Sunday, August 3, 2008

kookie crumps.

i was just having some oreo. emm. they are addictive. then it came to me about one funny incident about how ezen's maid ate a rubberband when she mistaken it for a crumb from our yummy-just-out-from-the-oven kookies. she was so excited about how yummy it was that the excitement took over her, causing her to unconsciously pick up a rubber band from the table, thinking it was kookie crumbs, put it in her mouth and only to realise its not kookie crumbs. haha. it was funny how the whole thing happened. that was certainly the best compliment ezen and i received for our kookies.

so then my thought jumped to, what if i was eating oreos. and its now the last piece and i need more, just picking on every crumb i see on my shirt, on the floor and then i saw a big crump, on the floor, i pick it up, put it in my mouth, only to realise its a lizard poo.

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