Saturday, August 9, 2008

one world, one dream.

yes, i have finally watched the grand opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. it was breath-taking, wasn't it. nobody can deny that. and i hope nobody miss the amazinnn ceremony.

i've got to know that i do not know MOST of the countries there. never heard of most, never knew they existed. guess its a good way to learn geogrphy from this program huh? but most of those are islands, cannot blame me for not knowing right? well, i do wonder when other people from other countries, watching the program, will go, 'ei, never heard of Malaysia
before..' but to compare, Malaysia is quite a country and we are quite well known in many international arenas.

**not exactly but brings the same meaning.
speaking of that, me, watching it from a country i do not belong to, i am able to hear what those commentators say about our country. those commentators are all about america, of course, thus as the Malaysian team marched past, those commentators started with, 'Malaysians has a problem about their geographical position. geography is a very sensitive issue for the Malaysians.' and as the camera focuses on the flag barrier, our young cyclist, they commentators said, 'he said that when we was studying overseas, he had a hard time telling his friends where Malaysia is.**' adakah patut mereka? telling the whole of united states of america that? gis. bedebah. though its true but adakah patuttt.

anyway, despite that comment, i was proud to see my country march out there. in our baju melayu and baju kurung with selendang, and in orange. it was pretty. though i was rather dissapointed by how unenthusiastic they seem to be. i don't think i saw anyone giving out a big cheer or smile in front of the camera. and besides that, we have quite a number of athletes representing our country too. proudness gushing out. and we are not in the list of countries that 'has not win an olympic medal'. lastly, when yao ming
was marching pass the malaysian team, some of our athletes, (they were obvious in orange) took the opportunity to take a quick snap shot with yao ming but i figured, they only got his legs.

from here, i learnt that,
-the paraguay flag is different on both sides.
-the arabs still do not have any woman on their team, how sad can that be?
-micheal phelps is attempting for 6 gold medals, most medals attempted by anyone in olympics.
-brunei is not involved at all in this olympics. they redrew just a day before the opening but no explanations has been given.
-china is almost the same size as the US but the whole country has only ONE time zone. wow. that means that the western part of china, the sun sets at only 11pm. kewl.
-china's population is 1/5 of the world's???
-the boy who was marching beside yao ming, is a survivor of the recent earthquake in may, he not only survived but saved 2 of his classmates.

being a hard core tennis fan, i saw RAFA. he was highlighted anyway, as a' five time grand slam winner', and the camera was all over him, he was nothing but hotta. i saw djoko, ana ivanovic, linsay davenport,... and of course, federer, being the flag barrier for switzerland. again, vamos rafa!


living out the olympic front of the tevee.

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