Thursday, August 28, 2008

red alerts.

to all the down right hard core great Prison Break fans out there,
RED ALERT : fourth season of Prison Break premieres on september 1st, here on my fox 26.
if you didn't know, REDDER ALERT : Dr. Sara Trancredi is coming back! yes, she is. according to a newsletter that i read, E! reports that the executive producer, Matt Olmstead confirmed that it was not Sara's head afterall. how and why? i don't know. so, this time she is reurning for real and its not a clone nor an android that will be replacing her. it would be the real Sarah Wayne Callies on set. so be prepared for another awesome season of Prison Break. and two main characters would be introduced in this season, an FBI agent that would help Michael bring down the company (Frank from the show My Name Is Earl) and another assasin to make sure that that does not happen (Cress Williams from Grey's Antomy).

One Tree Hill, season 6 (?) is premiering this Monday, september 1st, too.
same goes for Gossip Girl, for those that are interested.

prison break here i come.

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