Thursday, August 7, 2008

olympics 2008.

it can be any suckier than now. damn it. damned it. damning it. there is no any local channel, nor any cable channel that i know that is showing the opening ceremony of the Olympics live. what the hell? its like the event, and i can't watch it? this is so unbelieveable. bummer. bummer!!! oh hell.

but what the hell, i will still be equally asexcited as i can be. i hope i can still catch the opening ceremony, though may not be live but at least. i am sure its going to be more grand than the one in Athens back in 2004. so to those living in the region, same time as china, let the games begin and let the light of the torch shine those spirit up for days to come. well, me here, i will be joining you all, but just 11 hours later.

may Malaysia bring home some medals and get a shot for gold. at least to say in badminton. Malaysia Boleh.

happy olympic days, people.

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