Friday, February 20, 2009

behskub's beehday.

i am so ready to type type type. and i am definately starting off with birthdays and more birthdays.

first STOP, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 19th birthday, to my utmost dearest friend, BEHSKUB, ya, the one. though this post is a lil late, but still, happy birthday!

i am too far away to give her a hug. or even shout in her ears, 'happy birthday'. but then i dedicate this post, just for her. and allow me to write it in hokkien, our supreme language.

chap peh ho, jee quek, si chin nia ho eh jit lai, eng koi, si wa eh ho peng eui eh seh jit. ee leh si teh eh tua han eh, thats why, tah tah tau ee eh seh jit eh si leh, toh beh coh tua tua ho ee, eng koi, kana chi jit nia wa tui ee ho...chap peh ho khui liau, ee tah tah jit toh toh beh niau wa liau.

wah chai la, ee si boh kong chin nia lau koi wa nia, eng koi, keh jit toh si wa eh seh jit liau. hahahaha. tapi leh, wa koh si ai kong ee chin nia lau aa, chin eh ma, si ee kah lau koi wa. chi jit ho asi chi ni ho, lau toh si lau.

lu kua, even ee eh seh jit mun si niau wa. wa kong ane kuan eng koi, when kah liau lang lai celebrate ee eh seh jit eh si, kah liau lang mun lai celeberate the eve of wa eh seh jit...then carry on to celebrate wa eh seh jit. pian ka, wa eh seh jit si noh jit ane kuan. kam siah wa eh ho peng eui lo, ane ho sim, tiau ti seh chi jit before wa, so that kah liau lang eh celebrate wa eh eve ka wa eh seh jit in a row.

kin ni, wa si boh than peh peh kah ee celebrate, tapi wa chin nia kui sim ho ee eng koi ee uu than kah ee eh pah leh peng eui celebrate. although wa boh kah ee peh peh, wa uu ming kia ai ho kah liau lang kua...

chi leh toh si wa eh sipek ho peng eui...

(sorry for the poor quality photos. my spy was doing her best.)

kua, wa eh peng eui. ane tua han liau. koh leh ciat cake eh si bhan bhan ai pian liau...kah boi, cha ki nia, pin kah ane tua han liau. wa siang kah si cha meh nia kua diok ee ookh hua chia, kia jit, eh hiau cheng gun liau.

wa chai, nasi ee kua diok chi leh liau, ee tah tiok gia parang toh ai lai cham wa
eh, ah si mhe chai kio wa hami chau ua liau eh, tapi as always, tua ee eh sim kua, ee tua kam sia wa eh.

wa mun uu kah ee kong, lang lau liau, leng pun lau lau liau, baibai mun nua nua liau, so toh beh bhan bhan lai. eng koi, bo ane siau lian liau.

so again, a very happy birthday. save some, we will party again.

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Anonymous said...

omg.. skub pyng look so sexy..fuh