Friday, February 13, 2009


its February. i know you know that i know you know that but i still want to let you know, iiiiittttssss February.

February is the shortest month of the year.

February is the month of love, i would say, beacause,
- 13 days prior to Valentine's day, people set to the mood for Valentines.
- decorations of hearts, bears, furry stuff, expensive chocolates, couple stuffs, flowers, etc..
- 14 days after Valentines day, people are still in the mood.
it only fades away when the flowers die and when they realise how many kgs they put on from all the chocolates.

the boys would give the girl chocolates, girls would eat them because thats just a symbol of love they cannot resist.
the boys that chuck down chocolates because its just a symbol of rejection they cannot believe.

i guess, in the Romans' time, Valentine's day was a day to express love to your partner, but since its now the 21st century, Valentine's day is also commonly used to express love and care for those around us. when it comes to Valentine's day and love, people tend to be very cynical about it. love seems kinda overrated, is it not. but then, there is still plenty of truth in love.

i am no love-guru. neither do i wanna be a love-hater.

February is also very special, because two of my very close friends turn older. old! haha. one of them is the very-popularly-mentioned in my blog friend, yes, the ever so gila babi behskub and another friend, the very kononnya normal, yan ming.

few more days left for them. i shall not wish them yet, as i certainly do not want them to feel old before the day arrives. so sad, kena guna tongkat sudah...

i am so excited for you two old ding dongs. though i know i am no where near celebrating your birthdays. well, at least not on the real day, but i will be celebrating it when i see youl, thats for sure, and i am gonna shout 'OLD!' in your faces! haahahahah.

well, well, till then.


Ily. said...

u r getting older too.jgn nak perasan. :D

eejane said...

lambat lagi ba.