Sunday, August 31, 2008

braggarts bastards.

have you ever wondered, why are there beings that are just so nasty? why do these kind of beings always constantly have prove that they are better than others, richer than others, cleverer than others and what not..? so what if they are richer? so what if they are cleverer?

why boast? so ya, if they are rich, just be rich, no need to go around letting people know that they are rich unless they want to share their wealth. right? if they are smart, then good, do not go around belittling those not as smart. so what they are better than others in many other need to go around poking on others' weaknesses.

these people may have tonnes of friends around them, because, yes, they should have more friends than others. why not? they are the best of species. blind people would think that its an honour to be able to be friends with these kind of people. but these people only keep 'friends' around them so that they can brag on their greatness. using those blinded people so that they can self-glorify. and when they fail to impress, they get angry. hey, if you are not smart, don't go blaming others, be angry at yourself. do not go bad-mouthing others because you fail to be what you say you are.

this materialistic world has taken away friendship with sincerity and purity. yes, that may sound a lil over dramatic but yes, i think its true. maybe its the trend now that frienship is not something to be taken seriously anymore. but i hate it.

friends are for to achieve great things and so much more. but NEVER for to brag. come on, its sickening. these people's life must be miserable, and they should not spread that misery.

i am not pointing this post to anyone in particular. thank all mighty god, i do not own any friends like that. surely i will not be so blind to be friends with these people. but i hope they stay away from all my friends too. cause my friends are nice people and do not pollute them.

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