Tuesday, September 2, 2008

prison break,season 4,episodes 1&2.

this show does not fail to bring the suspense in you. thats for sure.

  • it started with Michael seeking revenge from Gretchen for killing Sara. finally when he hunts down Gretchen, he was told, Sara is very much alive. and the head was not Sara's. they had to faked it because Sara escaped. well, so Michael should believe Gretchen or his what his brother saw and just go right ahead shoot Gretchen in the head? yessa. he let Gretchen live.
  • remember, at the end of season 3, Whistler and Mahone were together on something with Gretchen. Whistler is actually only using Gretchen. he and Mahone are together to want to bring The Company down. and Whistler is trying to convince Michael to join them in exchange for Sara's location. sad enough, Whistler died. yes.
  • Sara's come back was real!!! with the help of Bruce. in case you forgot, Bruce is the Garvenor's assistant/friend. he is the one who helped Sara after her escaped and Michael called him and he took Sara to him. it was such a sweet reunite. but Sara is now dealing with a bad trauma from all the torture she received from The Company. and she said to Michael that the only thing that made her stay alive to today was 'the thought of being able to be with him'. i can go on and on on this..so next...
  • their mission is getting more complicated now - bringing down The Company. its a much more different environment now..working outside prison. its so much less depressing. Sona busted and many prisoners managed to escape and that includes yes, Bellick, Sucre and the shit - T-bag Bagwell. now this shit is on a mission to hunt down Michael to take his revenge. lets just wish him luck to hell. but damn it, he has the bird book that Michael need to bring down The Company.
  • now The Company is set out to kill all that are close to/know Whistler. more dead people this means. and first to go were Mahone's wife and son.

its gonna be a hell of a season. i just kinda spoilt your first two. i will not anymore. so have fun!

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