Tuesday, September 2, 2008

wish list.

i spotted this list on the back of a cereal box...

18 things to do before you're 18:

  1. ride the world's biggest rollercoaster.
    dare to keep your eyes open and hands in the air the whole ride.
  2. bungee jump.
    scared? at 700ft, the Bloukram's river in South Africa is the biggest.
  3. score the winning goal/basket.
    remind all your friends at every given opportunity.
  4. win an award, trophy or prize.
    write that acceptance speech and thank the world.
  5. learn an instrument.
    no air guitar.
  6. go backstage at a gig.
    it'll be something you'll boast about for years to come.
  7. meet your idol.
    being a celebrity stalker might not go down too well.
  8. play a part in your favourite tv show.
    be an extra and learn to speak without talking.
  9. meet someone with your name.
    with the world population of 6 billion it should be easy.
  10. make a discovery.
    whatever the discovery, make sure it's named after you.
  11. get away with the perfect practical joke.
    be careful of retaliation, it could end in tears.
  12. own a pointless collection.
    one person's junk is another person's prized possession.
  13. invent a word that makes it into the dictionary.
    make it part of the crew's lingo.
  14. conquer your biggest fear.
    if you're too scared, try hypnotism.
  15. raise money for charity.
    get some exercise by signing up for a charity road race.
  16. pass your driving test the first time.
    go straight to the next task.
  17. complete a road trip coast to coast.
    route 66 originally ran from chicago to santa monica.
  18. reach 18 years of age - yes!!!
    embrace old age.

but i am over 18...though i am still considered 18. but according to maths, i am closer to 19 then 18. haha. crap. anyway, sadly, i am not that fortunate to be able to do all that above before i was 18 but i managed with some;

  1. ride the world's biggest rollercoaster.
    maybe not the biggest but certainly one of the biggest in the world. but i am certain with high intensity of adrendaline running through my body and mind, i don't think i know if i let my hands open, but sure my eyes were open, its a beautiful view of way above. but i did let go of my hands for a few seconds on a small rollercoaster...(with adik..,remember?haha)
  2. win an award, trophy or prize.
    yes but i was not given an opportunity for a speech. i would be darned honoured, cause, you know, i have a thing for microphones.
  3. learn an instrument.
    learned but never mastered any.
  4. meet your idol.
    yes. but i am no celebrity stalker of course.
  5. meet someone with your name.
    many people go by jane, not ooieejane though. so..
  6. own a pointless collection.
    i do own a pointless collection of bread plastic wraps. but my mada threw them away. it was hell of a collection. i dare to believe i am a record holder too.
  7. invetn a word that makes it into the dictionary.
    i do like using new words...no diction has yet acceptted them.
  8. past your driving test the firsdt time.
  9. reached 18 and embracing still...

since i am over 18, lets make the list up to 21, thus making it, 'things to do before 21';

19. sky diving.
20. be there at a grand slam tennis event, at the same time, get nadal's autograph.
21. make MISI BAHAGIA happen with my friends.

i have more. but just let this be this for now...

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