Tuesday, August 5, 2008

slow down, time.

whats going on with the time??? when i am not working, its so fast it caught me off guard. now my biological time is not going accordingly as the earth's time. i get up at an unusual time, but still er, reasonable, that is at 10am. though i always wake up at aorund 830-9am back home. anyway, after spending little time talking to my friends its already afternoon. barely had any breakfast, just a nibble here and there. hunger don't seem to knock on the door when i am go engrossed talking to my friends, though its always the same topic. then lately, been out, either to do some home shopping or to do major house chores and by the time i have time to take a peep at my watch, its either pass 3pm or almost coming to 5pm and i had not had lunch..then only hunger comes knocking. then by then i take a rest, bathe, its 10pm. and i am still full from lunch. and by morning, wee hours of morning, when i am suppose to be sleeping, i am hungwy...so hunwy...with no dinner but only fruits. kookies. oreos. slow down time...slow down..why in a hurry?

but when i am working, need i say more? time is hell.

[readjusting myself]......beep beep boop.

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