Monday, September 22, 2008

driving test.

today, today, was a rather accomplishing day. well, actually, it depends on how you see it. it can be an acomplishing day or not an accomplishing day, at all. but this accomplishment is not as significant or critical as when i was back in Taiping.

** it makes me smile, then giggle, then laugh, thinking about it**

anyway, no biggie, it was just me passsing my driving test, for the 2nd time on first attempt. you have to get that right; it DOES NOT mean that i pass on my 2nd attempt, it means that i pass on first attempt, for both times. ya.

~its no fun talking about me. its certainly more fun talking about why, passing driving exam is such a significant and critical tradition amongst Taiping Convent Girls, class of '07~

[before i start, i would like to say, this is non-fiction. unbelieveably true. also i would like to thank the main character of this story for always allowing me to tell her story. do not get mad ok. i love you, i keep you immortal through your story that reaches out to people. heheheheee.] here goes;

so its either you get to be young or you are considered old but with the advantage to be able to get your driver's license. so, i have a pretty early birthday. thus, i am the old one. but hey, i get to get my driver's license. anyway, some had taken their theory already, for motor license, but my friend and i, are the earliest to take our driving course. my friend, her identity shall remain anonymous. we were the first to take the theory test among those that has no motor license and first to be on our way to all the 10 hours of practice and all that.

so, see, we went to take the theory, with all hope that we pass on the first attempt. how bad can it be, right? with a revision book to read, exercises and CDs to practice. i did not finish all the exercise, i did not finish the whole book. but hell yes, i pass. by this, i do not mean that i am brilliant or anywhere near there. and my friend, on the other hand, finish the whole book, twice, maybe and finished with all 500 questions but unfortunately she did not pass on her first attempt. she did the 2nd time.

then when we started with our 10 hours practice, i never had a chance to get away with a day without my instructor nagging on me. i thought i sucked. i seriously doubted myself. but my friend, seems to be dealing with the whole thing really well. but i was the first to finish my hours and off to test. i prevailed, and pass with zooming colours. that made me the first person to pass her driving test in school.

so then it was my friend's turn. of course, i wished her well, everyone did. but luck was not blowing in her direction, she failed on first attempt. well, maybe it was just how its suppose to be, like mybe 2nd is her charm. nobody on planet Convent thought that she would be failing again, cannot be that difficult. she skipped school and later came back to class, earlier than expected, we thought she must be real excited to tell us, thats why she can't wait to come to school to tell us, but no, she failed. (this means she came to school because she is hardworking)

this time around, many people's birthday had come and gone, many are on their way to getting their license too. but there is this immense pressure, because there is a possibility that you either just pass on the first try or you may not even pass yet. my friend and i were like the pioneer of this whole melodramatic thing. it mattered that you pass on which attempt. it mattered more how many times you need to fail to pass.

well, she took extra lessons, and on her way to her 3rd attempt. come on, i mean, 3 is a lilttle to big a number for this. i was having my lunch, was real hungry after school and i received a call from my friend, telling me that she failed. i thought she cannot be bullshitting me with her pride. but it was for real!

by this time, april and may babies, as i can remember, two of my other friends had their hands on the wheels already. still the pioneer is still in search of an answer.

so on her fourth attempt. many of us had an open mind for two possibilities now, so that we do not be shocked to our core when receiving the news. 4th seem overboard. she missed school for the fourth time now. with her absence in class, it went wild, we gambled on her test, we wrote messages to god on the white board, we debated her chances.

4th attempt turns out


her final attempt. she failed.

how bad can bad be? real bad...

the fifth time she missed school, it was nothing but the major most event. with most teachers putting bet on the table, figuratively speaking. waited and waited... and she shows up in whole class virtually absord the tension she brings with her. all was silent, and she screams she pass. finally. it was bout time. fuh~

this is her story. it was told and retold and reretold many times. and now publicly posted for all to read.

this is our story, the trend setters. the two friends that went out on the same time for one similar journey but with different outcomes.

after that and in between the time frame of all her attempts, our peers had felt the pressure to perform. many had pass on both theory and practical on just their first try. many had more than once. none has yet to take as many as the 5th try yet, to date. the record still holds. i believe it will hold for quite some time. people that needs brief confident boost always consult me, detailed ones from my friend, we were pretty good partners in this business.

come back to what i was talking about, about my day, i accomplished yet another successful test. what i did not accomplish was, to break that record.

to sum up, my friend is now a safe driver, taking on the big guns out there. but it took her 5 months to pass and double the number of months to recover and be driving around, independantly. good on her.


Anonymous said...

haha i think its the best blog that u ever wrote....hehe

Anonymous said...

lolx.."suey" la u.. bt i like it..:P sorry bsp

poh juan said...

lol..i'm laughing when im reading this..i thought i'd immuned to this non-fiction d..

Anonymous said...

lol.this story will live forever.=)sigh...our high sch days...=)