Monday, August 25, 2008

citius, altius, fortius.

its been a long time since i posted anything new. well, come to think it, its the whole span of the olympic games that i did not manage to post anything. yes, i was busy catching with the games but not that busy to not to post anything, just that i had to deal with some internet connectivity deficiency.

well, now that olympics is all over and done. feeling a lil sad, no? the sudden fall of the spirit makes you feel the absence of it. for the past 1 days, i've done nothing much but to only stare straight at the tevee. so many sports, so many different emotions, tragedies, and victories. many events that i want to highlight here as events that took my attention,

1. of course, no doubt, phelp's 8 for 8 medal streak.
2. usian bolt's unbelieveable time and his premature celebration before he even finish his run in the 100m.
3. lolo jone's (american 100m hurdler) tragic lost in her finals. when she was leading and kicked her final hurdle to cause her her gold medal. she cried, i feel for her.
4. keri welsh and misty may-trenor's victory and creating history to become the first ever back-to-back win in beach volleyball. and at the end, misty spread her mother's ashes on the sand, like what she did the last time in Athens 2004.
5. team USA's jinx in both men's and women's 4x100m event. both teams dropped their baton and got disqualified.
6. nastia luikin's tie with china's he kexin in the uneven bars event but then nastia took the silver. i still do think that the tie-break is not very fair.
7. shawn johnson's gold and her really contagious smile.
8. women's 20km walk, one of the walker had to put her fingers right up her throat to throw up to make herself feel better but could not. it was such a painful thing to see.
9. the whole bird nest stadium burst into tears when liu xiang could not compete in the 110m hurdles with a heel injury.
10. rafa's gold medal match.
i am sorry but if you notice 6 out of the above are all on USA athletes. the broadcast here makes you like that.

on the day that lee chong wei was gonna play in the finals. with all my heart, i hoped that the tevee would give a chance to broadcast the badminton finals. i stayed up the whole morning until 710am, while watching nadal's final against fernando gonzalez. with that i was able to last till 710am without sleep but yet, nothing. with much disappointment, i crawled to sleep but was awaken by messages from my mada and a fwen to ask me to watch the match and updating me on how many mistakes chong wei is committing, thus, letting lin dan win the gold with much ease. but anyways, i do still feel really proud with just a silver medal. at the very least. and we are rank what, 71 out of 204 countries that participated. aint that bad. but i thought we had high hopes on our men's double. thats a lil more disappointing then the silver.

and for the rest, cycling, did pretty well. qualifying in the keirin finals (i think), and the team sprint qualified to quaterfinals. though our diving did not qualify to the next phase but only in the prelims, i am proud that there is just someone to represent Malaysia in Olympics. by the way, i didn't know that josiah is based in LA,USA.. and our women's 20km walk representative did not finish..aiya.

so, one big round of applause for the Malaysian team. may they more inspired to perform better in London 2012.

so now i shall channel my focus to US Open, that starts today. again, VAMOS RAFA!

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