menyenangkan? aku pulang tanpa dendam ku terima kekalahanku aku pulang tanpa dendam ku salutkan kemenanganmu kau ajarkan aku bahagia kau ajarkan aku derita kau tunjukkan aku bahagia kau tunjukkan aku derita kau berikan aku bahagia kau berikan aku derita
aku berhenti berharap sampai dan menunggu datang gelap sampai suatu saat tiada cinta ku dapat.
berhenti berharap, sheila on 7

di atas itu satu lagu yang amat sesuai buat harapan.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

kookie crumps.

i was just having some oreo. emm. they are addictive. then it came to me about one funny incident about how ezen's maid ate a rubberband when she mistaken it for a crumb from our yummy-just-out-from-the-oven kookies. she was so excited about how yummy it was that the excitement took over her, causing her to unconsciously pick up a rubber band from the table, thinking it was kookie crumbs, put it in her mouth and only to realise its not kookie crumbs. haha. it was funny how the whole thing happened. that was certainly the best compliment ezen and i received for our kookies.

so then my thought jumped to, what if i was eating oreos. and its now the last piece and i need more, just picking on every crumb i see on my shirt, on the floor and then i saw a big crump, on the floor, i pick it up, put it in my mouth, only to realise its a lizard poo.

have you ever?

have you ever wished that you could turn back time? have you ever wished that you could just have one more day? have you ever wished that you said yes? have you ever wished that you could turn around and redo what you had done? have you ever wished that you said what you did not? have you ever...?

i have. i know its foolish. cause these are all just empty wishes.

yes, maybe on that day if i had done something more, said something more, stayed a little longer, things might not be the same as it is today, or maybe not.
yes, maybe on that day if i had done something more, said something more, satyed a little longer, i might have created more memories to keep today..
but i must be contented.

having wishes like those means i regret for all that i had done. yes, i do regret to a certain extend for things that i did not do and did not say, but i should be happy for the things that i did and things that i said, though might not be enough but at least i said something rather than nothing.

imperfection are sometimes the perfect solution. maybe for those imperfection that we had done, we have what we have today.

now, i figured, why turn back time? - special moments and memories are no more special anymore if repeated twice or more. its only special because it can only happen once in lifetime, and one time only. why wish to redo what you had done? - its only special today because of the spontaneous act you did on that day, if you can now go back and redo it, the special element would be lost. if you had done a great mistake that you truly regret, don't wish to change it and take it back, you should know that you deserve the result today as a punishment.

one thing is for sure, never wish for a chance to change the past, always wish for a chance (and many many more chances) to create more future, more special memories. more spontaneous special moments. unexpected memories.
they are always more special than expected ones. besides, wishing for a chance to change the past can never come true, it only can make you feel awful.

start wishing, people. never stop.

quick tennis news.

ok..some must be bored of all this tennis news i am posting about but aa, i am just very excited about it all. well, unfrotunately, rafa lost to djokovic in the semis, therefore, he will only officially be the no.1 on august 18th. and for the finals of cincinnati, djokovic played against andy murray and hell, yes, murray won and djokovic, i hope he realise that he should not be proclaiming himself the next best. see, what i said about both of them in my previous post is sorta true afterall. well, next thing now is the Olympics.

happy countdowning to the Olympics, people.